Mom & Baby: 5 Months

Another whirlwind month! I can’t believe it’s already over and my baby boy is now 5 months old, as of October 22nd. Here are all the details about what happened during this past month for mom & baby!



My little baby boy is continuing to become not so little anymore! I don’t know what he weighs but he looks and feels bigger, and he’s wearing 6-9 month clothes already. He is a lot bigger than his brother was at this age, by a few pounds and inches! Because of this, I actually had to buy him some new clothes since Kevin was wearing those sizes during the summer, not the colder months. Despite the size difference, I do think they are starting to look more alike. Check out the comparison below of both Kevin and Kyler at 5 months. Similar yet different!


During this past month we finally moved past the Wonder Week that felt never ending. We also finally got over a cold that seemed like it just kept going and going. Now that we’re on the other side, Kyler is back to his happy all the time, smiling self! This also means he’s sleeping better! Yay! He’s back to his long 7-9 hour stretches, eats around 3-4:30, and then he goes back down for a few more hours. He also naps twice a day. I am loving his sleep schedule!


We’re still following the same feeding routine that I talked about last month. He eats 7 times a day: his first morning feeding is usually between 3 and 4:30 AM, and then I feed him again before he goes to daycare, around 6:30 AM. At daycare he gets three bottles (4 oz. each), at around 9:30, 12:30, and 3:30. Once we are home I feed him around 6:00 and 8:00 before he goes to bed. I am also still pumping before I go to bed, around 9:45-10:00. I know I could probably drop this, but it helps me wake up less full and adds to my freezer stash. At this point I have over 600 ounces frozen, which is insane to me. I’m afraid my supply will drop off completely like it did before when my period came back every month, so I’m happy to have a lot frozen. However, if everything ends up being fine with my supply I hope to be able to donate the milk somewhere.

Look how big both of my boys grew in the last 5 months!

Look how big both of my boys grew in the last 5 months!

We haven’t done any solids yet and he doesn’t really seem interested at this point. We started with Kevin at 5 1/2 months because he was grabbing at our food, making chewing motions when we ate, etc. but Kyler hasn’t done of those things. I am not worried about it because I’m not in a rush to introduce solids. It’s just so interesting how different two kids can be!


He is discovering new things everyday lately too. First he discovered his hands, and he loved to hold them up in front of his face and look at them. Since then he’s gotten really good at picking things up, playing with toys, and putting them in his mouth constantly (and in my mouth too!). After that, he discovered his feet. He is totally infatuated with them. He usually studies them for a while, then slowly grabs one foot and brings it to his mouth. LOL! It’s so fun to watch him explore.


I am starting to get glimpses of what it’s really going to be like to have two little boys. It’s crazy and so much fun, and Kyler isn’t even mobile yet! Eek! I need to watch out!


Sitting on me while trying to stretch after a long run

Sitting on me while trying to stretch after a long run

All 3 of my boys

All 3 of my boys

Kyler adores his big brother so much. He’s always studying him and watching his every move. Kevin can make Kyler laugh like nobody else can. They definitely have a brotherly bond.

Screen Shot 2015-10-24 at 9.15.14 PM

Right when he turned 5 months, we started letting Kyler sit in his little seat for short periods of time during the day. At his 4 month well check, my pediatrician said to be cautious about using the seat until he’s stronger up top and not slouching. I noticed he was, so we tried the seat and he absolutely loved it. I like to put the tray on and give him some toys to play with. It’s like he is discovering a whole new world.


Our daycare provider took some fall photos of the kids and then gave them us. I almost passed out at the cuteness! I didn’t even know they were doing them but I even dressed the boys alike, so it really worked out!



Lastly, Kyler is SUCH a mama’s boy. He has been super attached and snuggly ever since he was born, but more now for some reason. It is really hard to get up and go to work when you have this face looking back at you!



I’m currently sitting at 132-133 pounds, so I am a few months away from my pre-pregnancy weight of 130. I don’t really care about my weight though, because I’m having so many other physical victories lately like fitting into my favorite pre-pregnancy jeans, and my running is going AMAZING! I’m feeling more and more like myself each day and it’s actually making me reevaluate my goals a little bit. More on that to come in another post!

DSCN5023  DSCN5025

I forgot to take pictures last month, so my last ones were from about 3 months postpartum. I didn’t realize how much my body has changed until I compared my 1 month, 3 month & 5 month photos. Everything is thinning out, including my face, waist and hips.

PicMonkey Collage

PicMonkey Collage2

I blogged about the Wilson Bridge Half being cancelled and how my Moms Run This Town Running Group made our own race, which ended up being a ton of fun. I still feel cheated from that whole experience though, so I am MORE than ready to test my training at the Richmond Half Marathon in two weeks. This past month I worked hard on my speed, adding in a tempo run to my weekly routine and also adding strength training back in. I’m feeling good and getting stronger. It’s so exciting!


My skin continues to be good and not-so-good, most likely fluctuating with my hormones. My period still has not returned, which is nice because it was back by now with Kevin. I’m still losing lots of hair. I can’t wait until the initial post-partum period ends. I think it was around 8 or 9 months last time.


This was another tough month for me mentally and emotionally. It actually had nothing to do with post-partum and having two kids, but more to do with work. The first couple months of school have been insanely stressful as I try to adjust to new responsibilities. Thankfully, I’m starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. It should start to get better soon! I don’t know what I would do without my husband. He’s been so amazingly supportive, and takes care of basically everything at home including cooking, cleaning, and more. He packs my lunch for me everyday, and lately he’s been writing me special and inspirational messages on my hard boiled eggs. He’s the sweetest!

Screen Shot 2015-10-24 at 9.14.47 PM

One good part of this month that was super refreshing and nice was getting to go to French Creek for a long weekend with my family and friends. I didn’t know how badly I needed that until we went! It was so nice to be with the people I love and disconnect from everything else for a few days.


Another good part was that I celebrated my 29th birthday! I bought myself a great gift- signing up for the Myrtle Beach Marathon! Kevin spoiled me too, by getting me my favorite pumpkin beer, making a homemade cookie cake from scratch, and making tortilla soup for dinner. He’s the best!


We have another exciting month coming up. We’re about to celebrate Halloween, and there are some fun events on the weekends including the Richmond Half Marathon on November 14th. It’s starting to cool down and we’re getting close to the holidays that I love: Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, plus our anniversary in November. I love this time of year!


It is hard to believe that the next update will be when Kyler is 6 months old! Ahhh! Don’t blink 😦

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8 responses to “Mom & Baby: 5 Months

  1. He is getting so big!!

    And thanks for sharing about your hairloss. My baby is about 2 weeks younger than yours, and I have been losing so much hair the past month. I feel like I’m balding along my temples and am so self-conscious!

    • I know!! It is so terrible, isn’t it? I need to get a haircut soon because at this point it’s just straggly looking and sad 😦 Good thing our babies are cute, huh?!

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