Monthly Archives: April 2018

It’s been a while…

Well hello!

I’ve been on quite the journey the last 2.5 years. After more than 5 years of consistent blogging I disappeared on here. I’ve been thinking about returning to blogging for a while now because it was such a nice outlet for me and a way to preserve memories and milestones of life, family, and running. But I’ve been putting it off because so much time has passed and so much has happened during that time. The thought of explaining it all/starting over was overwhelming. So I decided I would return to blogging without any pressure on myself to post regularly or to tell my whole story all at once. Instead I’ll tell it bit by bit and catch up on all that’s happened in life, relationships, my kids, training and races, all the ups and downs along the way, and whatever happens from here.

To sum it up, I’d say 2016 was about survival, 2017 was about change, and 2018 (so far) has been about making amends and finding peace. I have learned so much about myself along the way. I’m excited to share more about all of this soon.

I really enjoy writing as a form of therapy and expression, especially as an introvert. Writing helps me reflect and process all the craziness that is in my brain. I express myself through writing much better than I do in speaking. I am nearing the end of another school year (my 10th as a teacher!), there is so much going on including some very exciting recent developments, and a lot I want to say. It’s time. I’m back!!!