MB Marathon 2016 Training: Week 1

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Woo hoo! Week 1 of training is in the books – and wow, did I pick a challenging week to start training. I gave myself a week off after the Richmond Half and jumped back in this past Monday, which was the start of a very busy week. On Tuesday after work we went up to my dad’s house in Pennsylvania, where we stayed until Sunday. With a full social calendar and full stomachs (way too much food and too many drinks!), I had to get a little creative and flexible when it came to fitting in my workouts. Not the most ideal way to start training, but I did what I could and tried not to stress. I know I still have many weeks ahead of me!

Here is the overview of the week – what I had planned vs. what I actually did.

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And here is the detailed rundown!

Monday: Rest Day. Love starting the week with some R&R!

Tuesday: Speedwork – 3 x 1600m w/ 800m recovery + WU/CD [6 miles total / 48:25]. What to do when you’re too afraid to go to the track in the dark but still need to get your speedwork in? Run laps around a big shopping center! Laura and I did 3 x 1600m this morning (6 miles total) and felt safe in the well-lit area. It was challenging because unlike a track, the loop we ran was not totally flat (but pretty close), it’s been 3 weeks since our last track workout and it was cold! We also aren’t really used to doing speedwork first thing in the morning anymore, since we had been doing it after work on Mondays. I think it’s going to take little trial and error to get the fueling + hydration right. Our Garmin’s interval workout feature doesn’t show splits until the end, and we were really shocked and happy to see that 2 out of our 3 miles were sub-7 minute pace, despite all of those limiting factors!!! My splits were 6:53, 6:52, and 7:12. I struggled a bit in my last one and Laura totally out-kicked me at the end, but I know this is just the beginning and I will be able to see progress from here.


Wednesday: Easy Run – 3 miles / 28:50. Pre-Thanksgiving easy miles with my little sister while I was home in Pennsylvania for the holiday. Of course we had to take a Brooks Adrenaline shoefie and a matching watchfie (???) LOL! I love being home and getting to run with her!


Thursday: (Unplanned) Rest Day. I had every intention of getting my tempo run done this morning, but going out on Thanksgiving Eve the night before got the best of me. Too. Much. Wine. So instead I spend the day with family and friends and enjoyed the holiday!


Friday: Tempo Run – 1 easy, 3 @ tempo pace, 1 easy [5 miles total / 41:17]. I felt much better on Friday, even after our Thanksgiving feast, so when the whole family went out to burn off some energy I decided to get my tempo run done at the same time. My dad told me about a wooden playground that was next to a .65 mile path so we went to check it out. On my plan was 1 mile easy, 3 @ tempo pace, 1 easy. It was TOUGH and I had to fight for this one. By the time we got out there it was noon, super warm (almost 70°!), and I had only eaten a small breakfast so I felt under-fueled. Oh, and the path was full of rolling hills! My overall average for the middle 3 miles was 7:41– I didn’t quite hit my goal pace (7:30)  and my 3rd tempo mile was a lot slower, but I’m still proud of my effort. I’ll get it next time!


Saturday: Long Run – 10 miles / 1:29:18. Awesome 10 mile run around my hometown. I was a little nervous about how it would feel since I did my tempo run the day before, and I really don’t like doing two harder efforts back-to-back. It was one of those runs where I didn’t really pre-plan my route or look at my watch, I just went where I felt like and let my mind wander. I even went to my old high school and ran a few loops around the track. It was nice to get lost in the memories for a while, and it made me smile to think about how I used to fake being sick or “forget” my gym clothes so I could avoid running in PE class. Oh how things have changed!


Sunday: P90X Ab Ripper X. My sad attempt at doing something besides running this week. This core workout is less than 15 minutes but OMG, it is hard and my abs are sore as I sit here typing this.

Week 1 Totals:

  • Run: 24 miles
  • Strength Training/Cross Training: 1 core workout
Motivational thought of the week

Motivational thought of the week

I am very proud of myself for managing to fit all my key workouts into a busy holiday week away from home. I feel like I set a good baseline and I’m excited for the weeks to come! One thing that is really making me feel motivated and inspired is my new Believe Training Journal. I am very much a paper/pencil planner and journaler, so I am totally in love with this. It is a workout log, workbook and resource guide all in one. I’m excited to have this tool to help me document my journey toward my big goals in 2016. Week 1 is complete and logged! Now it’s on to week 2, where my goal will be to fit more strength training/core work in. Here we go!


Click here to see my full training plan!


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