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Mom & Baby: 8 Months

Whenever I sit down to write a new update on one of the boys, I always open up my planner to see what we did over the past month. I also look at the pictures I have taken. I couldn’t believe all that happened in just one month! From the holidays to traveling to South Carolina to a blizzard… whew! We sure did pack a lot of excitement in. It’s actually been so exciting that I’m 2 weeks late writing this update. Here are all the details about Kyler’s 8th month of life.

12240132_10109757752263134_8185782053577456939_n            DSCN5200  DSCN5234


Kyler went to the doctor at 8 months to get his second flu shot dose, so I know that he now weighs 17 pounds 4 ounces! He’s gained a good amount of weight since last month when his sickness took his appetite away for a little bit, so I was relieved to hear that!


He somehow contracted a viral case of pink-eye this month shortly after his ear infection, but other than that he’s been healthy (knock on wood!). It needs to stay that way! He’s been home with me the majority of the month thanks to winter break, travel, and some snow days, so that helped with the germ factor.


Kyler has become quite the little eater! We’ve been a lot more relaxed this time about letting his taste different foods, after the initial month or so of experimenting with one at a time. By this point he’s had a ton of different food, and I honestly can say that there hasn’t been one thing he has disliked. From avocado to banana to green beans to broccoli to eggs, he devours it all and he really likes to feed himself. Right now he eats breakfast and dinner with us, but soon we’ll add lunch in there too.


Since food is just for fun until he turns one, he’s obviously still nursing a lot too. One of the nicest parts of this month was that I was off work for most of it for winter break and then the blizzard, which meant I could put my pump far away and just nurse him. He usually nurses 6 times a day, sometimes more if he’s not feeling well or is extra attached. This month I did have a new challenge when I traveled for a work conference in Myrtle Beach, which meant I had to pump for 48 hours straight. It was weird to not feed him for that long but we got through it. I was very thankful for all the milk in our freezer!


Nursing after the Charleston Half Marathon

He doesn’t have any new teeth yet, and is still very proudly rocking his bottom two. I can’t even handle this smile of his. Melts me every time.

Screen Shot 2016-02-03 at 9.20.35 PM

Kyler has gotten very good at sitting and only really falls over if his brother knocks into him or pushes him over (yeah… it happens!) Now he is starting to move from the sitting position onto his tummy. He is not really trying to crawl yet but he is working hard on pushing himself up with his arms and scooting a little bit. Kevin started army crawling at 9 months and crawling on all fours at 11 months, so I’m not worried about it. I’m enjoying his lack of mobility for now 🙂


I think Kyler’s tummy and digestive system is still getting used to eating solid food, because we’ve had our fair share of poop issues this month. Never a dull moment, that’s for sure! He tends to not go for a few days at a time and then has a really bad, explosive diaper. It’s hard to predict when it will happen, which makes going out risky sometimes. Over winter break I took both kids to the grocery store, and Kyler started screaming when I was almost done and wanted to be held. When I picked him up I realized he had a huge blowout and it was all over the car seat, his clothes and me. I rushed through check-out while holding him because he was still upset, and every concerned citizen informed me that my baby had pooped through his clothes. Then Kevin had a meltdown because we had to go home and couldn’t go Christmas shopping for daddy. Sigh… all I could do at that point was laugh!


About 30 minutes before the grocery store poop incident!

His sleep has been a little disturbed this month, which I think is due to the wonder week he’s working through. He went from 7-9 hour stretches to waking up 2-3 times a night. Now he’s back to the longer stretches but every once in a while he has a rough night. While I was off form work, I tried to get him napping on more of a schedule and in his crib more consistently and it went really well. He tends to take a morning and afternoon nap, and sometimes little catnaps if we’re driving somewhere.  I am also working on moving his bedtime up. He was going to bed at 8:30, but now we have him going to bed at 7:30. Then he usually wakes up between 3 and 4 to nurse.

Screen Shot 2016-02-03 at 9.22.03 PM

Coffee for both of us?

Kyler is VERY vocal and loves exercising his voice. He will screech, babble, make noise with his lips and blow raspberries. He practices different volumes and goes between screaming and whispering. He has started to say “dadada” but I don’t know if he’s associating my husband with that. He also LOVES to laugh, and has learned to wave! Check out the videos below to see my little man in action!

I still can’t get over the personality difference between Kyler and Kevin. Kevin was (and still is) very high maintenance, while Kyler is super laid back. He’s just happy pretty much no matter what is going on, unless he’s hungry or tired. For example, we got him up super early, drove to Charleston and dragged him all around the city and he was super smiley the whole time!


Kyler’s favorite part of the day continues to be bath/shower time. As soon as he hears the water turn on he starts kicking and squealing in excitement, and he gets upset when it’s time to get out.


One of the most special parts of this month was that we celebrated Kyler’s first Christmas. With him only being 8 months old, he only had a few presents to open and was mostly interested in trying to eat the wrapping paper, but it was really sweet and something we’ll remember forever!


We are thinking of transitioning him into a convertible carseat soon. We already have one and he just looks so big in it, even though he hasn’t hit the weight and height limit yet. I might actually shed a tear when we move him out of it and say goodbye to the infant carseat we’ve had since Kevin was born. It’s close to it’s expiration date anyway, but I remember when we first bought it. Seems like yesterday and forever ago at the same time.


Finally, here’s some brother love!


The face they make when mommy sings… :/


Melts my heart


Pretty sure Kyler lived in his Christmas PJs all month

And some mama love too. This boy usually won’t take his eyes of his mommy lately 🙂



It was an interesting month for me physically. I don’t have any official body pictures this month so I will use a photo from my snowy run the other week instead. I am officially below my pre-pregnancy weight, which I don’t really want. I have been so hungry lately, and it was hard to tell whether it was due to marathon training, breastfeeding, my thyroid or a combination of those things. It felt like my metabolism was in overdrive. I got my thyroid levels checked and they were definitely on the hyperthyroidism side now (I’ve had Hashimoto’s hypothyroidism since I was 16) due to still being on a higher dose of my meds from pregnancy and the initial post-partum period. They adjusted them back down and I feel so much better. It feels like my body is functioning like it should, and my anxiety has gone down as well, which can be a side effect of thyroid levels on the hyper side. So glad I got that checked out!


Even though I prefer to weigh around 130 and I’m a little below that right now, I’m pretty happy with my body at 8 months postpartum. My clothes fit really well, I feel strong from running and marathon training, and things are slowly going back to the way they were. I had my annual appointment with the midwives who I delivered Kyler with, and after examining me they said it seems like I never even had a baby (or two). I beg to differ about that, there are definitely some things that aren’t (and will never) be the same, but that is fine. The more I run and the more success I find in that, I’m so much more interested in what my body can do rather than what it looks like.

For example, I ran two races this month that I feel very proud about. I did the Resolution 5K on New Years Day and the Charleston Half in the middle of the month. Even though neither race gave me a PR, I think both showed how my running has improved since having Kyler, and helped me learn a lot about myself.




So much went on this month that made me happy mentally and emotionally. First we celebrated the holidays for the first time as a family of 4 and with our extended families. It was really nice, despite strangely warm temperatures this year (I ran in shorts and a tank top on Christmas Eve… it was 70 degrees!). But we baked cookies anyway, sweating the whole time 🙂


I spent two weeks off from work on Winter Break with my boys, which was so nice. It was definitely a different experience than the last time I was home with both of them for an extended time during the summer. Kyler and Kevin can actually play together a little bit, which is really nice. But it did make me a little nervous for this summer when they’re both mobile!


