Chicago Marathon Training: Week 6

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Week 6 of training, check! It was another difficult week thanks to more crazy summer weather, but I made it through with some modifications. Here are all the details!

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The black is what I had planned, the purple is what I actually did.

  • Monday: Rest. I had hoped to get in some yoga but it just didn’t happen.
  • Tuesday: Speedwork – 3 x 800 (3:17, 3:18, 3:19) + 2 x 400 (1:34, 1:37) + Yoga. After last week’s awesome track workout, this one was a little disappointing. This heat wave just won’t quit! But after a LONG day full of threenager drama I wasn’t going to let high temps keep me from Track Tuesday. I knew that I’d most likely have to adjust what was on my training plan since the temperature felt like triple digits, but I wanted to give it a shot. Originally I had 6 x 800 @ 3:17 planned. I warmed up for 1.5 miles and was soaked with sweat immediately. I decided I’d do as many 800s as I could then switch to 400s. I managed three of those @ 3:17, 3:18 & 3:19, but after the second one I started needing to take a break to rest along with my 400 meter recovery lap. After that I did two more 400s @ 1:34 and 1:37 and decided I was done with the fast intervals after that. I felt like I was suffocating in my shirt and like my face was going to explode. I took off my shirt halfway through and it helped a TON. I am not someone who ever runs in just a sports bra thanks to what I call my “mommy body,” especially not in front of a big crowd of people. But it was necessary, and I decided to embrace and and become part of Run, Selfie, Repeat‘s Sports Bra Squad! I finished my run with another 1.5 easy miles. The time on my Garmin doesn’t include the multiple breaks I took throughout the run, but I’m proud of myself for my efforts. I also squeezed in the yoga that I missed on Monday, and it felt awesome!


  • Wednesday: Easy Run – 4 miles @ 8:55 + Upper Fix + 2 mile walk. I LOVE when I literally “run” into friends! My friend Heather was exactly who I needed to see after running up a huge hill in my neighborhood. It put a huge smile on my face that was very much needed! The beautiful sunset and sky did too. I was thankful to be able to get in a night run (which I really love!) since the boys were with their dad overnight. 4 easy miles + Upper Fix for strength + 2 mile walk with the boys in the morning, done!


  • Thursday: Tempo Run – 1 easy, 4 @ 7:42 average pace, 2 easy. I’m going to go ahead and call this run a win because I managed to pull out one more tempo mile than last week in tough conditions, and on tired legs from my late run the night before. I ended up running 1 mile easy, 4 within my tempo pace range, and finished with 2 more easy miles. Originally I was going for 5 tempo miles, but I was okay with modifying this one because of the heat and ridiculous humidity (see sweat dripping in photo below). 7 miles total and got to see the sunrise! So happy I finally got to run in the 5 AM hour again on a weekday.  I missed it so much!


  • Friday: Easy Run – 2 miles @ 9:30 + Lower Fix. I needed a little recovery run after yesterday’s tempo so I hopped on the treadmill in the morning while the little boy napped and the big boy played. Then I probably negated the benefits of the “recovery” run by doing Lower Fix. Ouch!


  • Saturday: Long Run – 16 miles @ 8:46. What a great morning! I ran 10 early morning miles with two friends and then 6 more solo. These amazing women have already earned their BQs and I loved running with them, hearing their stories and sharing training advice. Plus, my friend Melissa (who I’m going to Chicago with!) has pretty amazing running photography skills! This was one of those runs where I felt great and like I could have kept going, even despite the hills (almost 800 feet of elevation gain!), heat and humidity.


  • Sunday: Recovery Run – 3 miles @ 9:05. The boys were with their dad for the weekend, so I was able to enjoy a solid night of sleep and wake up without an alarm. Winning! Once I got myself up I headed out for 3 easy recovery miles.


Week 6 Totals

  • Run: 38 miles (0 miles w/ double stroller – had the kids less this week because of the custody schedule)
  • Strength Training/Cross Training: Upper Fix, Lower Fix, yoga, walking, stretching, foam rolling

My successes this week were doing the best I possibly could given the weather conditions, and listening to my body. I haven’t always been the best at that. I used to stick to whatever my plan said no matter what, even if it meant pushing too hard or hurting myself. Lots of experience has taught me how to modify and adapt when needed without feeling bad about it.

My challenges this week were my tight legs again. I’m really trying my best to stay on top of it by stretching, foam rolling, etc. It is definitely happening more in my right leg than my left. I may need to get it looked into further soon if it starts impacting my running. My goals for the upcoming week are to once again, give myself some grace when it comes to the weather and scheduling (since this will be my “on” week with the kids). I also plan to continue with my meal planning, strength and flexibility routines that I’ve been trying to be consistent with since the beginning of my training. Very proud of that!

My thought of the week. This is the truth! I love my tribe of supportive, positive and inspirational people.


Week 7 looks like another hot one, so will see how it goes. I just need to trust the process and believe that running in these conditions will only make me stronger for my fall races!

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