Mom & Baby #2: Week 5

We are a little past 5 weeks into life with two kids (I’m writing this post two days late!) and it feels like we are really starting to settle into a nice routine. Life is good right now and I love it! Here are the details about week 5 and how we are all doing.



Kyler is officially over the one month mark! I knew he had gotten bigger, but I didn’t realize how much he had grown until I compared his newborn photo with his 1 month. Grow baby grow!


We continued to go through Kyler’s first “wonder week” during week 5. I talked about this last week, but wonder weeks are the time leading up to mental “leaps” in baby’s development. During this time babies tend to be more clingy and fussy, and want to eat more and sleep less. We found these to be very accurate for Kevin, and so far they have been with Kyler as well. This week he wanted to be held constantly, ate a ton, and his sleep went back to 2-3 hour increments (sometimes less!).

Dinner with a newborn. Wants to be held as soon as we sit down to eat!

Dinner with a newborn. Wants to be held as soon as we sit down to eat!

However, once we got through the week it was obvious that Kyler did go through a leap in his development, and he was also much happier. Now we are getting big smiles in response to things that we do rather than just randomly, he is more interactive with us, he is looking at things more and tracking with his eyes. He’s still very much a sleepy newborn, but he’s definitely getting to be more alert and developing his personality!


Another characteristic of this first leap is that babies head circumference is supposed to grow a lot. I didn’t realize how much this was true until I compared the two photos below. The one on the left was taken a little over two weeks ago, and the one on the right was taken a few days ago. Holy head growth! Isn’t that crazy?


I’ve started doing a lot of baby-wearing this week, which Kyler loves. I’ve been using the Moby wrap the last few weeks because I really liked how he could snuggle up closely to me, but it’s getting too hot to wear it outside and it’s really difficult to get on in a hurry. This week I started using our Ergo with the newborn insert and I’m loving it. I use it when Kevin’s napping to get chores done around the house, or when he’s awake and wants me to play with him so I can keep Kyler close and happy at the same time. I also like to use it when we go shopping or on walks. It’s definitely my favorite baby carrier.



Running continues to feel better and better, which makes me really happy. This week I was able to get up to 3 miles again and it felt so good! I’m still running every other day and I think that’s what I will keep doing for a little while. I’m starting to feel the itch to start strength training again too, but my gym membership is currently frozen. I need to figure out when I’m going to unfreeze it so I can go to Body Pump again!

New shirt, new shoes, new postpartum distance!

New shirt, new shoes, new postpartum distance!

I’ve noticed some effects of postpartum hormones on my body recently. First is the hair loss. I had this bad after Kevin and it’s happening again now. It really sucks, I’m losing lots of hair when I wash and brush it. I hope it doesn’t last as long as it did last time (8 months!) but we’ll see. It only gets better as the hair starts to grow back, leaving me with the super attractive lion’s mane look 🙂 The other thing I have noticed is the keratosis pillars on my arms and legs. I’ve always had this to some degree since I was young, but it got WAY worse after Kevin for a little while. I asked my dermatologist and she said it’s hormonal, and many women have it after pregnancy. It’s really unattractive but what can you do. Darn hormones!

DSCN4521  DSCN4522

On a positive note, my husband and I have been making an effort to eat cleaner and we were able to do that all week long! I really tried to keep healthy and convenient meals and snacks on hand rather than just grabbing whatever I saw to satisfy my insane breastfeeding hunger. I definitely had more energy and just felt better overall as a result. It was great motivation to continue that way, with some fun treats thrown in occasionally – everything in moderation of course!

Delicious roasted chickpea salad!

Delicious roasted chickpea salad!

Here’s the progress from week 1 to week 5.



The best part of this week for me emotionally was celebrating Father’s Day as a family. This was my husband’s 3rd Father’s Day, and each year I’ve taken Kevin’s picture with the letters that spell out DAD. This year we had a new addition to our tradition, and he loved it! I hope to continue doing this for a long time. It will be so much fun to see how they grow over the years.


For Father’s Day I asked my hubby what he wanted to do, and he said he just wanted to be together as a family. We haven’t really had a low-key weekend just to ourselves since Kyler was born, so it felt really nice to just take it easy. We went to brunch at his favorite restaurant, hit up his favorite brewery for a drink, and watched a few episodes of Orange is the New Black (our new obsession) once the kids were asleep. It was a perfect day!


One thing that I have really liked is having Kevin go to daycare once a week. Like I said last week, Kyler and I don’t get much one-on-one time now that I’m home with both kids, so I really cherish the time we have on these days. Life is too short and the newborn stage passes way too quickly to not enjoy these snuggles to the fullest! Plus, it gives Kevin a chance to see his friends and stay familiar with the daycare environment over our summer break. It’s a win-win for all of us!

Screen Shot 2015-06-28 at 7.22.30 PM

I’m getting more used to going out with both kids. I’m finding it’s necessary to get Kevin out and moving in the morning to tire him out and keep him busy. This was a little challenging to do this week since it was so hot, so we’d have to go outside to play super early or stick to indoor places- even if that means just going to Target, which Kevin (and mommy) loves!

How moms try on clothes at Target!

How moms try on clothes at Target!

We had a LOT less temper tantrums and meltdowns this week. I think that’s due to keeping Kevin in his routine, giving him a lot of attention and picking my battles. There are some things that I have learned to just let go rather than make into a big deal like I would have before Kyler was born. It’s really helping me become a more relaxed mom and I love it. Overall though, Kevin is an amazing big brother and I’m so proud of him. Sometimes I can’t believe these boys are mine. I’m a lucky mama!


It’s really hard to believe that we’re almost at the 6 week mark. That seems like a big deal for some reason!

The things I do when feeding Kyler at 3 AM. You can't deny the resemblance though! :)

The things I do when feeding Kyler at 3 AM. You can’t deny the resemblance though! 🙂

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