A few weeks later we headed to Myrtle Beach for a mini-vacation. Like I said earlier, I went down a few days early for a work conference. I haven’t been alone for an extended amount of time like that since before Kevin was born. It was a little weird to say the least, and I didn’t like having to pump all day since I didn’t have a baby to feed, but it was also relaxing. And I got to sleep through an entire night uninterrupted! However, I was still super happy to see my boys at the end of the week and to spend the rest of the long weekend together.



Finally, this month was capped off with a glorious blizzard that led to us being off from school for a week and a half. But that went into month 9, so we’ll talk about that more soon!


I have been so aware of how quickly time is passing, and really trying to focus on enjoying and remembering these special times with a baby that is only going to be this little for a short time. A lot has happened in the last two weeks since he turned 8 months old, but I’ll save that for next month’s post. Hopefully I can get it up in a more timely manner 🙂


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Mom & Baby: 7 Months

Kyler is now officially in the other half of his first year of life! My not-so-little baby boy is now 7 months old and is more fun than ever before. Here are the details about both of us at 7 months post-partum.




Kyler is officially 16 pounds 13 ounces and 28 inches at 7 months old. I know this  because we had to take him to the doctor a couple days ago (more about that later!). He’s starting to look longer and leaner to me, just like his brother and many of my family members are. I think we’ll have another tall and skinny kid soon!


Last month I said that it was so nice to have him healthy for an extended period of time. Unfortunately, soon after writing that he got sick again, and this time it was really rough. He started to get a cold when we were home in Pennsylvania visiting family for Thanksgiving. It got worse and worse, and when we took him to the doctor for what was supposed to be his 6 month well visit (a little late), they said he had a pretty bad ear infection. I felt terrible. He was in pain but rarely complains so we didn’t know how bad it was. After that we started him on antibiotics and took turns staying home with him for a few days, since he was so sad and just moaning and wanting to be held. Poor baby 😦


Thankfully, after a few days he started to return to his happier self. We finished the 10 days of amoxicillin on Saturday, but on Monday after work I took him out of his carseat and I noticed big red hives/welts on his face. I immediately stripped him down and they kept appearing out of nowhere. I panicked and started packing up to go to urgent care, and called his pediatrician at the same time. He was breathing okay and not in distress, so she said to give him some Benadryl and see what happens. Once I did that the welts went away within about 10 minutes. His doctor said it was most likely a side effect from the medicine, and that sometimes it has to reach a certain level in the body to see symptoms- even after you are finished taking it. He had a little breakout of more hives two nights later and they went away with Benadryl again. He’s doing much better now. The pediatrician says his ears are looking good and that his little runny nose and cough should clear out very soon. So thankful for that! We will just need to keep an eye on the hives to see if they continue to happen. She’s pretty sure it was a reaction to the antibiotic but we can’t be 100% sure.


One of the huge hives!

In happier news, we had some new developments this month! Kyler started to sit up all on his own. We have been practicing but he would just fall over after a few seconds. One morning I sat him up and he stayed up! Such a big boy! He loves his new view 🙂


We also started solids this month. He had his first bites of food at Thanksgiving. We gave him avocado just like we did with Kevin, and he could not get enough!


Since then he’s also had banana, sweet potato, apple, and butternut squash and has loved it all. This is a lot less than Kevin had at 7 months because we’re taking it slower this time. He’s also become a big fan of feeding himself. He loves this little self feeder. So independent 🙂


He only gets solids once a day at dinnertime and nurses the rest of the time (or takes a bottle of pumped milk while I’m at work). Aside from a little decrease in appetite when he was sick, he’s still nursing 6-7 times a day. He tends to nurse around 3:30 or 4 AM, before leaving for daycare at 6:30 AM, then has three 4 ounce bottles at daycare. After we get home I nurse him at 6:00 and 8:00, then put him down for bed. His two bottom teeth are not fully out, but he doesn’t bite me as much anymore – thank God!!! He mostly chews on his own fingers.


His nighttime sleep has been inconsistent this month, again due to the sickness, but when he’s feeling okay his longest sleep stretch is between 7 and 9 hours. Naps are a different story. He’s not really on a napping schedule yet, and that’s probably our fault. We tend to just let him sleep anytime, anywhere, including on us. I really want to get him in the habit of taking naps in his crib, so that we don’t pay for it later!


Kyler is not crawling yet or really trying to crawl at all. He will roll and reach for what he wants, which is EVERYTHING right now! This kid is so grabby! If we are holding anything or if something is nearby, he will do whatever it takes to grab for it.


He has also started watching us closely and copying us. He will mimic us talking by screeching and babbling. He will stick out his tongue in response to us if we stick out ours, and we will blow raspberries back and forth. It’s really fun to see him become more interactive.


He LOVES to cuddle. I can’t remember if Kevin was as big of a cuddler as he is but I love it too. I know that time passes quickly so I enjoy every minute of snuggles I can get.

Screen Shot 2015-12-24 at 12.59.23 PM

One other new thing he has been loving this month is the stroller. He is now big enough to sit in the main part of the stroller next to Kevin, rather than his carseat attachment. We’ve been having a very mild winter/late fall so far so he has been out on many runs with us, and he smiles from ear to ear the whole time! It has been really fun to go on family runs too.


Finally, he continues to be infatuated by his big brother. He loves him so much, and Kevin loves him too. He is always taking care of Kyler and making sure he has toys, a blanket, or whatever he needs. Kyler watches him and tries to do what he does. It’s so fun already to see them together, and I know it will only get better as they get older.





Not much is new physically in terms of my weight or how my body looks. I haven’t weighed myself in a while but the last time I did I was still holding steady around 132 pounds. I’m feeling a bit bloated right now thanks to all the holiday treats from Thanksgiving to now (almost Christmas), but I know that’s just temporary. I don’t know if it’s marathon training, breastfeeding, my thyroid or some combination of those but I have been SO hungry! I’m getting my blood drawn to check my thyroid levels next week, but it feels like my metabolism is in overdrive sometimes.


Last month I talked about how I thought I was getting my period because I noticed some signs of ovulation and a little bit of decreased milk supply, but I never got it. I’m really curious when it will return, but not missing it at all right now 🙂 I have been feeling pretty good physically and really excited to be getting faster lately. I’ve been seeing my chiropractor regularly for maintenance which I think is helping. I have been having a little bit of pain here and there in my right side, especially in my lower back and my right foot. It’s nothing too bad at all but it’s something I notice on and off. I’m going to keep my eye on it and maybe go to the running store to see if they think I’m overpronating more on one side. I have a feeling that’s what it is.



The past month was really awesome for me mentally and emotionally in many ways, but mostly because it’s my absolute favorite time of year. I LOVE the fall and winter, and especially October to December with all of the holidays that they bring. We started the month by celebrating Thanksgiving in Pennsylvania with my family, and because my school gave us off on Wednesday this year, we were able to go away from Tuesday to Sunday. I haven’t been home for that long in years and it was so nice and relaxing. We were able to see a lot of people we love, and Kevin and I even got to go out together with friends on Thanksgiving Eve which was a blast.


