Mom & Baby #2: Week 11

Week 11 was HUGE! So many things happened and changed in my little baby boy’s world. Here are all the details!

Holding that head up high!

Holding that head up high!


Kyler has had a big week. I feel like he woke up one day and a switch flipped. He started doing all kinds of new things and he just seems so much bigger, full of amazing rolls and chubby cheeks! One of his newest skills that has just popped up is that he’s blowing bubbles now. I will look over to him and his mouth will be covered in them. It’s so funny!


Along with the bubbles comes lots of drool! I think this is something that starts around the second month for babies because I remember it happening with Kevin too. His hand is always in his mouth as well. I think it’s one of the ways he has learned to soothe himself, because he will often fall asleep after sucking on his hand or fingers. He does still take a pacifier occasionally but isn’t a huge fan of it.


He is still a super happy, smiley baby. He really reacts to us now which feels great. His huge, gummy smile seriously melts me into a puddle.

This smile is the best :)

This smile is the best 🙂

But this week along with the smiles have come little mini-laughs! It’s not quite a full blown giggle yet, but it’s a start! It was actually his brother who got him to laugh for the first time, which makes me really happy. Watch the video below to see!

Another first this week: Kyler’s first time attending daycare. I had to go back to work for one day to attend a conference. It was definitely harder on me than it was on Kyler. He had a blast with Nanny (which is what we call our daycare provider), his older brother, his cousin Austin and the other kids there. He napped and took his bottles like a champ. I was so proud of him 🙂


Like I said earlier, Kyler has started holding his head up so high all of a sudden. He’s able to hold it up for a couple minutes at a time. Once he started doing this, he also started rolling over like crazy! As soon as I put him on his belly he tries to roll. Sometimes he gets stuck on his side but he’s getting there! I got a good video of one of the first times he rolled from belly to back that you can see below.

And yet another first – I told you there were a lot of them this week! Kyler slept the whole night in his crib. I really wanted to get him in there before I started back to work. Our new routine is that I nurse him and put him down between 7:30 and 8:00. Before I would just keep him downstairs with us while we hung out. Then before I go to bed, I go into his room and dream feed him around 10. He usually wakes up lightly while I feed him and change his diaper, then falls back asleep. This has been working amazingly so far. Since starting this his long sleep stretches after the dream feed have ranged from 6.5 hours all the way to 8 hours! Woo hoo! This is how I found him in the morning after his first night in the crib- turned upside down and breaking out of his swaddle. I think he liked the extra space. What do you think?


In other news, Kyler continues to be the object of his brother’s affection, and he loves it (most of the time!). But really, Kevin gets some of the biggest smiles out of him and it’s so sweet to watch.


As if Kyler weren’t already a really laid-back, flexible baby, I think all of our recent travel is making him even more able to adapt to new situations. So far in his 2.5 months of life we’ve traveled to Pennsylvania for a wedding, then to Myrtle Beach, and to Raleigh last weekend (more about that later!). Finally, on Friday we went back to Pennsylvania to visit family and friends. Whew! What a busy baby!


And of course, just like his big brother, he’s turning into his daddy’s mini-me more and more with each day.



After taking a few steps forward physically with eating well and feeling good about my progress, I took a step back this week. The stress of a busy week, lots of travel, and having to go back to work got to me and I didn’t eat as well. Hence the photo below. Late night pumping session while snacking on Oreos. Nice. Emotional eating at it’s finest, and you can see it on my body this week unfortunately.


On top of not eating the best I did a lot of running which left me with a very tired body. The running itself felt pretty good but I know that I need to work on fueling myself better, especially since I’m also nursing. Lesson learned, I will work harder on this next week!

DSCN4656  DSCN4657


Wow… so much on my mind this week! It started on a high note when we got Kevin back after he stayed a few extra days at the beach with my in-laws. I missed him so much. It felt amazing to have him back in my arms! We decided to pick him up in Raleigh, North Carolina and spend the weekend there since it was about halfway between Myrtle Beach where my in-laws live and Northern Virginia where we live.


Our weekend in Raleigh was awesome. It is a great smallish city with a ton to do, good food, a great craft beer scene and running community. We had a blast exploring and eating/drinking our way through the city.

11816327_10152900652607245_4799514525769827799_o  11825599_10109171039565084_2177638208876156966_n

One of the best parts was finally meeting Tracie, who writes over at another blog called Run Inspired! That’s actually how we first “met” online a few years ago. We have kept in touch through many races, new PRs, DNFs, and pregnancies. She is pretty amazing – she has qualified for Boston a few times (her fastest marathon is 3:26 I believe!), is running again after fracturing her hip and having surgery last year, and just had a beautiful baby girl a few weeks before I had Kyler. I was really excited to meet her in person! We had lunch with our babies and husbands on Saturday, and then on Sunday we ran with a group starting at Runologie – the running store where she works. She slowed WAY down for me (Thanks Tracie!) and we ran 3 hot miles around the city while talking about all things motherhood, running, and Raleigh. The run went by way too quickly. I wish we had more time, but we definitely made the most of our weekend away.


After our trip came the day that I was dreading – my first day back to work. It was a little bit of a different scenario because I was attending a conference that wasn’t at my school and only had one scheduled break for lunch. I wasn’t sure how or when I would pump, but to my surprise the building we were in had a special room just for nursing mothers. I was so excited!


It was tough and I missed Kyler so much since this was the first time we had been apart for more than a couple hours. However, now that I have the first day behind me I feel a lot more comfortable with the idea of going back to work. What helped a lot was going over to our daycare provider’s house the night before and talking to her about everything: his routine, what he likes and doesn’t like, my worries, etc. Once I got it all out I felt much better. It’s a different situation this time around because for Kevin’s first year we had a babysitter come to our house. This time he will still be in a home setting, but with a lot more kids. I know he will do great though, and I really like that he’ll be with not only his big brother and cousin, but a woman that we love and who loves our kids so much!


Kyler meeting his “Nanny” for the first time!

Finally, we ended week 11 with yet another trip – this time to Pennsylvania to see my family and friends. These boys sure are becoming great at traveling! More about our trip next week, since Kyler technically turned 11 weeks on Friday and that’s the day we headed up north.

Screen Shot 2015-08-09 at 10.01.36 PM

My little travelers!

I have a feeling week 12 is going to be another roller coaster ride, since I have to go back to work Wednesday through Friday, and the following Monday and Tuesday as well. Then I’ll be off for 3 more days before starting back up full time on Monday, August 24th. I cannot believe how fast this summer went. It makes me really sad to think my time at home with my boys is almost over. Since I’m going back to work, next week will also be my last weekly update before I switch over to monthly. I think that’s probably a good thing since I have been posting these later and later each week! For now I’m going to soak up these last few days with my boys.


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