I started running for weight loss purposes in 2004 when I was a freshman in college and had gained a few (30!) pounds. With every pound that came off and every mile that I ran I felt better about myself. I started running races in 2006, beginning with a 5K on my college campus. In 2007 I graduated to the 10K distance and then the half marathon. In 2008 I decided to go the distance and ran my first full marathon! Now, 10 marathons and dozens of other races later, I am totally hooked on running. It fills my days with happiness, energy, and accomplishment.

It has been an amazing journey. I love the feeling of training for races and accomplishing my goals. Not every race has been a good one but each one has taught me a lot about myself and how strong I am. This page will recap my racing history, both the highs and the lows!


10/29/06 – THON 5K  (28:31)

This was my first race ever. It was on the Penn State campus and it benefitted our biggest school charity event THON, which raises money for kids with cancer. This race is what got me hooked on running!

11/21/09 – Turkey Trot 5K (28:03)

This was the first race I did with Kevin. We stayed together for the first half then we split up. Kevin finished in 32:14 and I was very proud of him! This was also a special race because I got a bunch of teachers from my school to run too.

04/24/10 – Broad Run Trail 5K (27:06)

Kevin and I did this very small 5K trail run for fun. It was the first trail run I had ever done and it was challenging for me. Since the race was so small we both won first in our age group!

05/22/10 – Braemar 5K (24:50)

This was a local race at an elementary school nearby. It was a fun race and it was memorable because it was the first time Kevin beat me! He finished in 24:24. But I won 2nd for my age group 🙂

08/19/10 – Twilight 5K (24:33)

I ran this race at the last minute while visiting family in Bend, Oregon with my sister. It took place right before sunset and at altitude, two things I was not used to. Somehow I was able to beat my previous 5K time! It was great having my sister, aunt, and uncle there too! It was my sister’s first 5K and my aunt and uncle walked it.

12/31/10 – Festival of Lights 5K (24:12)

This run was at Bull Run Park in Manassas, VA on New Years Eve. It went through the 2 mile light show which was awesome. Kevin and I both set PRs here even though the race started in the afternoon, which is usually harder for us. Kevin ran it in 23:06!

02/12/11 – Couples 5K (24:44)

This was a small Valentine’s run at Ft. Belvoir, where you had to sign up and run the race as a couple. It was pretty cute 🙂

05/29/11 – Military Appreciation 5K (24:44)

10/22/11 – Run for Autism 5K (23:07)

06/03/12 – Belmont Bay 5K (26:30) *23.5 weeks pregnant*

07/04/12 – Let Freedom Run 5K (31:39) *28 weeks pregnant*

08/25/12 – Gender Defender 5K (32:45) *35.5 weeks pregnant*

09/08/12 – Arlington 9-11 Memorial 5K (32:45) *37.5 weeks pregnant*

12/09/12 – VA Runner Blue & Gray 5K (32:22)


12/31/12 – Festival of Lights 5K (25:25)


01/06/13 – Frozen 5K (23:16)


05/27/13 – Civitans 5K (23:07)

photo 1

10/19/13 – Falcon & Bruin 5K (22:29)

12/8/13 – VA Runner Blue & Gray 5K (26:29)

photo 2

3/23/14 – Stafford Runway Runaway 5K (22:07)


05/26/14 – Civitans 5K (22:59)


05/31/14 – Purple Stride 5K (28:14)


07/04/14 – Independence Day 5K (21:55)


09/06/14 – Arlington 9-11 Memorial 5K (33:19) *4 weeks pregnant*

photo 2-3

11/27/14 – Fredericksburg Turkey Trot 5K (42:53) *15 weeks pregnant*


01/04/15 – Frozen 5K (28:12) *21 weeks pregnant*


04/18/15 – Stafford Hospital 5K (30:31) *36 weeks pregnant*


01/01/16 – Resolution 5K (22:48)


04/17/16 – Manassas Runway 5K (24:48)


05/08/16 – Mother’s Day 5K (29:58)


07/04/16 – Firecracker 5K (21:14)*PR!*


4 Milers

2/10/13 – Sweethearts 4 Ever 4 Mile Run (32:44)


5 Milers

07/04/15 – Heritage 5 Miler (46:20)



10/21/07 – MoxieThon 10K (56:50)

I ran this 10K during my junior year of college and I had just started to step up my running to longer distances. I was so proud of myself for finishing in this time.

11/13/11 – Veterans Day 10K (49:59)

11/17/12 – Turkey Trot 10K (49:35) *PR!*

07/14/13 – Biggest Loser (almost) 10K (50:12 – 5.54 miles)

photo 1-2

03/28/15 – Ukrop’s Monument Ave 10K (1:05:12) *33 weeks pregnant*


04/09/16 – Ukrop’s Monument Ave 10K (54:29)



12/3/11 – Hot Chocolate 15K (1:41:30)

06/1/13 – Springfield 15K (1:26:37)


04/05/14 – J. Brian’s Tap Room 15K (1:14:39) *PR!*


10 Milers

05/02/10 – Broad Street Run (1:32:07)

The Broad Street Run is a very popular race in Philadelphia. It’s a straight shot run right down Broad Street. I ran it with my friend Cynthia. It was SUPER hot that day and all the fire hydrants in the city were on and spraying to cool down the runners.