Our Annual Turkey Bowl


The boys with their Aunt Yaya

The boys with their Aunt Yaya

Screen Shot 2015-12-24 at 12.59.57 PM

Since Thanksgiving we have done a lot of fun things to help get ready for my favorite holiday of all – Christmas! I grew up with very strong traditions around Christmas and it’s something that I think is important to pass on. We got our Christmas tree and decorated it together, saw Santa on a fire truck and sat on his lap, visited the Festival of Lights, and more. It has been so much fun, especially this year now that we have a family of 4. I’m writing this on Christmas Eve, and we still have so much more in store for this upcoming week. I’m so excited!

Picking out our Christmas tree!

Picking out our Christmas tree!



Pajama Day at school and daycare

Pajama Day at school and daycare

At the Festival of Lights looking just like Daddy

At the Festival of Lights looking just like Daddy


This month I have tried very hard to leave stress at school and focus on my family at home. I know I’m truly doing the best I can at work and I refuse to let it affect my family or my time at home with them. This has really helped me keep things in perspective and make the most of our evenings and weekends together. I’m really happy to be home with both of my boys right now for 16 days (!!!) over Winter Break. It was so, so needed!

Seeing the boys after daycare makes me so happy!

Seeing the boys after daycare makes me so happy!

Finally, one thing that is keeping me busy in a good way is my new coaching business! I am so excited about it and the progress I have made with it already. I have taken on 4 clients and each one is so important and special to me. It feels good to be doing something for ‘work’ that I’m so passionate about, especially since I haven’t really felt that way about teaching for a while. Maybe someday I will be able to make this a full-time job, but in the meantime I am really enjoying  doing it on the side.


I can’t wait to see what month 8 has in store for us!

My 3 boys :)

My 3 boys 🙂

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Mom & Baby: 6 Months

On November 22nd, Kyler was officially 6 months old! These 6 months have been the quickest of my life. Kevin’s first year in general was such a struggle at times that they felt like they dragged on and on. It has been the total opposite experience this time. Time is flying! Here are all the details about what happened this past month for baby and me!



Kyler has not been to the pediatrician for his 6 month appointment yet, so I’m not sure how much he weighs – but I do know he’s getting bigger! His body is growing some adorable rolls and his cheeks keep getting fuller. He’s in 6-12 month clothes depending on the brand. According to our scale at home, he’s about 17 pounds.

2 days old to 6 months. What a difference!

2 days old to 6 months. What a difference!

His hair is getting thicker and is still very dark. By this point Kevin was pretty blonde, so I’m wondering if we’re going to have a brunette baby this time. That would be weird because my husband and myself were both blonde babies. I have a feeling he’ll end up being strawberry blonde/red like a few random family members on my side (including my sister). I guess time will tell! He still has a little bit of cradle cap underneath his hair which makes his scalp look scaly and dry. I’m not sure when that will totally go away but hopefully soon!


One of the things that made this month so great was that Kyler stayed healthy the whole time! Last month we had a few rough weeks where it seemed like Kyler would get a cold, get over it, and then come down with something new. Thankfully he was congestion/cough/snot free all month, which made us all very happy!


Sleep has been a little back and forth this month. He has been very consistent with following the developmental patterns that result from his wonder weeks, and this month he started having some separation anxiety, just as it said he would. He is starting to realize when we are not right next to him and doesn’t like it. This has led to a little bit of difficulty with putting him down at night, but it’s gotten better with time. He also seems to have developed a fear of the dark – especially in his car seat. This is a problem when we drive home from work since it gets dark so early! It also causes him to cry sometimes if he wakes up in the middle of the night and is scared. We’re going to get him a little night light which should help some.

Right next to mommy is his favorite place to be!

Right next to mommy is his favorite place to be!

The other thing that has affected sleep has been that he cut not one, but TWO teeth! His bottom left tooth broke through on November 14th, and the bottom right broke through the next day. He has been chewing on everything in sight, and he has wanted to comfort nurse a lot more because of the pain. I can’t believe he has teeth already – Kevin didn’t get any until 8-9 months!


Nursing continues to go really well. His feedings have varied some with teething and waking up more at night sometimes but he tends to eat anywhere between 6-8 times a day. He is starting to get a little distracted when he eats now, especially during the day or if we are anywhere that has things going on around him. He will pull off to look around or to look up at me and smile. It’s really adorable, but also messy at times since my milk is spraying everywhere in the meantime! We hadn’t started solids yet when he turned 6 months (I’ve been kind of resisting it for some reason – just not ready to take that big step!), but over the last week we have. I will update more on that in his 7 month post!


We had a great month of development. I have loved every stage of Kyler’s life since he’s been a relatively easy baby, but I really love when they hit 5-6 months. Things start to get a lot more fun! He has become extremely vocal and has definitely found his voice. He loves to be loud, screech/scream and babble. He’s started to use some consonant sounds when he babbles (“dadada” and “yayaya”) too.


At his 4 month doctor’s appointment, our pediatrician said Kyler had strong legs and lower body, but he seemed a little “low-tone” in his upper body and shoulders. She told us to give him a lot of tummy time so he could practice pushing himself up and strengthen those muscles, and cautioned us against using things like the exersaucer and bumbo seat until he got strong enough to hold himself up. We’ve been working hard on this, and over the last few weeks, we felt Kyler had enough strength in his upper body to start using the exersaucer and he LOVES it. He will spin himself around so that he can get to all the activities, and will jump around, laughing and smiling the whole time. We still keep his time in there short until he gets stronger, but it’s exciting! Check out the comparison of Kevin (left) and Kyler (right) both in the exersaucer around 6 months old 🙂


We’ve also been letting him sit in his little seat more. He likes to play with toys that we put on his tray and watch his older brother. I think he really enjoys his new view.


He has gotten really good at reaching and grabbing for whatever he wants – whether it’s toys, my phone, my hair, our faces, etc. He’s a lot more interactive and likes to play. It’s a lot of fun 🙂



Finally, he is so in love with his big brother! He watches every move he makes and tries to copy him. It’s so sweet, and I’m really excited that they will have each other while growing up.


Screen Shot 2015-11-29 at 6.51.15 PM


Nothing like showering with an audience!

Nothing like showering with an audience!


My weight is still around 132 pounds, but my clothes are fitting differently now that my stomach, butt, and thighs are going back to their pre-pregnancy size. I cleaned out my closet this month and packed away everything maternity, and put a bunch of other clothes in bags to donate. I was left with pretty much nothing, so I used some credit card rewards money I had to buy myself some new clothes. Ever since I did that I have felt so much better about myself in terms of my wardrobe. It’s amazing what some better-fitting clothes can do for your self-esteem! I didn’t take any real body pictures this month, so here’s a picture of the current style I’m loving this fall. Skinny jeans, boots, and loose fitting sweaters 🙂


I am also feeling really good physically thanks to how well running is going for me. This past month I amazed myself by getting a huge PR at the Richmond Half Marathon. My weekly training regimen has consisted of speedwork (usually mile repeats), a tempo run, a long run, 1-2 easy runs, and 1-2 days of strength training. I also always take at least 1 full rest day. I’ve been pushing myself by running faster training paces in my harder effort runs and clearly it’s working. I’m getting faster and feeling stronger than ever.


