Christmas 2015

We just wrapped up nearly a weeklong Christmas celebration with family and friends. It was exciting, sweet, tons of fun, a bit overwhelming, and exhausting, but I wouldn’t change any of it. This year felt extra special to me because it was Kyler’s first Christmas. It was also the first year Kevin really got excited for the holiday, because he was able to remember last year.


Our celebrations officially started on Christmas Eve. I was home with the kids all day since I’m on winter break, so we had some fun wearing santa hats and doing some holiday painting. But the real fun began once daddy got home!


Ever since Kevin was just a few months old on his first Christmas, we decided we wanted to have a tradition where our kids open a gift on Christmas Eve that contains new pajamas, a movie, and some sort of snack. We continued that this year, giving both boys some holiday PJs, the movie “Inside Out” and a bag of popcorn. Kevin was so excited to put them on and watch the movie as a family with his snack, but first we had something very important to do!




Kevin and I headed into the kitchen to bake some cookies for Santa. He loves helping in the kitchen and is very enthusiastic about wanting to do everything himself. I decided to have fun with it and ignore the mess 🙂 He even got to lick the mixing beater for the first time ever! The cookies were probably the best I ever made. They were soft and chewy and SO GOOD! The recipe we used is here. The key was taking them out of the oven after 10 minutes.





We took a few family pictures by the Christmas tree like we do every year, and then it was time for our movie!



DSCN5215 (1)

It was so nice to have such a fun, relaxing Christmas Eve as a family of four before our families came into town. I love spending the holidays with our parents and siblings, but there was something really special about just the 4 of us being together on Christmas Eve.


Kevin started falling asleep, so we paused the movie (promising him he could finish it tomorrow to avoid the meltdown). Before heading to bed, he put out some milk and cookies for Santa. This picture makes my heart melt. He is truly so excited. I love this age!


His daddy took him up to bed and read him the Night Before Christmas like he has done every year. I went to put Kyler to bed too, and I heard Kevin tell my husband before he left the room, “Daddy, ask Santa if he likes our tree.” OMG. I almost cried. So sweet.


Once the kids were asleep we got to work on getting the presents where they needed to be. My dad and sister got to our house just before 10 PM, and we spent some time talking and hanging out with them before we all went to bed to get some much needed rest!


The next day we were all up bright and early, and Kevin was MORE than ready to go downstairs since he knows exactly what happens on Christmas morning now. Most of the next pictures were taken by my dad, who is a great photographer. They do a great job telling the story of our Christmas morning, so I’ll let them speak for themselves!









DSC00139 (1)















Such an awesome day! It was raining pretty much all day so we just hung out inside and spent time together. I loved it. They left the following day, and then my in-laws came from South Carolina for round 2. We don’t have many pictures of that since we mainly took video, but the grandparents spoiled both boys rotten. I think they got more gifts from them than they did from Santa and us combined! That evening more extended family came over and we all had a nice homemade meal together. They spent the remainder of the weekend with us and left this morning. Whew!


I feel so lucky to be celebrating my 7th Christmas with my amazing husband. It’s so much fun to carry over our family traditions and create new ones together. I hope to someday have 50+ annual pictures by the Christmas tree.


I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday, from our family to yours!


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