Mom & Baby #2: Week 8

Kyler is now 8 weeks old, which is when I had to go back to work after having Kevin. I am SO thankful to still have another month at home with my boys. Trying for a spring baby really paid off for us. If I can’t stay at home full-time then I really believe that being a teacher is the next best thing. Here are all the details about all of us in week 8.

Screen Shot 2015-07-18 at 8.56.55 AM


It’s pretty amazing how much easier everything is this time – both because Kyler is an easier baby and because it’s my second time around. One of the biggest ways baby #2 has been easier than baby #1 is breastfeeding. Kyler is a great eater, he doesn’t have any reflux or issues with dairy like Kevin did, and is gaining weight like a champ. My supply is doing amazing and I have over 150 ounces in the freezer as of now. I’m also a lot more open and less shy about breastfeeding this time. I still wear a cover if I am in public most of the time, but I’m starting to nurse without it in certain places. I went grocery shopping with Kyler this week while Kevin was at daycare and needed to feed him, so I went to the upstairs seating area and fed him without a cover. I’m still pretty modest, but between my shirt and the nursing tank I was wearing underneath, nobody could see anything anyway. With Kevin I would always wear a cover, find the most secluded place possible or go to my car.  This felt so freeing and I was proud of myself.


Speaking of gaining weight, this babe is getting chunky and I LOVE it. He’s also sooooo long! Check him out here next to his brother. He looks huge to me! I am not used to having a big baby. Kevin didn’t hit 12 pounds until he was over 4 months old due to his reflux and other weight gain issues. Kyler’s already creeping up there. He was 11.5 pounds when I weighed him at home the other day! I can’t wait to see his official weight and height at his 2 month appointment next week.


Sleep was both good and bad this week. The good part was that we got our longest stretch to date – 6 hours! I think he would have slept longer but I woke him up to feed him because I thought my boobs were going to actually explode. It’s only happened once so far, but we put the sound machine in our room and I think that has really helped him sleep more soundly. During the day he can really sleep anywhere, and lately he’s been falling asleep without his pacifier or any help from us in places like his bouncy chair, swing, or the newborn lounger. I’m happy that he’s able to put himself to sleep sometimes and I hope that means we’ll have an easier time with sleep in the future!


However, we’re still working through Kyler’s second wonder week, so his sleep hasn’t been ALL good lately. He’s been a little more fussy than usual and wanting to be held a lot. Just look at that face. Breaks my heart.


Kyler is finally starting to like getting a bath. He smiled through the whole thing the other night, which was nice. We had been rushing through them because he was so unhappy. He better like the water… he was born in it after all! 🙂

Screen Shot 2015-07-18 at 8.56.43 AM

We’ve noticed that Kyler is starting to react to toys and external stimuli more. He stares at the toys above him in his swing and activity mat, and kicks his legs and swings his arms around like he wants to touch them but can’t yet. He also has been loving Sophie the giraffe, and gives us big smiles when we squeeze her and she squeaks at him.


Here are some more of my favorite photos from this week.

Our super tall boy!

Our super tall boy!

The stages of waking up with Kyler

The stages of waking up with Kyler

Big brother checking little brother's heartbeat

Big brother checking little brother’s heartbeat


Smiles 🙂


Let’s get real for a minute. Most days I feel pretty good about my body and the progress I’ve made since giving birth 8 weeks ago. It hasn’t been so easy lately though. We are getting ready to go on vacation to the beach so I have been going through my clothes and bathing suits from last summer to start packing. I’m 10-13 pounds above my pre-pregnancy weight (depending on the day), and not much fits except a few dresses and looser fitting shirts. I have two pairs of shorts and one pair of jeans that fit, two of which are maternity. My hips are still too wide for most of my regular jeans. My bathing suits are not flattering at all due to being larger on top and the bottom right now, and of course I still have some baby belly leftover. Trying to pack for a beach vacation was a little discouraging, to say the least. I started feeling frumpy and uncomfortable in my skin.

DSCN4570 DSCN4571

I put packing on hold for a couple days and today I was scrolling through the pictures on my phone. I came across my last belly photo from the day I gave birth, which you can see below. On the right is today at 8 weeks postpartum. Seeing these photos next to each other gave me a reality check. I need to remember that less than 2 months ago I looked like this, and that my body has carried and given birth to two little humans. That is amazing! Not only that, but my body is able to run, lift, breastfeed my baby, take care of my family and more. My body has been good to me and it deserves to be treated with love and respect in return. So I decided that I will pack my clothes, maybe pick up a few new things that make me feel more comfortable, and rock them proudly on vacation… including that bikini!


