Mom & Baby #2: Week 4

As of yesterday, Kyler is 4 weeks old already! I have to say, I think this was our best week yet. I feel like we are really starting to get the hang of life with 2 kids, for now at least! Here is how we are doing and a recap of week 4.



Kyler’s personality is starting to come out more and more.  Along with being laid-back, he’s very expressive with the faces he makes and he is pretty vocal already. He loves to “talk” to us and sing along with us, and has been full of smiles lately. He’s also started moving his arms and legs a ton. I have a feeling he’s going to be a handful once he’s able to be mobile!


Clearly not a morning person!

Clearly not a morning person!

Even though Kyler continues to be a relatively easy baby, we did just enter his first “Wonder Week” this week which has changed some things. Wonder weeks are specific times during your baby’s life where they are preparing to make ‘mental leaps’ in their development. Before each leap there’s a period of neediness/fussiness that lasts about a week. I learned about Wonder Weeks when I had Kevin and it was always so accurate, and so far it is with Kyler too. He hasn’t really been fussy – he still only really cries if he’s hungry, wants his diaper changed or wants to sleep and needs some help to fall asleep. But I have noticed that he wants more physical contact and has been wanting to eat a lot more, especially at night. His glorious sleep stretches of almost 5 hours have gone back to 2-2.5 hours because he is nursing more frequently. Hopefully they’ll go back to normal once he gets past this Wonder Week, because I am tired!!


Speaking of nursing, it’s going really well. He nurses about 9-10 times a day and usually eats from both sides. My supply seems to be doing great and I’m so thankful for that. However, just like Kevin did he prefers my right side to my left. My supply also seems to be a little less on that side and it makes him frustrated. To try to even it out and bump up my supply on that side I use my hand pump on the left if he doesn’t eat for long.


I’m not too worried about it though. I can tell he’s getting plenty of milk because this kid is growing like a weed! He just seems so much bigger to me lately. We also had to pack away the newborn clothes and take out the 0-3 size. This is crazy to me because Kevin wore newborn clothes for 3 months. Kyler was only in them for 3 1/2 weeks!


Some people have asked me if Kyler looks like Kevin. I knew they have some of the same features, but I hadn’t really compared their baby photos yet. I put these two pictures of both boys at around 4 weeks side by side and it was interesting to see their similarities and differences. Kyler is a lot bigger than Kevin was at this age and has darker hair (and a lot more of it!), but other than that they definitely look like brothers!



I felt pretty good physically this week! Here is the body after 4 weeks. I didn’t lose anymore weight this week but I notice a slight difference in my body, so I’m fine with that. I’m currently sitting at 139 pounds, so I’m 9 pounds away from pre-pregnancy weight.

DSCN4501 DSCN4502

The biggest news of the week for me physically is that I started running again! I wrote a post about my first postpartum run, but since then I have been able to run a few more times. Being able to do what I love again has made me feel back to normal and I love it! I have been working on running every other day and building back up slowly. So far I’m up to 2 miles. When I run I noticed my body feels a little creaky and awkward for the first few minutes, but then I am able to get into a better groove after that. I mostly feel that in my hips and pelvis. I can also tell that my core is weaker, and the postpartum belly jiggle isn’t very fun while running, but I know with time those things will get better. So far each run has been better than the last, so I’m really excited for what’s to come!


I could not wait to go to the chiropractor yesterday. I was feeling pretty tight and sore in my upper back/shoulders from so much nursing, especially at night since he’s been waking up more often. I also knew I could use an adjustment in my hips. As usual he put me back together and made me feel amazing! I’m so thankful that I discovered chiropractic care a few years ago. It’s made such a positive difference in my life.

Here’s the progress from week 1 to week 4.




I was a little worried about this week and how I would handle it emotionally, because I was going to be home with both kids Monday-Thursday. Last week I only had both kids by myself for one day. It went okay, but I wasn’t sure how it would be to have them for 4 consecutive days. It ended up going surprisingly well. I’ve already figured out some good tricks to juggling and managing both of their needs (sometimes at the same time). I obviously still have a lot to learn but it at least got me over the initial fear of taking care of a toddler and newborn on my own. We even managed to make it out of the house 3 days in a row! We went to story time at the library, to Kevin’s first dentist appointment, and to Target. All outings were successful without any meltdowns or incidents. I was very proud of myself!

Fun at the library!

Fun at the library!

Kevin's big boy dentist appointment!

Kevin’s big boy dentist appointment!

Target run with both boys :)

Target run with both boys 🙂

Kevin’s behavior is continuing to get better. We still have some rough moments, but overall he’s adjusting well. Sometimes I feel guilty when we’re all at home because he demands so much of my attention, which leads me to basically ignore Kyler except for feeding him. I’m not going to lie though, by the time Friday rolled around when Kevin was going to daycare I was ready. I love him to death but man, he’s definitely the difficult one compared to the newborn! It was nice to have some one-on-one time with Kyler after I couldn’t give him much attention all week. This is one of the reasons we plan to keep Kevin in daycare once a week throughout the summer, in addition to keeping him used to it and giving him a chance to see his friends.


How I get the toddler to nap these days! All of us in the bed and then mommy & baby leave when the timer goes off.

Kevin did have some really sweet moments this week though. First, I was in the bathroom getting myself ready and I came out to see Kevin with a stack of little books reading to Kyler. It seriously melted my heart that he did that totally unprompted.


And then when I was nursing Kyler for the 100th time on the couch, he came over to me with his Mickey, pulled up his shirt and said, “Look Mommy, I feed my baby too.” So sweet (and funny!)


This week my two best friends from home come to visit, which was so nice! They stayed with us overnight and we had such a good time just talking and catching up, relaxing, and playing with the kids. They are the best and I’m so glad that we remain so close even though they live in a different state than I do now!


It is crazy to me that Kyler will be a month old on Monday. Time is definitely moving way too fast and it makes me sad! I want him to stay little forever 😦


Learning to like baths a little more 🙂

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