Chicago Marathon Training: Week 4

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I promised myself I would keep up with my marathon training posts so here I am! I’m very proud ūüôā Week 4 of training was a good one because it was a glorious cutback week! After going hard for three weeks it was very needed and I took full advantage of it. All of my runs were “easy” with no speedwork/harder efforts, I got to run with friends three times, and my long run was only 8 miles.¬†Here are all the details!

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The black is what I planned, the purple is what I actually did.

  • Monday:¬†Rest +¬†Yoga.¬†Mondays have become my rest days once again and I love it. I want to also make it a yoga day, since I’ve been doing my long runs on Sundays lately. On this day I had a blast at the pool with my littlest boy (bigger boy was at the beach for the week with his grandparents), baked a ton of chocolate chip zucchini bread, worked on some training plans, and did a 30 minute yoga for runners practice that left me feeling relaxed and loose. It was the perfect Monday!


  • Tuesday:¬†Easy Run – 4 miles @ 9:11.¬†¬†I was very¬†thankful that it was a¬†cutback week for me on this day, because I didn’t feel well at all and couldn’t have handled a real track workout.¬†I had been out in the sun for two days straight and I guess I didn’t realize how dehydrated I was. I ran a few miles and met up with the ladies for Track Tuesday but my head was pounding so I went home to hydrate and rest up. I think some of it was also related to allergies, since they’ve been really bad this week too. But I definitely learned my lesson! I LOVED the huge turnout we had at the track though. Such a motivating and inspiring group of ladies!


  • Wednesday:¬†Easy Run (with single¬†stroller) – 3¬†miles @ 8:59.¬†I woke up feeling much better, so¬†I met up with my Moms Run This Town friends for an easy run plus some playground time. Since my oldest was out of town¬†I was able to run¬†with my old friend, the single BOB stroller! Loved getting to spend one on one time with my littlest and push less weight ūüôā It did feel a little strange pushing it though since the handlebar isn’t as wide and I kept stepping on the wheels for some reason!



  • Thursday:¬†Easy Run – 5 miles @ 8:58 + Upper Fix.¬†Not an ideal day to get a late start on running, but that’s what happens when I stay out too late wine tasting with friends! I managed to squeeze this run in before the heat advisory started at noon but it was still tough because it felt like 90+ degrees. My time doesn’t include the breaks I took after mile 3 and 4 to rest in the shade and let my body cool down some. I don’t mess around with heat like this… I will take breaks when I need to! Later on I did Upper Fix for some strength training.


  • Friday:¬†Rest + Chiropractor Visit. I took today as a rest day because I was spending the day at the pool and going to the chiropractor. I have been feeling some tightness/pulling on my right side again just like last time I was marathon training. The chiropractor confirmed that my right SI joint was out of alignment again and fixed it up for me. I think this is going to be something persistent I just have to deal with and stay on top of proactively. I felt much better afterwards!


  • Saturday:¬†Easy Run – 4 miles @ 8:45 + Lower Fix.¬†Who gets up early to run followed by a big party complete with all of our favorite indulgences? A big group of BAMRs (bad ass mother runners), that’s who!¬†ūüôā¬†This morning my local¬†MRTT¬†group held a “Pick Your Poison” fun run. We all got together to run whatever distance we needed to and brought something yummy to share. We had everything from donuts to mimosas to chips and salsa to deviled eggs to muffins… basically everyone brought their¬†‘poison,’ something they love to treat themselves to after a run. It was awesome and so much fun. I¬†was doing my long run the following day¬†and got in late the night before¬†after going out with friends (again… so much fun friend time lately and I LOVE IT!), so I kept my run short and sweet at 4 miles. Later on in the day I did Lower Fix for some strength training. Days like this one really make me smile and feel thankful for the people in my life that I have met through this crazy hobby and passion of mine!


  • Sunday:¬†Long Run – 8 miles @ 8:26.¬†I took my time getting out to run this morning! Since it¬†was a cutback week and my kids were with their dad, I let myself wake up without an alarm this morning. The kids usually get me up around 5 AM so it felt really good! I ran 8 miles on one of my favorite paths and was surprised at how comfortable the pace felt. I am definitely feeling stronger these days. I’m also not someone who ever listens to music anymore when I run, but something about this new Katy Perry song just speaks to me and motivates me so much! I played it at the end of my run for a little extra boost and I loved it. If you haven’t seen the Summer Olympics video that goes along with it, you have to check it out! So inspiring!


Week 4 Totals

  • Run:¬†24¬†miles (only 3 with stroller since this is my “off” week with the kids where I have them less often).
  • Strength Training/Cross Training:¬†Upper Fix, Lower Fix, Yoga, lots of stretching and foam rolling. Yeah! Proud of myself for that!

My successes this week were fully allowing myself to take it easy and enjoy my cutback week. In training, I design my plans to push hard for 2-3 weeks and then cutback hard for a week. This works for me and gives me a chance to recover from hard training both mentally and physically. I am also very proud that I was able to get in 2 days of strength, 1 day of yoga, and foam rolling almost every day. In addition to that I made sure to get enough sleep (even napped a few days!), and stuck to my meal plans/nutrition.¬†My challenges were the tightness in my leg that made me nervous, but I’m glad I¬†was able to see¬†the chiropractor and have a plan to stay on top of it.

My thought of the week: I keep going back to Katy Perry’s new song and the Summer Olympics video that goes along with it.¬†Wow. It¬†is so motivating and inspirational. I got a little emotional watching it too. I think this is going to be my marathon training anthem from now on. I cannot wait for the games to begin in Rio!

I am ready to get back into training – week 5, here I come!

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PS. I try to post daily updates on my runs on my blog’s¬†Facebook page, so follow me there if you want updates in “real” time ūüôā


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  1. Great week and your MRTT looks awesome!! I’m the chapter leader for my city’s MRTT ūüôā

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