I did have a little issue that popped up about a week before the Richmond half. I felt like I was out of alignment in my pelvis because I was having some pain in my right hip/lower back/SI joint. I went to the chiropractor and he confirmed what I thought. My right leg was rotated wrong into my pelvis. You could actually see that my toes pointed outward when I stood in a neutral position, and when I laid down, my right leg was shorter than the other. The chiropractor told me that this can be caused by many things – pregnancy, childbirth, wearing older shoes, running on hills, a weak core… basically all things that were true for me. Thankfully, I know my body really well at this point and I caught the issue early. I felt a lot better once he adjusted me and did some heat therapy on the areas that were sensitive. Since then, I’ve had a little bit of the lower back pain and it seems to flare up if I don’t stretch and foam roll like I know I need to. I got a new pair of shoes and will continue to see my chiropractor. I know if I stay on top of it I’ll be fine.


In other body news, I thought I was going to get my period back this month. I had some signs of ovulation about 3 weeks ago. Once you get used to tracking your ovulation it’s kind of impossible to ignore the signs of it. I also saw a little dip in my milk supply when I was pumping at work last week, which happened right before I would get my period each month after I had Kevin. Pumping in general has been going really well and I have still been able to pump more than what I need each day. My freezer stash is well over 700 ounces at this point. However, last week I was pumping about 2 ounces less than usual and it continued to decrease a little each day. But then I never ended up getting my period… weird! It could have also been because I had an extremely busy week and wasn’t very good about drinking enough water. We’ll see what happens.

Love my boys <3

Love my boys ❤

Finally, my hair loss is continuing and the hair I lost initially is starting to grow back. I have tons of baby hairs growing all over my head, but especially around my hairline – which is really attractive. I also really need a haircut. Since I’ve lost so much hair it’s looking thinner and it’s pretty long. I think if I cut it shorter it would look better overall. Now I just need to find the time to do it! One scary part of the hair loss is that my hair is now everywhere, including in all of our clothes when we do laundry. I guess some of my hair got into Kyler’s pajamas, and when I got him undressed for a bath I noticed it wrapped tightly around his toes. When I unwrapped it I realized it had cut into his skin. I felt terrible and it really freaked me out when I thought about what might have happened if I hadn’t caught it. I really need to keep a better eye on where my hair is going since it’s falling out so much.



Last month I talked about how it was a tough month for me mentally and emotionally mostly due to work. I still had a super busy month, but I think I did better this month at not letting work stress get me down too much – especially once I got back home. Don’t get me wrong, I still had my fair share of late nights where I stayed up to get work stuff done, but I didn’t let it get me down as much as I did in September and October. I just did what I could and tried not to get overly stressed or emotional about how overwhelmed I felt. I think it helped that I knew I had some good holiday breaks coming up that I’d be able to spend with my family, and once we hit December things tend to slow down some. I’m very thankful for that, and I know my husband is too. He’s been doing SO MUCH at home to help since I’ve been so busy. I appreciate him so much.

Best daddy/husband ever!

Best daddy/husband ever!

On a positive note, we had a lot of great experiences that lifted me up and made me feel really happy. We celebrated Halloween and were able to do some of my favorite fall traditions, like visit Clark’s Farm where we’ve been going ever since Kevin was a month old.


Kevin's last 4 years at Clark's Farm

Kevin’s last 4 years at Clark’s Farm

Kyler's first picture at Clark's

Kyler’s first picture at Clark’s


I was able to get together with some friends that I haven’t seen in a while who also have babies around Kyler’s age, which was really nice. I also went to a few social events with my running buddies. My dad came to visit us for a few days (and brought me his treadmill since he’s downsizing and trying to move to a smaller house – woo hoo!). We were able to get a babysitter and celebrate our 4 year anniversary – one of our first dates since having Kyler – and it was so nice. We also had a nice little weekend getaway to Richmond when I ran the race. Overall, it was a great month, and I know it is all up from here now that I’m past the hardest part of the school year.


Babies born January-May 2015!


My local MRTT Chapter’s Birthday Party


Dad’s special delivery

Celebrating our 4 year anniversary where we got married

Celebrating our 4 year anniversary where we got married

Kyler’s 6th month was definitely a memorable one. Since this post is late we’re already working on his 7th month – which has included Thanksgiving, starting solid foods, and more. I can’t believe it’s almost DECEMBER!! Until next month, I’ll leave you with this cute picture of my little family, and a baby with a mustache pacifier… because is there anything cuter? 🙂


Screen Shot 2015-11-29 at 6.52.31 PM

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Mom & Baby: 5 Months

Another whirlwind month! I can’t believe it’s already over and my baby boy is now 5 months old, as of October 22nd. Here are all the details about what happened during this past month for mom & baby!



My little baby boy is continuing to become not so little anymore! I don’t know what he weighs but he looks and feels bigger, and he’s wearing 6-9 month clothes already. He is a lot bigger than his brother was at this age, by a few pounds and inches! Because of this, I actually had to buy him some new clothes since Kevin was wearing those sizes during the summer, not the colder months. Despite the size difference, I do think they are starting to look more alike. Check out the comparison below of both Kevin and Kyler at 5 months. Similar yet different!


During this past month we finally moved past the Wonder Week that felt never ending. We also finally got over a cold that seemed like it just kept going and going. Now that we’re on the other side, Kyler is back to his happy all the time, smiling self! This also means he’s sleeping better! Yay! He’s back to his long 7-9 hour stretches, eats around 3-4:30, and then he goes back down for a few more hours. He also naps twice a day. I am loving his sleep schedule!


We’re still following the same feeding routine that I talked about last month. He eats 7 times a day: his first morning feeding is usually between 3 and 4:30 AM, and then I feed him again before he goes to daycare, around 6:30 AM. At daycare he gets three bottles (4 oz. each), at around 9:30, 12:30, and 3:30. Once we are home I feed him around 6:00 and 8:00 before he goes to bed. I am also still pumping before I go to bed, around 9:45-10:00. I know I could probably drop this, but it helps me wake up less full and adds to my freezer stash. At this point I have over 600 ounces frozen, which is insane to me. I’m afraid my supply will drop off completely like it did before when my period came back every month, so I’m happy to have a lot frozen. However, if everything ends up being fine with my supply I hope to be able to donate the milk somewhere.

Look how big both of my boys grew in the last 5 months!

Look how big both of my boys grew in the last 5 months!

We haven’t done any solids yet and he doesn’t really seem interested at this point. We started with Kevin at 5 1/2 months because he was grabbing at our food, making chewing motions when we ate, etc. but Kyler hasn’t done of those things. I am not worried about it because I’m not in a rush to introduce solids. It’s just so interesting how different two kids can be!


He is discovering new things everyday lately too. First he discovered his hands, and he loved to hold them up in front of his face and look at them. Since then he’s gotten really good at picking things up, playing with toys, and putting them in his mouth constantly (and in my mouth too!). After that, he discovered his feet. He is totally infatuated with them. He usually studies them for a while, then slowly grabs one foot and brings it to his mouth. LOL! It’s so fun to watch him explore.


I am starting to get glimpses of what it’s really going to be like to have two little boys. It’s crazy and so much fun, and Kyler isn’t even mobile yet! Eek! I need to watch out!


Sitting on me while trying to stretch after a long run

Sitting on me while trying to stretch after a long run

All 3 of my boys

All 3 of my boys

Kyler adores his big brother so much. He’s always studying him and watching his every move. Kevin can make Kyler laugh like nobody else can. They definitely have a brotherly bond.

