Chicago Marathon Training: Week 7

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OH how I needed this week! Week 7 of Chicago Marathon Training was amazing, confidence boosting, and just overall awesome. Here are all the details!

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  • Monday: Rest. I had hoped to get in some yoga but it didn’t happen. Instead I met my friend at an amazing park right by the water and we let our kids play, then went for a 1.5 mile walk on the trails! It was a beautiful morning!


  • Tuesday: Speedwork – Ladder Intervals: 400 (1:35), 800 (3:17), 1200 (5:05), 800 (3:21), 400 (1:37) + 2.5 miles @ 8:40 (7 total). What a day! I had to go into work for a few hours, so I sent the kids to daycare and did a quick track workout first. I got there way later than I wanted to because the threenager was acting crazy. Once I started I realized that I was too under fueled to do my full workout, since I had eaten early thinking I’d start earlier. Plus I ran out of time and had to shower and head to work for a meeting. I still did ladder intervals, but I only went up to 1200m rather than 1600m, and then went back down. I was able to hit my first three splits within my goal ranges but faded fast after that due to the lack of fuel and the bright sun coming out. I was disappointed that I couldn’t complete the full workout, so after work I headed out for 2.5 more to make up the mileage. 7 total for the day. You can see in my face how I felt about the constant 90 degree, 100% humidity summer weather we’ve been having here in Virginia. So over it! I went home and had a beer after that 🙂


  • Wednesday: Easy Run – 3 miles @ 9:01 + Yoga. The boys stayed overnight with their dad the night before, which meant I could get out for a run before sunrise! Yes! It felt especially good after a solid night of sleep too. I also managed to get my yoga in that I missed on Monday later on while the boys were napping.


  • Thursday: Long Run – 17 miles @ 8:35. When life gives you lemons… use them to fuel you! I didn’t expect to have to do my long run on a random Thursday morning, but I made it happen due to some issues that came up at the last minute. No excuses necessary, and I’m proud to say I KILLED IT. This pace felt easy, even on hills.  My last two miles were my fastest at 8:04 and 8:07! It was also a beautifully cooler morning with less humidity than there has been lately. I was so proud after this run!


  • Friday: Easy Run – 2 miles @ 9:29 + Upper Fix. On this day I just did a quick and easy two mile treadmill run after the boys went to bed, followed by Upper Fix (super exciting Friday night!). I’m so happy I’ve been able to strength train consistently twice a week for 7 weeks now, and I’m really feeling and seeing the benefits of that!


  • Saturday: Easy Run – 3 miles @ 9:30 (with double stroller) + Lower Fix. I headed out on Saturday morning with the boys in the stroller hoping to run into my friends who were out doing their 14 mile long run. I ended up catching them at the end and chasing them down a big hill. I love that I can go out for a run and see friendly faces. It makes me so happy! Afterwards I played with the boys at the playground, then did Lower Fix when they napped. Whew! Sweaty day!


  • Sunday: Tempo Run – 1 easy, 5 @ 7:24 average pace, 1 easy. Because of the scheduling issues with my long run my plan got all messed up this week. I ended up needing to do my tempo run on Sunday morning, and I am so thankful to my friend Dina for babysitting for me so that I could get it done. Those who know me know that I’m stubborn and have a hard time asking for and accepting help. The last 8 months have taught me that it is so necessary and important. This tempo run was amazing. I felt super strong AND got progressively faster with each mile. It felt exactly like it should – about a 6/7 on a scale of 1-10. Perfectly challenging. Running is pretty much the only aspect of my life that I feel confident about right now and I’m so thankful that I have it, along with my Moms Run This Town friends. The group is about so much more than running. It’s about friendship and support and helping each other through life. I truly love being a part of it!


Week 7 Totals

  • Run: 39 miles (3 miles w/ double stroller)
  • Strength Training/Cross Training: Upper Fix, Lower Fix, yoga, walking, stretching, foam rolling

My successes this week were definitely my long run and my tempo run.  This has been a great week for my marathon confidence. It took a while for me to realize because of the brutal heat and humidity, but I think this tough summer training is definitely paying off! My body and overall tightness are also feeling a lot better thanks to lots of stretching, rolling, and TLC. Just need to stay on top of it now!

My challenges this week were just all of the scheduling issues. Between switching the kids back and forth and plans that the kids’ dad had, I had to be flexible and creative with how I fit things in this week. Lots of switching around, asking for help from daycare and friends, and working out while the kids slept. I’m proud that I made my full week of training happen without any excuses!

My thought of the week is actually a video. During some of my runs this week I really tried to focus on some of the tips I learned from Run, Selfie, Repeat‘s interview with a sports psychologist. I worked on trying to stay present in the moment and keep my focus positive and on feeling strong, choosing not to “suffer” through it. I tried my best to relax and get out of my own way mentally. It really is amazing what kind of impact the mental side of running has on our physical abilities.

Week 8 is going to be a cutback week, which I am very ready and excited for. It is going to end with one of my favorite local races – the Hartwood 10 Miler. This is the 4th year in a row that I’m running. Last year I ran without a watch since I was 3 months postpartum, but this year I’m hoping to break the PR I set there in 2014. We will see!

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PS. I try to post daily updates on my runs on my blog’s Facebook page, so follow me there if you want updates in “real” time 🙂


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  1. Great week!! Those confidence boosting runs are the best!

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