Mom & Baby: 9 Months

Kyler’s 9th month was full of fun and awesome new developments. I am watching him transform from a baby into a little boy daily. It is sweet and sad all at the same time! This month also brought some highs and lows for me as well. Here are all the details.



Kyler has not been to the doctor yet for his 9 month appointment, but he’s starting to look longer and leaner. He is in mostly 9 month clothing at this point, but some pants and pajamas are getting too short. Time to break out the 12 month stuff I guess! Sad face.

His tummy has adjusted to eating food now, and he’s turned into quite the little eating machine. There has not been one thing he has turned down. He has breakfast and dinner right now (along with nursing about 6 times a day), and we are basically giving him modified versions of what we eat. We still haven’t given him any dairy yet. I think I’m a little nervous to because Kevin reacted so badly to it when he was his age (projectile vomiting). But he has shown no signs that he is sensitive to dairy, so I think it’s time to give it a try.

He is now on more of a sleep schedule, and I am thankful for that. He goes down around 7:30 PM and usually wakes up between 3 and 4 to eat, then goes back down for a couple more hours before being up for the day. Just in the last week or so he’s been waking around midnight, but can usually be settled back down without nursing, so I’m not sure what that’s about. He also has fallen into a nice nap routine of a solid morning and afternoon nap. Sometimes I have trouble getting him down, but he goes down fine for others.


He spent a lot of this month being VERY attached to me. I’m not sure if this is the time where separation anxiety gets worse or what, but most of the time if I am nearby he wants to be in my arms, and when I walk away he makes sure to let me know he doesn’t like it! This makes baby wearing a lifesaver, especially when I need my hands to deal with my threenager!

He has the sweetest smile of all time (maybe I’m a little biased!) and he still only really has his two bottom teeth at this point. There’s a small spot next to his two bottom teeth where another is breaking through, but it still hasn’t come all the way up yet. I was surprised to see that one coming next, since usually it’s the top two that come after those.


Kyler loves going out and about to anywhere he can look at people. I started putting him in the front of the cart in stores and he loves it. He just looks around smiling at everyone the entire time.


One of the most exciting parts of the month was that we finally got some SNOW! And a lot of it! In my last monthly update, I posted that we had a blizzard here in Virginia. After writing that we continued to have off from school for a total of a week and a half. It was like a second winter break to spend with my babies, and I loved it!


It was also fun to bring Kyler in the snow for the first time. He liked exploring it and tasting it, and watching his brother run around. Next year they’ll be able to play in the snow together 🙂


Another very exciting milestone from this month was that Kyler is starting to become mobile. He is not completely crawling yet but he’s managing to scoot himself around (usually backwards), and is starting to be able to get up on his hands and knees and rock.

I left the room the other day and came back to find him halfway across it and behind the coffee table. He also tries to follow me now whenever I go somewhere. It cracks me up, but also makes me a little nervous for this summer when I’m home with TWO mobile kids!

Kyler learned to clap this month too. He can now clap when you tell him to or when you say “Yay!”, and he will also wave hi and bye-bye when asked. I think his first official word is “bye” because when he waves he says “ba ba,” but who knows!

Kyler loves his big brother more and more as time passes and it’s so sweet to watch. Here are some of my favorite pictures of the two of them from this past month.


There were some highs are lows for me physically this month. On the plus side, I felt better and less tired thanks to adjusted thyroid medication. But on the flip side, I got my period back this month and that made me feel like absolute crap- physically and emotionally (hormonally). I broke out, was super moody and my milk supply went down some as a result like it did with Kevin, but it picked back up once it was over. It was also super painful this time around. I am not looking forward to next month at all!

The month started off pretty strong in terms of running and following my training plan. I was hitting my paces and feeling great in all my key workouts, and I managed to pull off great 20 and 22 mile long runs. However, some things started to fall apart around me in my life and running was forced to take a backseat. I’ll elaborate more on that at a later date, but it definitely was (and still is) a struggle to take care of myself right now. I am trying my best to get good sleep, eat enough and run when I can at this point. I feel pretty drained and I have no idea how my upcoming marathon is going to go, but I’m just in it to finish now.



Like I have also said in this post and mentioned in previous posts, this was a very hard month for me emotionally. I’m not really ready to share why because it’s very new, raw and personal. I have always been an open book on this blog and I really hate when people are vague on social media like I am being right now, but I think with time I’ll be ready to talk about it more. I  did take a last minute trip to Pennsylvania to see my family a few weeks ago, which was really nice. I went up with just Kyler and had a very low key weekend with some people that I love.

Right now I’m trying to surround myself with people that love me and that I know I can trust, and focusing on my two amazing little boys.

Kyler James, I love you, your contagious smile and the joy that you bring to my life. I cannot believe how quickly these last 9 months have gone by. I have a feeling that the fun has just begun!


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5 responses to “Mom & Baby: 9 Months

  1. I was so excited to see that you had a recent post! So sorry to hear things are rough for you right now. I will be sending you and your family good thoughts!

  2. They are so cute! I love your blog, I have been following it for about 2 years now. You are always very honest about things and it makes me feel very connected with you.

    • Thank you so much! I try very hard to be honest on here! So much has happened over the last 5 years of blogging and I love to document both the highs and the lows to look back on how far we’ve come 🙂

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