Screen Shot 2015-10-24 at 9.15.14 PM

Right when he turned 5 months, we started letting Kyler sit in his little seat for short periods of time during the day. At his 4 month well check, my pediatrician said to be cautious about using the seat until he’s stronger up top and not slouching. I noticed he was, so we tried the seat and he absolutely loved it. I like to put the tray on and give him some toys to play with. It’s like he is discovering a whole new world.


Our daycare provider took some fall photos of the kids and then gave them us. I almost passed out at the cuteness! I didn’t even know they were doing them but I even dressed the boys alike, so it really worked out!



Lastly, Kyler is SUCH a mama’s boy. He has been super attached and snuggly ever since he was born, but more now for some reason. It is really hard to get up and go to work when you have this face looking back at you!



I’m currently sitting at 132-133 pounds, so I am a few months away from my pre-pregnancy weight of 130. I don’t really care about my weight though, because I’m having so many other physical victories lately like fitting into my favorite pre-pregnancy jeans, and my running is going AMAZING! I’m feeling more and more like myself each day and it’s actually making me reevaluate my goals a little bit. More on that to come in another post!

DSCN5023  DSCN5025

I forgot to take pictures last month, so my last ones were from about 3 months postpartum. I didn’t realize how much my body has changed until I compared my 1 month, 3 month & 5 month photos. Everything is thinning out, including my face, waist and hips.

PicMonkey Collage

PicMonkey Collage2

I blogged about the Wilson Bridge Half being cancelled and how my Moms Run This Town Running Group made our own race, which ended up being a ton of fun. I still feel cheated from that whole experience though, so I am MORE than ready to test my training at the Richmond Half Marathon in two weeks. This past month I worked hard on my speed, adding in a tempo run to my weekly routine and also adding strength training back in. I’m feeling good and getting stronger. It’s so exciting!


My skin continues to be good and not-so-good, most likely fluctuating with my hormones. My period still has not returned, which is nice because it was back by now with Kevin. I’m still losing lots of hair. I can’t wait until the initial post-partum period ends. I think it was around 8 or 9 months last time.


This was another tough month for me mentally and emotionally. It actually had nothing to do with post-partum and having two kids, but more to do with work. The first couple months of school have been insanely stressful as I try to adjust to new responsibilities. Thankfully, I’m starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. It should start to get better soon! I don’t know what I would do without my husband. He’s been so amazingly supportive, and takes care of basically everything at home including cooking, cleaning, and more. He packs my lunch for me everyday, and lately he’s been writing me special and inspirational messages on my hard boiled eggs. He’s the sweetest!

Screen Shot 2015-10-24 at 9.14.47 PM

One good part of this month that was super refreshing and nice was getting to go to French Creek for a long weekend with my family and friends. I didn’t know how badly I needed that until we went! It was so nice to be with the people I love and disconnect from everything else for a few days.


Another good part was that I celebrated my 29th birthday! I bought myself a great gift- signing up for the Myrtle Beach Marathon! Kevin spoiled me too, by getting me my favorite pumpkin beer, making a homemade cookie cake from scratch, and making tortilla soup for dinner. He’s the best!


We have another exciting month coming up. We’re about to celebrate Halloween, and there are some fun events on the weekends including the Richmond Half Marathon on November 14th. It’s starting to cool down and we’re getting close to the holidays that I love: Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, plus our anniversary in November. I love this time of year!


It is hard to believe that the next update will be when Kyler is 6 months old! Ahhh! Don’t blink 😦

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Mom & Baby: 4 Months

I can’t believe how much has happened since I last updated on Kyler almost a month and a half ago! He turned 4 months old on September 22nd, and my last update was when he was 12 weeks old. Life has been VERY busy for both baby and myself. In fact, I’ve been working on this post for over a week now but haven’t had the time to finish it until now. Here are all the details!



First and foremost – the growth! Kyler has grown so much! While both of my boys seem to be on the tall and thin side, Kyler continues to exceed his older brother in length and height at this age. He didn’t have a well check at 3 months but I did take him to the doctor because I was concerned about the side of his head being a little flat (more about that later). At 3 months he weighed 13 lb. 3 oz. and was 24.5 inches. At his 4 month well visit he was 14 lb. 5 oz. and 25.5 inches. He’s following his growth charts consistently and is 3 pounds bigger than Kevin was at 4 months!


We just moved him out of 3 month clothes and into the 6 month size. It makes me sad to pack away the smaller sizes, knowing that we most likely will never put another baby in clothes that little ever again. I go back and forth about whether or not another child is in our future. Some days I want one and other days I feel done, but we’re not ready to decide for sure.


I feel SO LUCKY to have such an easy baby this time. Kyler has been laid-back and low-maintenance since birth. I mean, he did wait 2 1/2 weeks longer than his brother to come out, so I’m not entirely surprised! He lets Kevin play with him and pull on him and act like a toddler all around him and isn’t even fazed. It’s going to be so fun to see them grow up together.


He is a good sleeper too. Since my last update some new sleep developments have happened though. We now put him to bed in his crib between 8 and 8:30 and let him sleep rather than waking him up for a dream feed. He will usually sleep somewhere between 7 and 9 hours, waking anywhere from 3 to 5 AM, yeah! During the day he takes about 2 longer naps and a couple shorter ones here and there. We don’t have him in a set daytime routine yet when it comes to naps but I am sure we’ll get there eventually.

Fell asleep while playing on his mat!

Fell asleep while playing on his mat!

In the last week or so his sleep has been a little more inconsistent for a few reasons. 1) He learned how to roll over and wants to practice it all night long, 2) Rolling over means we can’t swaddle him like he likes us to, and 3) He’s had a couple little colds since I returned to work, which make sleeping and breathing a bit difficult at times. I know it’s just temporary and it’s already starting to get better but ugh, I can’t wait for it to get back to how it was! Despite less sleep and a snotty nose, he’s still as happy as can be. Look at that smile! It puts me in a good mood instantly!


Since we dropped one night feeding Kyler eats 7x a day very consistently. He has pretty much fallen into his own schedule. He has his first morning feeding between 3 and 5 AM, and then I feed him again before he goes to daycare, around 6:30 AM. At daycare he gets three bottles (4 oz. each), at around 9:30, 12:30, and 3:30. Once we are home I feed him around 6:00 and 8:00 before he goes to bed. He is still a GREAT eater, and has no issues switching from the boob to the bottle anymore. I also pump before I go to bed, around 9:45-10:00.


My supply is amazing this time around. I know we’re only 4 months in, but by this time with Kevin I was already supplementing so I feel really good about that. I am pumping on average 20 oz. a day and he eats 12 oz. so I’m able to put quite a bit away. I have over 400 ounces frozen right now – woo hoo! It’s pretty obvious that breastfeeding is going better this time around based on the cheeks, belly and rolls this kid has!


Kyler has gotten really interactive with people and with his toys. His hand-eye coordination has improved and he’s really good and grabbing things and holding onto them. He has also started putting everything he can get his hands on in his mouth, and he’s drooling like crazy.


Kyler loves his floor time, especially now that he can roll in both directions (back to belly, belly to back). We really amped up his tummy time after the doctor pointed out that the side of his head was a little flat, due to him preferring to sleep on that side. When I brought him back to the pediatrician to get it checked at 3 months, she said the muscles in his neck were also starting to get tight from him always turning his head to that side, so we were sent home with a bunch of stretches to do daily and started doing a lot more tummy time at home and daycare. At his 4 month appointment our pediatrician was really happy with the improvement, which is great news. I was worried because having a flat side can cause the skull and brain to develop incorrectly, but it seems as though we’ve fixed the problem, thankfully! He also loves doing little mini-crunches when he is lying down on his back, like he’s trying to sit himself up. He’s a strong boy!


