Mother’s Day 5K

Mother’s Day this year was… different. That’s for sure. It was definitely not relaxing. There was no pampering, breakfast in bed or sleeping in. I did get a card, a bottle of wine and some chocolate, which I was not expecting. But other than that, it was really just like any other day lately. Busy, crazy, fun, amazing, exhausting… all rolled into one!


It’s no secret that I’ve been forced into this role as a single mom when I did not want to be.  But rather than feel sorry for myself and compare my Mother’s Day to others that I saw all over social media, I decided to take initiative and plan a memorable, awesome day with my boys. After all, isn’t that what this holiday is truly all about? Spending time with and enjoying the little ones that made you a mommy?

The night before, I signed up for a small local Mother’s Day 5K that I knew some of my friends in my local Moms Run This Town group were running. I have never raced with my double BOB stroller before, so I thought this would be the perfect opportunity. Running + my boys = happiness to me.


Since I was running with the stroller, I didn’t have very high expectations for the race. I knew whatever time I finished in would be a new kind of PR for me, a double stroller PR 🙂 Plus, I had a feeling Kevin would want to get out of the stroller and run with me at some point.  I figured I’d push myself hard until he asked to get out and then take it from there.


I had never done a race organized by this group before, but I have run in the area many, many times. I knew the course would be on a paved path next to the road, which was wide but still pretty tight while running with a stroller around others. I really didn’t want to start all the way in the back of the pack. There is kind of an unwritten rule (and actually written in some races) that stroller runners are supposed to start behind everyone else, and I totally understand why that is. But I really didn’t want to have to weave around people with a giant stroller when I could start closer to the front and not be in anyone’s way. So I positioned myself up front and pushed hard as soon as the starting gun went off.

The race began with a nice uphill out of the park, where a photographer was perfectly positioned to capture how hard it felt!


After that we did a short out-and-back segment, that had another nice hill. Since I knew the course, I knew that would be the hardest part of the race. The rest of it would be relatively flat with a few small hills. My first mile came in at 8:11 pace, which I was very happy with since I was hoping to stay around 8:20 average. As I predicted, starting up front was a lot better because I wasn’t in anyone’s way and didn’t have to weave. It was perfect!

I started to feel the weight of the stroller during the second mile, even though it was mostly flat. It was also warming up quickly which made it feel that much harder. My second mile came in at 8:20, and right as it beeped Kevin asked to get out and run with me. YES PLEASE! I was more than ready for a little break.

The thing about running with a 3 1/2 year old is that they get distracted. A lot. They don’t run in straight lines. At all. So our mile together was a lot of stopping and starting, looking at the river next to us, looking at the squirrels and birds, almost running into other people (sorry!). But ultimately I LOVED running with my boy. He even totally wiped out at one point and just got back up and kept going. He’s the best.

He hopped back in the stroller to ride for about a minute or two, then decided he wanted to run through the finish line all by himself. He jumped back out and booked it to the end. We crossed just under 30 minutes, an average pace of 9:31!



Running through the finish line with both of my boys was an amazing feeling. It made me so thankful and proud to be their mommy and get to spend the day with them in this way.



After we crossed a volunteer looked at our bib and told us we’d have to wait to get a medal later. Apparently since I had signed up within 24 hours of the race I wasn’t guaranteed one, and they wanted to wait to see how many were left at the end. Kevin was really disappointed and got very sad that he didn’t get a medal. A man nearby noticed and came over to us to give Kevin his medal. I almost burst into tears. It was so sweet and thoughtful, and Kevin just lit up with pride when he gave it to him.


Words cannot describe how much I love these two!


After the race, we cooled down with some playground time and lunch. It truly was the perfect solo Mother’s Day. Kyler had fun crawling around and Kevin showed his muscles off to everyone at the park 🙂

Life is far from easy right now. In fact, it’s the hardest it’s ever been. But these two help me keep everything in perspective. They are the reason for everything I do and I love them so much!


2 responses to “Mother’s Day 5K

  1. Katie, you never cease to inspire me! 🙂 Big hugs to you!

  2. You are inspiring. Hugs

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