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My Running Story As Told By Facebook Timeline

Facebook Timeline is amazing. I just spent hours looking back on the past 8 years since I joined Facebook in 2004, and it was extremely entertaining and embarrassing at the same time. One thing that I found really interesting was seeing my running story unfold and evolve through status updates and pictures over the past Β 5 years.

The first time I ever mentioned running on Facebook was when I announced that I wanted to run a half marathon. Before that I was someone who ran a couple miles here and there, mostly on a treadmill, to burn off last night’s college drinks and late-night food. When I made this decision a lot of people were surprised. I was surprised at myself too. But it turned into something that I never expected and running became my passion. My status updates went from being about drinking and hangovers to long runs and race plans. My priorities changed. I grew up and found what was important to me: setting goals, challenging myself, and never giving up. And apparently I posted a lot of stuff on Facebook about it all!

Here’s a glimpse (not all) of my running story as told by Facebook Timeline, starting with the first running-related thing I ever posted on Facebook. Warning: this post is LONG!

After that half marathon (ran in 2:02:04) I was hooked! Fast forward to the next year. I was just beginning my first year of teaching and in the middle of training for my first marathon. I had become someone who actually craved long runs and was learning all the ins and outs of marathon training.

Not long after my first marathon, I was contemplating my next one.

Before long I was totally addicted to running and all the endorphins that came with it.

And I signed up for even more races, increased my mileage, and started getting faster…

My training and determination was put to the test when I ran my second marathon in the pouring rain.

And I kept coming back for more…

Summer break began, and with it came many nights out, vacations to the beach and the west coast, early morning runs in the heat and sun, and a brand new training plan!

It’s official… status updates about running had completely taken over my Facebook page. Haha!

And Marathon #3 was underway…

Then I witnessed the most amazing race in the USA, that motivated me to run it myself the following year.

The love affair with running continues…

Until someone named Kevin came into my life, then I had to share my love πŸ™‚

It’s obvious that around this time running became a little less important as I fell in love with Kevin, because I posted about it much less (and was running less too!)

Then Kevin and I moved in with our friends in the middle of winter and it became difficult to get the training in for my next marathon.

I had to get creative sometimes, but somehow I fit it all in.

Finally it was time to head to Texas to see my friend DJ and run the Austin Marathon!

Then I took a bit of a break and cut back a bit on the running. When I did run though Kevin was starting to come with me!

I also started fundraising for Team for Kids around this time, trying to raise $2,620 before the NYC Marathon!

And we started the Insanity program for a change of pace. We wanted to get rid of some extra weight we had put on and wanted to try something new!

And then Kevin ran his second 5K and I was so proud of him!

We continued to run together, and after Insanity was finished Kevin started feeling stronger on his runs and we began to add distance.

We ran another 5K and for the first time, Kevin beat me!

Then he signed up for his first half marathon and began adding on the mileage.

Then I went to Ireland to visit my sister who was studying abroad and was able to add to my list of amazing places I’ve ran before.

Training for the NYC Marathon began, and Kevin trained for his half while I trained for the full in the heat of summer.

Another summer trip! This time to visit family in Oregon. The running continued and I even convinced my family to run a 5K while we were there! I surprised myself by pulling off a PR at high altitude πŸ™‚

Kevin’s first half marathon weekend finally came, and before even running it we signed up for his first FULL! Then he killed the half the next day!

Marathon training got more intense.

Went out of my comfort zone and ran a Warrior Dash full of mud and obstacles.

And the NYC Marathon weekend FINALLY arrived! I had the race of my life!

I was able to run the last 6 miles of my good friend Cynthia’s first marathon, in the same race that was MY first marathon – 2 years later!

Then I took a little break from serious training and enjoyed the holidays with friends and family.

2011 began and so did training for the Country Music Marathon. Kevin and I began training together and it was awesome to have him there for every run. I loved watching him get stronger and add on the mileage.

We experienced the highs and the lows of training… and Kevin had to take a wisdom tooth hiatus.

We ran an awesome half marathon where we both PRed, and started feeling more confident for Nashville.

I had no idea what was coming… We headed to Nashville where I had the toughest race of my life!

Then we took a little break from training for a month, then started yet ANOTHER training plan πŸ™‚

Summertime came along with higher temperatures, more training, and some fun races too!

Training in the summer is definitely challenging…

But despite the heat I felt myself getting stronger and faster, and I was excited to run marathon #7 in Ohio.

Then it was finally Air Force Marathon time! I ran my heart out and had my best race yet! REDEMPTION!

Post-marathon my priorities switched from training to last minute wedding preparations. But we made time for some fun 5Ks, and we started a running club at my school for 4th and 5th graders! Running helped me deal with the stress and made me feel so much better.

Our wedding day came and went and was perfect. Two days later we ran our first race and husband and wife!

And I signed up for a bunch of races like a crazy person… little did I know that my plans for these would change when I found out I was pregnant a few months later!

I had fun running a race with some friends…

And I dove into training for my first trail ultra-marathon…

And got a very important and exciting phone call!

Training continued and I enjoyed a very mild winter.

When 2012 began I was deep in ultra-marathon training and had some really great runs, including a 20 miler at 8:43 pace!

And then I found out I was pregnant 3 days later! I was careful when posting about my running now because it had changed quite a bit, and we weren’t telling our secret quite yet! Kevin even started doing some long runs without me…

Once the secret was out, I could be more open about my pregnant running.

Wow… that was long! And now we’re all up to date! What a transformation since my very first post back in 2007.

All you Facebook users should go through your timeline and take a look at how it tells your story. It’s so fun to look back and think about where you once were and where you are now. It also makes me wonder where I’ll be in five more years. I challenge you to make a post of your own story!