He loves cuddling and being close to us, either in our arms or in a baby carrier. He is also super ticklish and cracks up when we put his socks on his feet, take off his onesie or change his diaper.


Babywearing at the Farmers Market

Babywearing at the Farmers Market

Kyler is totally infatuated with water and loves taking baths and showers. He smiles the entire time and puts on a pouty face when it is time to get out. He’s my little water baby, which is awesome since that’s where he was born!

Screen Shot 2015-09-27 at 2.23.32 PM

Here are a few other pictures from the past month that I love!

Bouncing himself in his seat

Bouncing himself in his seat

Kyler loves going for walks outside

Kyler loves going for walks outside

My boys are already totally attached to each other :)

My boys are already totally attached to each other 🙂

Hanging out with his friend Autumn- the daughter of my running buddy Laura who is 4 months older.

Hanging out with his friend Autumn- the daughter of my running buddy Laura who is 4 months older.

Kyler got to meet Leighton & Chanda when they visited from Germany!

Kyler got to meet Leighton & Chanda when they visited from Germany!

Dressed by daddy

Dressed by daddy


Since my last update a little over a month ago I have gone from 137 pounds to 133, putting me 3 pounds above my pre-pregnancy weight. I think I’ve lost a few more pounds for a couple reasons. First, I have been so hungry and eating so much. A lot of the time what I’m grabbing isn’t the best food because I’m so busy, so it’s pretty unbelievable that I’m losing weight at all. Second, now that I’m back to work I am moving literally all day long. It’s pretty crazy how active I am this year. Finally, I have been running more as I work to increase my mileage and build up a base for marathon training later this year. It’s hard to fuel the body enough for running and breastfeeding and working, but I’m a work in progress! I totally forgot to take a 4 month postpartum photo of myself, so I’ll do that tomorrow and insert it below!

In other body news, in the last month I ran the Hartwood 10 Miler, my first longer distance race after baby. It was a good race that got me really excited for the fall racing season. As the weather cools down and time passes, I am starting feel like my pre-pregnancy self more and more. My “easy” run paces and speedwork paces are slowly getting back to where they were and it feels great! I’m still listening to my body to ensure I recover fully and don’t do too much too soon, but I’m also starting to push myself more and I love it.

And the not so good side… post-partum hormones really do a number on me! My skin is going crazy and breaking out, right on my chin which is where I always get hormonal acne. I’m also losing big chunks of hair. Pretty soon I’ll be sporting the lions mane as it starts growing back. I also have those little keratosis pilaris bumps on my arms and legs, that my dermatologist is a result of hormones and will go away eventually. So glamorous! But the good thing is that I know it’s all temporary and will eventually go away as my body continues to get back to normal. And these cute little faces are worth all of it!

Screen Shot 2015-09-27 at 2.24.22 PM


My biggest challenge emotionally this month was going back to work. It was a huge adjustment for me when I had to go back after Kevin was born at only 8 weeks postpartum. This time around I had another month, since Kyler was born at the end of the school year. Having that extra time made it a little easier, but it still broke my heart to drop them at daycare the first couple of weeks. It still does hurt sometimes when I think about how I’m spending the days with other peoples’ kids instead of my own, but I have accepted that this is how it is for now and that they’re very much loved and well taken care of – even if it’s not by me. Plus, my days are so insanely busy this year that the days fly by super fast, and before I know it I’m holding my boys in my arms again.

Screen Shot 2015-09-28 at 7.46.24 PM

Along with going back to work comes pumping. Oh, how I have a love/hate relationship with pumping. I love it because it allows me to stay connected to Kyler while I’m at work and give him the healthiest food for his little growing body. But it’s just so hard sometimes to find the time and energy in my super busy day to pump 3 times. However, not having to worry about supply (yet) is a huge blessing and I’m so thankful for that. I’m pumping more than he eats right now, which is amazing. I just need to make sure I don’t let myself get too stressed, and remember to drink water during the day and I think I’ll be good.

Pumping in a storage closet!

Pumping in a storage closet!

As if a new baby and a demanding job wasn’t enough, I decided to take on yet another challenge this year by taking a class. We meet on Tuesday evenings after work from 4:30 – 7:30. I really love what I’m learning about and I know it’s making me a better teacher, but it’s still hard to be away from my kids for basically an entire day. There’s no way I could have done this without my amazing husband, who encouraged me to go for it. He knew I had been waiting for an opportunity to take part in this course for a long time, and when my principal offered it to me I couldn’t turn it down. So while I’m off learning and when I’m doing work in the evenings, daddy is holding down the fort at home – and I must say he is great at it! I am a very lucky woman to have him as my partner!


Kyler & Daddy

Kyler & Daddy

This next month should be an exciting one for us – we have our annual trip to French Creek coming up, my first post baby #2 half marathon and more coming up. But for now, this tired mama needs to get to bed!

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Kevin’s 3 Year Update

On September 12th, my oldest baby boy turned 3 years old! A lot has changed in his world since my last update when he was 2 1/2. He impresses and amazes me, exhausts and tests me, and I fall more and more in love with him every day. Here are all the details about Kevin at the age of 3 (it’s a long one!).

               DSCN8365 DSCN8866 DSCN9329 DSCN9676

               DSCN9841 DSCN0196 DSCN0334 DSCN0636

               DSCN1015 DSCN1211 11 DSCN1676

               DSCN1890 DSCN2071 DSCN2225 DSCN2239

DSCN2266 DSCN2353 DSCN2427 DSCN2690

 DSCN3114 DSCN3221 DSCN3466 



At his 3 year appointment on Friday Kevin was 39.5 inches tall (90th percentile) and 32 pounds (50th percentile). He’s still a tall and skinny kid! He held steady at 31 pounds for a good 7 months or so, and finally gained a little more weight. He wears size 3-4T in shirts and pants, depending on the brand. Since he’s so tall and thin, we’ve been needing to use the pants that adjust in the waist, especially now that he’s not in a diaper anymore (yay!).

Screen Shot 2015-09-27 at 2.12.37 PM

Yes, my boy is POTTY TRAINED! Woo hoo! We’re still wearing diapers during naps and at night, but the rest of the time he’s in underwear. He’s only had a couple accidents (knock on wood). He was showing interest in the potty before Kyler was born, but then had a regression after the birth. We thought that might happen so we backed off for a little while. He started showing interest again a couple months ago but was really inconsistent- some days he would want to and some days he wouldn’t. We decided to go for it one day about a week before he turned 3, and told him we were going to try no diapers for the whole day. He did AMAZING! He was a little afraid to poop on the potty for a few days, but now he is good to go. I’m so proud of him! He’s been waking up dry some days, so we’ll start slowly transitioning into not needing any protection at night or during naps next.

So weird to see his little butt in underwear and not a diaper!

So weird to see his little butt in underwear and not a diaper!

In Kevin’s 2.5 year update I mentioned we had moved him to a regular-sized mattress on the floor of his nursery. Since then we have made him his very own “big boy room” and the transition has been great. Like potty training, I’m learning that if you wait for your child to be ready to take these big steps, it is a lot easier (shocker, LOL).

