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Kevin’s Insanity Challenge: 2 Week Update

About two weeks ago Kevin began a new Insanity challenge.

Since then he has followed the workout calendar perfectly except for one day when he had a weird stomach bug and couldn’t do it. It was only the Cardio Recovery workout though, so it wasn’t a huge deal that he missed it. When Kevin started the program I noticed a change in his mood and attitude almost right away. I could tell he was happy to be back to working out consistently. He was super motivated and got up every morning to do the workouts, even though he is not normally a morning exerciser and I usually have to drag him out of bed to go run. He told me that after only two weeks he was already feeling stronger and more confident, and he had more energy.

Since he hit the two week mark this past Tuesday it was time to do another Fit Test, and we took measurements and pictures to see what progress has been made so far. He hadn’t weighed himself at all since Day 1 of starting Insanity, so he was a bit surprised when he stepped on the scale on Tuesday and weighed slightly more than his starting weight. We have no idea why this might be because he has been eating pretty well. Our only guess is that he had a few too many beers over the weekend and the night before. It has been only two weeks though, so he has plenty of time left to lose those pounds!

He was a little bit discouraged after seeing these numbers, but we knew the real proof would be in the Fit Test and how much he has improved there. We were right! There has definitely been progress made!

Look at those numbers! He killed it after only two weeks! So even though his progress didn’t show on the scale, it showed here. Personally, I think that is more important anyway. Whatever weird thing happened with his weight this week should be fixed by the next Fit Test. It’s not a big deal! We all know that scales lie sometimes 🙂

Here is his progress in pictures, comparing two weeks ago to now.






Do you see any changes besides his haircut? 🙂 I think we will be able to see more progress at the next update once he is finished with month 1, but he is off to a good start! Here are Kevin’s final thoughts about the first two weeks of Insanity.

“Well, Insanity reminded me that it is in fact, INSANE. It didn’t take long for me to remember how tough it was two years ago. It’s a great workout plan and I like the fact that it has everything already planned out for me. Knowing that I’m two weeks down already means i’m down to 7 to go. Time is flying by.”

Basketball Drills

Power Jacks

Power Knees

I’m so proud of you Kevin! Keep up the awesome, hard, INSANE work!

Kevin’s Insanity Challenge

It’s time for something a little different on the blog! This series of posts doesn’t involve me- it’s all about my husband! Kevin is attempting to complete the Insanity program for the second time. He started on Tuesday and has given me permission to blog about his experience as he goes through the 60 day program. Before I get into all the details, here is a little background on our first experience with Insanity and why he wants to do it again.

Back in April 2010, Kevin and I had been dating for almost six months and living together. We were happy, in love, and lazy. We both gained a bunch of weight like a lot of new couples do in the beginning of their relationship. I was recovering from the Austin Marathon and didn’t have to start training for New York until July. We thought it was a perfect time to try something a little different to get healthy and back in shape. We did some research and bought Insanity, which is an “intense 60 day exercise program that is packed with plyometric drills on top of nonstop intervals of strength, power, resistance, and ab and core training moves. No equipment or weights needed.” <— straight from the Insanity website! We followed the calendar to a T, rotating through all of the 10 workout DVDs.

I had ran 4 marathons at the time, but Insanity was EXTREMELY difficult for me. It was so different than anything I had ever done. It challenged both of us so much and we got incredible results from it. Kevin especially had a great transformation, physically and mentally. When he finished the program he had dropped weight and inches, and was so motivated to get out there, get stronger, and start training for races. Below you can see his final stats from June 2010. We had to send them in to get a free Insanity t-shirt!

In addition to the measurements we also had to send in before and after pictures. Here were his- from April to June 2010.

After completing Insanity Kevin ran with me almost every day and it was easy to maintain his weight loss. He trained for his first half marathon and ran it that September. Then he decided he wanted to do a full so we trained together for the Country Music Marathon and ran it in April 2011. After that we jumped right back into training all summer for his second marathon and the weight kept falling off him. When we went to Ohio to run the Air Force Marathon in September, he was at his lowest weight of his adult life: 155 pounds.

After that race, we got super busy as we got ready for our wedding in November and then went on our honeymoon over Thanksgiving. After that we had Christmas and New Years which was another very busy time. Then in January we found out I was pregnant! Throughout this time we were still running, but not nearly as much as before. It was hard for Kevin to maintain his weight, especially when I cut back on my running and got slower. He wasn’t as motivated to get out there on his own and it was difficult for him to run at my slow pace (he’s naturally much faster than me). When he did run he would have a reoccurring pain in his knees and then a foot issue. During this time he also developed a love of craft beer and home-brewing. All of those factors combined led him to gain weight right along with me during my pregnancy. We still ran races, and he even ran a marathon without me, but he gained about 20 pounds since his lowest weight last September.

He hasn’t been feeling great about the way he currently looks and feels and wanted a new challenge to jumpstart his motivation and to lose some weight. That’s why he decided to take on Insanity for the second time! Obviously I can’t do a workout like Insanity right now since I’m pregnant, so this time he is doing it solo. Here is where he is starting from this time:

And here are his “before” pictures from Tuesday before he did his first workout. It was early and he had just woken up, I know he looks angry! Haha.



So after we took these pictures he did the first workout, which is called the Fit Test. It consists of a warm-up then 8 different intense exercises for one minute each, with rest in between. The goal is to try to do as many of each exercise as you possibly can in one minute. About every two weeks you repeat the Fit Test to see how you are improving. Here’s a video of the Fit Test if you want to see how to do the exercises.

While Kevin did the Fit Test I sat on the couch to watch and take pictures. I definitely wasn’t jealous of his workout! Before the warm-up was even over he was dripping sweat.

Switch Kicks

Power Jacks

Globe Jumps (require a lot of room!)

Either Suicide Jumps (basically a burpee), Push Up Jacks, or Low Plank Oblique… I can’t tell

When he was finished he was exhausted and sweaty. The entire workout took only 25 minutes, and a good amount of that time is spent recovering and resting after the warm-up and between each one minute interval, but it is HARD!

Here are the results of his first Fit Test. I wish I had the Fit Test numbers from last time, but I can’t find them! It would be interesting to compare his numbers from the first time we did Insanity to this time.

Kevin plans to weigh himself and take measurements each time he does another Fit Test, which is about every two weeks. We will also take pictures at that time to keep track of his progress visually. We’re both so excited for this new challenge! I (kind of) wish I could do it with him- maybe after baby 🙂