04/01/12 – Cherry Blossom 10 Miler (1:28:57) *14.5 weeks pregnant*

08/18/13 – Hartwood 10 Miler (1:21:13)


08/17/14 – Hartwood 10 Miler (1:20:43) *PR!*


08/16/15 – Hartwood 10 Miler (1:32:35)


06/12/10 – Marine Corps Crossroads 17.75K (1:44:23)

This was a race near where I live put on the same people who do the Marine Corps Marathon. It was a 17.75k (just over 11 miles) to commemorate the year the Marine Corps was founded. I live near the Quantico Marine Base and that’s where the race ended. It was an awesome, hilly race on roads and trails. I loved it!

Half Marathons

11/18/07 – Philadelphia Half Marathon (2:02:04)

My first half marathon! This race has a special place in my heart because this is when I started to feel like a real runner. The race seemed to fly by, like most Philly races do. I was so proud of myself!


03/22/09 – Yuengling Shamrock Half Marathon (1:55:04)

I went to Virginia Beach with my friend Ashley for this race. Ashley has been there for me at so many of my races. This one ended right on the beach and was super flat. Ashley’s knee started hurting her, so she made me go ahead. Once I finished the race I went back to find her and we crossed the finish line again together!

09/20/09 – Philadelphia Distance Run (2:25:31)

I ran this half marathon with my friend Cynthia. We stuck together the whole time and enjoyed beautiful weather while chatting and running through Philly.


09/19/10 – Rock and Roll Philadelphia Half Marathon (1:55:58)

Same race as the previous one, but a different name! This race became part of the Rock and Roll series in 2010 and it was Kevin’s first half marathon! We ran the entire thing together in super hot weather, and finished hand in hand in a great time. Kevin’s family came to watch this race too, which made it extra special for us.

03/26/11 – National Half Marathon (1:48:55)

We ran this race in preparation for Kevin’s first full marathon. Since we live near DC we thought it would be a great one to do that was nearby. Then everything went wrong before the race. Traffic was horrible, we were late to the start, and I was not feeling well, but it ended up being one of our best races ever. We both set huge PRs! Kevin took over 10 minutes off his previous time and finished in 1:45:33, and I took over 6 minutes off my PR. We ran together for the first half of the race then split up when Kevin wanted to push the pace more. This race was a great confidence booster for us.

03/17/12 – Rock & Roll USA Half Marathon (1:57:54) *12.5 weeks pregnant*

05/13/12 – Delaware Half Marathon (2:06:15)  *20.5 weeks pregnant*

06/02/12 – Virginia Wine Country Half (2:09:00) *23.5 weeks pregnant*

06/23/12 – Rock & Roll Seattle Half (2:24:27) *26.5 weeks pregnant*

02/16/13 – Myrtle Beach Half Marathon (1:51:38)


03/16/13 – Rock & Roll USA Half (2:07:09)

photo 4

04/28/13 – Nike Women Half DC (2:38:08) *Danielle’s 1st Half!*


05/04/14 – Potomac River Run Half (1:57:17)


05/18/14 – Historic Half (2:05:12) *Pacing Amanda to a new PR!*


08/23/14 – Patrick Henry Half (1:52:47)


10/05/14 – Woodrow Wilson Bridge Half (1:56:20) *8 weeks pregnant*


12/07/14 – Blue & Gray Half Marathon (2:05:42) *17 weeks pregnant*


02/16/15 – Myrtle Beach Half Marathon (2:14:04) *27 weeks pregnant*


11/14/15 – Richmond Half Marathon (1:44:33) *PR!*


1/16/16 – Charleston Half Marathon (1:45:24)



11/23/08 – Philadelphia Marathon (4:35:15)

05/03/09 – New Jersey Marathon (4:15:11)

10/25/09 – Marine Corps Marathon (4:07:43)

02/14/10 – Austin Marathon (4:32:07)

11/07/10 – New York City Marathon (4:12:08)

04/30/11 – Country Music Marathon (4:41:24)

09/17/11 – The Air Force Marathon (4:00:04)

11/10/13 – The Outer Banks Marathon (4:06:22)


03/09/14 – The Lower Potomac River Marathon (3:56:08)

Screen Shot 2014-03-13 at 8.09.35 PM

03/05/16 – The Myrtle Beach Marathon (3:43:10) *PR!*


Other Miscellaneous Runs

10/09/10 – Mid Atlantic Warrior Dash  (33:53)

This race was crazy!!! It was only 3.15 miles but the course had tons of obstacles, including a mud pit, crawling under barbed wire, jumping over fire, swimming through swamps and climbing up nets. It was so much fun!

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