Screen Shot 2015-09-27 at 2.10.39 PM

His sleep has been pretty good over the past 6 months. He still goes to sleep between 7:30 and 8:00 p.m. and we get him up for daycare around 6:30 a.m., so he gets 11 hours a night on average. Naps have been a little more hit-or-miss these days. Some days he will nap for 2+ hours, some days he won’t nap at all. I thought maybe he was dropping his nap, but when he doesn’t take one he is absolutely miserable, so I think he still needs it. It’s harder to get him to nap when he’s at daycare, probably because he doesn’t want to miss anything. We can always tell when he hasn’t napped though, because he will usually fall asleep as soon as we start driving. The photo below was taken when he told us he didn’t need to nap anymore because he was a big boy… yeah right, kid. LOL!


Since he’s in his own room now he’s allowed to read his books and play with his stuffed animals before he goes to sleep or if he wakes up early. We also let him have “quiet time” in there if he refuses to nap. It’s pretty cute and funny to watch him on the monitor “reading” to himself and playing imaginary games!

Screen Shot 2015-09-27 at 2.18.59 PM

I thought the jump in verbal skills/vocabulary was huge between age 2 and 2.5, but over the last 6 months it has exploded like crazy. The sentences he’s putting together and the new words he’s learning are amazing. He loves to tell stores, ask questions, repeat things he’s heard us say (oops, gotta watch what we talk about a lot more these days!), talk about things that happened last night/week/year (seriously, he has an amazing memory). He pretty much never stops talking. Tonight at dinner he said, “Actually I want my cheese separate please, Mommy”… what?! Is he 3 or 13?

Screen Shot 2015-09-27 at 2.14.38 PM

Speaking of food, Kevin is a pretty good eater most of the time. His appetite still tends to come and go and varies by the day. He still loves all fruit, dairy products like milk and cheese, eggs, pancakes, peanut butter, beans and roasted chickpeas, pasta, avocado, and green smoothies. He does like more veggies these days which is nice. He’ll eat zucchini, broccoli, spinach, asparagus and peas. He does have his picky moments, but we’ve stopped catering to them as much. He knows now that he gets what we’re having for dinner and that’s it!

Screen Shot 2015-09-27 at 2.34.58 PM

Loving his broccoli

Pancake breakfast with daddy!

Pancake breakfast with daddy!

First time eating corn on the cob

First time eating corn on the cob

So… I have heard that the terrible twos were nothing compared to the “threenage” years, and we’re already getting a glimpse of that. We have a ton of really good days. But with that comes some difficult days as well. He has developed quite the little attitude, especially if things don’t go his way. We’re learning how to deal with it and implement fair and consistent consequences, but it’s a work in progress.

Throwing a fit because his chalk broke and he wanted me to put it back together...

Throwing a fit because his chalk broke and he wanted me to put it back together…

Note from daycare...

Note from daycare…

And another one... sigh...

And another one… sigh…

But the good days and the sweet moments are SO good! He is so affectionate and loving. Over the last few months he has started to tell us he loves us out of nowhere, rather than just in response to us. He also has started telling us we are his best friends. It seriously melts my heart.

Screen Shot 2015-09-27 at 2.12.49 PM

Along the same lines, Kevin loves to help us any way he can. He will help us clean up, cook, do laundry, and work outside in the yard.


While he loves to be with us and have us play with him, he can also be fiercely independent and stubborn like both mommy and daddy, and want to do things all by himself. I really like giving him independent playtime each day for this reason. He has taught himself how to do puzzles and build awesome creations with blocks and legos. He got a ton of new puzzles and legos for his birthday and is so excited about them.  I like to think he’s going to grow up to be some kind of engineer or something!

Screen Shot 2015-09-27 at 2.16.54 PM

He also loves to do arts and crafts and creative/imaginative play. He’s really into painting, drawing/coloring, play-doh and playing pretend with his kitchen, stuffed animals, doctors kit, and other toys.


Painting with his friend Stephanie

He learned to draw people and then drew his family :)

He learned to draw people and then drew his family 🙂

Sidewalk chalk with Sharyn (my dad's girlfriend)

Sidewalk chalk with Sharyn (my dad’s girlfriend)

Kevin loves to be outside, whether it’s in our backyard or around our house, going for walks around the neighborhood as a family, playing at the playground, hiking in the woods… I really think he’s happiest when he is outdoors.


Screen Shot 2015-09-27 at 2.19.36 PM

Screen Shot 2015-09-27 at 2.23.49 PM

Screen Shot 2015-09-27 at 2.15.44 PM

Screen Shot 2015-09-27 at 2.15.58 PM

One thing that makes me extremely happy and proud is that he’s showing an interest in running. He loves to go to the track each week to play and run around with me. He’s pretty fast for a little guy (although not as fast as his friend Stephanie – you go girl!) 🙂 He also loves running with daddy. He can run up to a mile now!

Screen Shot 2015-09-27 at 2.10.59 PM


He even participated in his first race! We did the Great Train Race – a children’s event in Fredericksburg – back in May shortly before Kyler was born. He did the quarter mile Caboose Run and had an absolute blast. He loves wearing his medal around the house and is always asking when we can do another one.


He also loves the water, and we tried to let him play in it as much as possible this summer. We went to the pool, splash pad, and the beach. I was really surprised to see that he remembered a lot of the skills he learned back when we had him in swim lessons last year!




He still loves music. Dancing and singing are two of his favorite things. We went to a wedding and he seriously broke it down on the dance floor. I loved it! We also found out the other night that he knows how to whip and nae-nae from a friend at daycare. He always has us cracking up. Here are videos of both 🙂

Kevin has had his share of bumps and bruises over the last few months. He’s super clumsy and his legs are covered in battle wounds. He had his first black eye when he fell into a table, and I’m sure there are more where that came from.


He had his first dentist appointment as well, which actually went better than I thought it would. The place we took him was not a children’s dentist, but they were super accommodating and great with kids. They let him wear cool glasses and explained everything in kid-friendly terms (like brushing the sugar bugs off his teeth). They let him watch the TV while they worked. He did a great job, and ever since then he hasn’t fought us when we brush his teeth. No cavities either! Yay!


He also had surgery this past July with a pediatric urologist to repair a hydrocele/hernia he had developed that was causing him pain. It was so unbelievably scary and nerve-wracking to know my little boy would be having surgery and have to go under anesthesia. He took it like a champ though and I was so proud of him!


Screen Shot 2015-09-27 at 2.18.25 PM

Obviously, the biggest thing to happen in my little boy’s world over the last 6 months was his transition from only child to big brother! Before the baby came, he was very aware of the fact that he was going to have a baby brother. He was so sweet and would rub my belly, talk to him, and tell me all about how he was going to play with baby Kyler once he was here.


Once Kyler was born, it was like he grew up overnight. It was pretty amazing actually. All of a sudden my little baby boy looked like a big boy. We had a rough couple of weeks while our family transitioned from 3 to 4, but for the most part Kevin is so sweet, caring, and protective of his brother.

Meeting baby brother for the first time

Meeting baby brother for the first time

A lot can change in two months!

A lot can change in two months!

Loves to help feed his brother bottles

Loves to help feed his brother bottles

And reads to him to keep him entertained :)

And reads to him to keep him entertained 🙂

Kisses for brother

Kisses for brother

Joining him for tummy time

Joining him for tummy time

Screen Shot 2015-09-27 at 2.23.32 PM

Bath time!