In other body news, I decided to change my hair! I have been wanting to go back to my natural color for a while to make it easier to maintain, but was scared because it’s a lot darker than what I’m used to. I finally took the plunge this past week and also cut off all of my nasty dead ends, and I LOVE it! It’s definitely helping me feel a lot less frumpy and more fabulous 🙂


All is going well in the fitness world. I’ve been running like usual, but this week I started running on a few consecutive days rather than every other day like before. I felt like my body was ready for it and it has responded well so far. I had a good 5 mile run over the weekend despite the fact that it was midday and HOT! Kevin and I have also started doing T25 workouts together. It’s been fun to work out again at the same time since we usually take turns these days. He really wants to get back in shape so I am happy to jump in with him on his workouts when I feel up for it!


I finally was able to meet with my doctor this week and discuss my thyroid bloodwork results. Over the last 3 months my TSH level went from a 2.9 to .89. My doctor likes to keep me between 0.30-3.00, so this is still within normal limits, however it’s more on the hyper side (overactive) than the hypo side (underactive). I had a feeling this might be the case because of how hungry I have been, even with breastfeeding and running. I have come to learn my body well and know when my levels are changing. Since I don’t have any negative side effects to this level besides increased hunger, he wanted to keep my dosage the same. He didn’t want to decrease it because he said that being on the higher end of the range (having a more underactive thyroid) can lead to milk supply issues, which I definitely don’t want since things are going so well right now. He did a few other thyroid related tests and all came back fine as well, so I’m just going to keep an eye on my symptoms and get my blood retested in a few months to see when my meds might need to be adjusted to a lower dose again.

When the baby wakes up crying before your workout is over!

When the baby wakes up crying before your workout is over!

Below is a comparison between week 1, week 4, and week 8. I see some change since last month but not a ton. Bumping up my running mileage and mixing it up with some T25 should help next month I think.



Mama was under quite a bit of stress this week. Kevin needed to have surgery to repair a hydrocele/hernia where fluid was going back and forth from his abdomen to his testicle. It was originally scheduled for August, but then they had a cancellation so we went ahead and did it this week since it was causing him some discomfort. We talked to him a lot about it beforehand and he was fine, but I was so nervous – mostly because he had to go under anesthesia and because surgery always comes with some risks.


So cute in his hospital gown

My hubby took off work and we all drove down to Richmond early on Wednesday morning. Kevin was prepped for surgery and we spoke to the doctor and the anesthesiologist. When it was time my husband walked him back to the OR doors, and then they took him back from there. I wasn’t sure how he would do without us there with him, but apparently he was fine. They put the mask on him and he was asleep within a minute or two. The surgery took about an hour and all went well. They had to make an incision near his hipbone and also in his scrotum to close and tack down everything, and then stitched him back up. When he was done they kept him in recovery until he came out of anesthesia. They warned us that kids fight it HARD when they come out of it, but it still broke my heart to hear him coughing, crying, and screaming behind the curtain. Eventually they brought him back to us and I was able to hold him and comfort him as he continued to come out of it. That was by far the worst part. He was confused and his voice was raspy (from the breathing tube). He wasn’t allowed to walk for 8 hours because they put a caudal block that numbed him from the waist down. It was rough, but his medical team was amazing and I was really happy when it was all said and done. Recovery was a little challenging, since he was in some pain and on meds, and he needed to take it easy which isn’t easy to explain to a 2 year old. But I think the whole thing was harder on me than it was on him. I cried more than he did, that’s for sure! He’s a tough little guy!

Screen Shot 2015-07-18 at 8.56.30 AM

Overall though, I’m still surprised by how happy I feel every day. I did not feel this way after Kevin was born. I was overwhelmed, stressed, and cried almost every day at least once. I definitely had some baby blues for a while. This time I just feel happy and thankful for how good life is, and how lucky I am to have my family.


We had some good quality family time this week too. Some lazy, relaxing days at home and some fun days out with friends and family. I like that balance 🙂

FullSizeRender-1  11745318_10109052737663044_6578064295501357177_n

Whew! That’s a wrap on week 8. It was definitely a busy one! My plan is to continue with these weekly updates while I am home for the summer until Kyler is 12 weeks old, then I’ll switch over to monthly updates. Week 9, here we come!

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13 responses to “Mom & Baby #2: Week 8

  1. When are you running right now? I have a toddler and a 5 week old, and should be cleared to start running again at the end of the week. My baby isn’t consistently napping yet, and I’m trying to figure out when I can run during the day, or if it will have to wait till my husband gets home from work.

    Thank you for your blog – I’ve enjoyed reading it!!

    • Congrats on your new baby!! I haven’t started running with both kids during the day because I haven’t taken Kyler out in the stroller to run yet. I usually run before my husband leaves for work or right when he gets home.

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