Mom & Baby #2: Week 12

Week 12. It has been almost 3 months since I gave birth to this sweet baby boy. My sweet summer at home with my boys is over and I can’t believe it. Time truly does fly. I honestly did have a really good week despite having to work for half of it. Here are all the details about us in week 12.



Kyler had a huge week last week and starting doing all kinds of new things. This week he hasn’t really done anything new, but he’s continuing to work on this skills he learned: holding his head up high, rolling over, blowing bubbles and laughing it up.


We’re continuing to follow the routine of putting him in his crib to sleep around 7:30 or 8, dream feeding him around 10, and then he tends to sleep until around 4 or 5 AM when he wakes up for his next feeding. I’m curious to see what happens if I don’t dream feed him and let him continue sleeping, but I’m a little afraid to try! I plan to soon though, because it doesn’t really seem like he needs that extra feeding. He’s getting so big!!

Happy waking up, until he realizes that he is hungry! :)

Happy waking up, until he realizes that he is hungry! 🙂

This week I had to work Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. It’s been an interesting transition to having Kyler in daycare. He went once last week and he did fine, but this week he resisted a couple of his bottles on the first day. Luckily, it’s getting better and I think he will do just fine once he gets used to the new routine a little more.


He’s starting to sleep less during the day at this point too. He generally takes about 3 naps a day, but will also take little catnaps sometimes, especially if we’re driving somewhere. The car usually puts him right to sleep. When he is awake he definitely is starting to want to be entertained. He loves looking at toys his brother brings to him, or sitting in my lap and talking back and forth with me. He’s becoming more and more interactive and curious about the world around him and I love it.

His brother is his best source of entertainment!

His brother is his best source of entertainment!

He really likes tummy time these days now that he can lift his head up high and look around. He also loves to roll himself over to look at the toys that are above him. He’s starting to try to hit them with his arms and legs, but he doesn’t have enough coordination and control to do it quite yet.


I’ve been really paranoid about him getting sick this week, since there was something going around daycare that Kevin caught- he has cough, runny nose and an ear infection 😦 Oh, and did I mention he also has a black eye from falling into a table? Poor kid! So far Kyler seems to be healthy as can be, and I really hope it stays that way. I’ve been trying to keep them separate and load him up with breastmilk to help his immune system. My husband stayed home with the boys on Friday since Kevin was sick. It was the first time he was with them all day by himself and he did awesome. I love my hubby!



Last week I wrote about how I fell off the healthy eating wagon due to stress of going back to work, travel, and other things. I’m happy to say I got back on track this week and am feeling good again thanks to having lots of healthy snacks on hand, saying NO to the Oreos, and doing lots of meal planning/prep. I didn’t take any body pictures this week because they really look exactly the same as they have the last few weeks. However, I am slowly starting to lose a little more weight, and am down to 137 (7 pounds above pre-pregnancy weight). I’m also feeling good physically thanks to a few really nice runs I had this week. Last weekend we went to my hometown in Pennsylvania to visit my family and friends. It’s my happy place and I LOVE running around there too. I ran 6 miles and was hoping for a couple more but my body told me no, and I’m trying to practice what I preach and actually listen to it! I remembered once I felt my heavy legs that this was my 4th consecutive day of running, which is too much for me right now. I’ve just been feeling great and excited about running (not following any type of training plan right now) so I didn’t realize it until my body told me otherwise. Lesson learned! I felt good after a day of rest so I know it was the right decision.


On Monday evening I joined a few of the fabulous women from my local Moms Run This Town group for an interval workout. After warming up for 10 minutes, I did 4x800m repeats with 400m recovery after each. I ran all of my repeats between 3:45 – 4:00. I didn’t really try for any specific pace, I just wanted to see what I could do and was pretty happy with the results. It has been almost a year since I did a workout like this at the track and it felt really good! I’m nowhere near my pre-pregnancy paces but I know I’ll get back there some day!


Since I had to work a few days this week I got a little glimpse of what my schedule will be like now as a working mom of two little ones. Going back to work means I am back to very early morning runs! Since I have to allow plenty of time to get myself and two kids ready, nurse the baby, and drive them to daycare, this means starting my weekday runs around 5 AM. Ahh! Thankfully I have a neighborhood running buddy who doesn’t mind getting up that early with me. I also have the option of running in the evenings sometimes, but I know myself and I know it’s very unlikely to happen when I’m tired after a long day. We’ll have to see how it goes once I’m back at work full-time.


We started week 12 with a trip back home to PA, which made me so happy. This was the first time visiting my hometown since having baby #2 which felt really special. We did travel up to Pennsylvania when Kyler was 5 weeks old for my cousin’s wedding, but we were in a different part of the state. It was really nice to see everyone and spent some quality time together.

11228517_10109217472637834_2861822430890490365_n  11816371_10109213078578564_4092034760837154204_o

While we were in Pennsylvania many people commented to us that we seem a lot more relaxed as parents now.  The more I thought about it the more I realized this really is true. I think after not knowing what we were doing while raising Kevin and seeing that he turned out okay makes us a lot more confident this time around. We also threw ourselves into a lot of travel and busyness right after Kyler was born, which kind of forced us to relax and let a lot of things go that were out of our control. This summer was an amazing learning experience for us, but I’m definitely glad we have a while until we have to travel again, that’s for sure! I’m ready for some relaxing weekends at home!


Just relaxing at the pool... :)

Just relaxing at the pool… 🙂

And then I went back to work! I was dreading this week of training that I had before school officially begins, and I really started to question why I agreed to do this class on top of my regular teaching responsibilities. But it actually ended up being fine. I enjoyed what we were learning and the days flew by. It took some time to get my brain back into working mode since I’ve been off for 3 months, and pumping was a little stressful since I was not at my own school and had to figure out when/where to pump. It all turned out okay though, which made me optimistic that I’ll have a good school year and transition back to work. I have training again on Monday and Tuesday, then I have the rest of the week off before starting back up full-time on Monday, August 24th. If I can’t stay at home with my kids, at least I get to do something I enjoy (most of the time). I’m definitely going to miss these two like crazy though!


I am so glad that I wrote weekly updates for Kyler’s first 12 weeks of life. It was not only a good way to document how he’s changing and growing, but it was also a nice way to remember what we did all summer as a family of 4. My next update on us will be when he is 4 months old. It will be interesting to see what changes between now and then!


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