He wanted to feed his Mickey like mommy feeds Kyler :)

He wanted to feed his Mickey like mommy feeds Kyler 🙂

I have tried my best to still give him a lot of attention and one-on-one time, because it’s important to both of us. I play with him when Kyler’s happy and doesn’t need me or when he’s sleeping, and I like to take him out places by myself. He loves to go on dates with mommy!

Screen Shot 2015-09-27 at 2.14.12 PM

Finally, we did a little bit of traveling over the last months. We went to Pennsylvania a few times to see my family and friends, and for my cousin’s wedding. He also got to take a special trip up to PA with daddy to Steelers training camp which he loved! We went to Myrtle Beach like we usually do to visit my in-laws, but we took a big step and left Kevin there without us for a few days for the first time. We also went to Raleigh for a weekend – a new to us city – and had a blast exploring together.




Going on his first rides in Myrtle Beach!

Going on his first rides in Myrtle Beach!

I honestly cannot believe how quickly the last 3 years have gone. I’m so thankful to this little boy for making me a mommy and teaching me so much. He’s made me a better person and I could not imagine life without him. We love you Kevin Troy, and I can’t wait to see what the next year brings!



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Mom & Baby #2: Week 12

Week 12. It has been almost 3 months since I gave birth to this sweet baby boy. My sweet summer at home with my boys is over and I can’t believe it. Time truly does fly. I honestly did have a really good week despite having to work for half of it. Here are all the details about us in week 12.



Kyler had a huge week last week and starting doing all kinds of new things. This week he hasn’t really done anything new, but he’s continuing to work on this skills he learned: holding his head up high, rolling over, blowing bubbles and laughing it up.


We’re continuing to follow the routine of putting him in his crib to sleep around 7:30 or 8, dream feeding him around 10, and then he tends to sleep until around 4 or 5 AM when he wakes up for his next feeding. I’m curious to see what happens if I don’t dream feed him and let him continue sleeping, but I’m a little afraid to try! I plan to soon though, because it doesn’t really seem like he needs that extra feeding. He’s getting so big!!

Happy waking up, until he realizes that he is hungry! :)

Happy waking up, until he realizes that he is hungry! 🙂

This week I had to work Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. It’s been an interesting transition to having Kyler in daycare. He went once last week and he did fine, but this week he resisted a couple of his bottles on the first day. Luckily, it’s getting better and I think he will do just fine once he gets used to the new routine a little more.


He’s starting to sleep less during the day at this point too. He generally takes about 3 naps a day, but will also take little catnaps sometimes, especially if we’re driving somewhere. The car usually puts him right to sleep. When he is awake he definitely is starting to want to be entertained. He loves looking at toys his brother brings to him, or sitting in my lap and talking back and forth with me. He’s becoming more and more interactive and curious about the world around him and I love it.

His brother is his best source of entertainment!

His brother is his best source of entertainment!

He really likes tummy time these days now that he can lift his head up high and look around. He also loves to roll himself over to look at the toys that are above him. He’s starting to try to hit them with his arms and legs, but he doesn’t have enough coordination and control to do it quite yet.


I’ve been really paranoid about him getting sick this week, since there was something going around daycare that Kevin caught- he has cough, runny nose and an ear infection 😦 Oh, and did I mention he also has a black eye from falling into a table? Poor kid! So far Kyler seems to be healthy as can be, and I really hope it stays that way. I’ve been trying to keep them separate and load him up with breastmilk to help his immune system. My husband stayed home with the boys on Friday since Kevin was sick. It was the first time he was with them all day by himself and he did awesome. I love my hubby!



Last week I wrote about how I fell off the healthy eating wagon due to stress of going back to work, travel, and other things. I’m happy to say I got back on track this week and am feeling good again thanks to having lots of healthy snacks on hand, saying NO to the Oreos, and doing lots of meal planning/prep. I didn’t take any body pictures this week because they really look exactly the same as they have the last few weeks. However, I am slowly starting to lose a little more weight, and am down to 137 (7 pounds above pre-pregnancy weight). I’m also feeling good physically thanks to a few really nice runs I had this week. Last weekend we went to my hometown in Pennsylvania to visit my family and friends. It’s my happy place and I LOVE running around there too. I ran 6 miles and was hoping for a couple more but my body told me no, and I’m trying to practice what I preach and actually listen to it! I remembered once I felt my heavy legs that this was my 4th consecutive day of running, which is too much for me right now. I’ve just been feeling great and excited about running (not following any type of training plan right now) so I didn’t realize it until my body told me otherwise. Lesson learned! I felt good after a day of rest so I know it was the right decision.


On Monday evening I joined a few of the fabulous women from my local Moms Run This Town group for an interval workout. After warming up for 10 minutes, I did 4x800m repeats with 400m recovery after each. I ran all of my repeats between 3:45 – 4:00. I didn’t really try for any specific pace, I just wanted to see what I could do and was pretty happy with the results. It has been almost a year since I did a workout like this at the track and it felt really good! I’m nowhere near my pre-pregnancy paces but I know I’ll get back there some day!


Since I had to work a few days this week I got a little glimpse of what my schedule will be like now as a working mom of two little ones. Going back to work means I am back to very early morning runs! Since I have to allow plenty of time to get myself and two kids ready, nurse the baby, and drive them to daycare, this means starting my weekday runs around 5 AM. Ahh! Thankfully I have a neighborhood running buddy who doesn’t mind getting up that early with me. I also have the option of running in the evenings sometimes, but I know myself and I know it’s very unlikely to happen when I’m tired after a long day. We’ll have to see how it goes once I’m back at work full-time.


We started week 12 with a trip back home to PA, which made me so happy. This was the first time visiting my hometown since having baby #2 which felt really special. We did travel up to Pennsylvania when Kyler was 5 weeks old for my cousin’s wedding, but we were in a different part of the state. It was really nice to see everyone and spent some quality time together.

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While we were in Pennsylvania many people commented to us that we seem a lot more relaxed as parents now.  The more I thought about it the more I realized this really is true. I think after not knowing what we were doing while raising Kevin and seeing that he turned out okay makes us a lot more confident this time around. We also threw ourselves into a lot of travel and busyness right after Kyler was born, which kind of forced us to relax and let a lot of things go that were out of our control. This summer was an amazing learning experience for us, but I’m definitely glad we have a while until we have to travel again, that’s for sure! I’m ready for some relaxing weekends at home!


Just relaxing at the pool... :)

Just relaxing at the pool… 🙂

And then I went back to work! I was dreading this week of training that I had before school officially begins, and I really started to question why I agreed to do this class on top of my regular teaching responsibilities. But it actually ended up being fine. I enjoyed what we were learning and the days flew by. It took some time to get my brain back into working mode since I’ve been off for 3 months, and pumping was a little stressful since I was not at my own school and had to figure out when/where to pump. It all turned out okay though, which made me optimistic that I’ll have a good school year and transition back to work. I have training again on Monday and Tuesday, then I have the rest of the week off before starting back up full-time on Monday, August 24th. If I can’t stay at home with my kids, at least I get to do something I enjoy (most of the time). I’m definitely going to miss these two like crazy though!


I am so glad that I wrote weekly updates for Kyler’s first 12 weeks of life. It was not only a good way to document how he’s changing and growing, but it was also a nice way to remember what we did all summer as a family of 4. My next update on us will be when he is 4 months old. It will be interesting to see what changes between now and then!


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