Stridebox: March

Screen Shot 2014-10-12 at 9.11.18 PMIt’s finally time for another Stridebox review! Stridebox is a $15 monthly subscription box that contains samples of all things running related- nutrition, gear, and fun extras. I’m a little behind on these posts (clearly), but my husband and I have now tried everything that was in my March box, and we are ready to review the items we received.


When I received this box, I recorded a video of myself opening it and talking about some of the items like I did a few months ago. However, I couldn’t get it to upload to Youtube like last time. I’ll keep trying and insert it later if I can, but for more, I am video-less 😦 Anyway, here are the items we received this month and our review of them all!

Bonk Breaker – Energy Chews (Orange Tangerine): I was excited to see these in my box because we recently were able to try Bonk Breaker Energy Bars and loved them. I wasn’t super excited about the flavor though. I’ve mentioned this a lot before, but I don’t like oranges or orange-flavored things. I gave them to Kevin and he liked them a lot. He said they are pretty comparable to Honey Stinger Chews, which are our absolute favorite, and they weren’t overly chewy or difficult to eat. He said he would buy them again- and I’d be interested to buy them in a different flavor to try! Retail: $36.00/16 pouches ($2.25 each).

Untapped – Pure Vermont Maple Syrup: When I first saw this in my Stridebox I was a little confused. I had never heard of using maple syrup as running fuel, but it does make sense! I tasted it and then Kevin had the rest of the packet before a run after work for a boost of energy, since we hadn’t had dinner or anything yet and he needed something. It tasted just like the pure maple syrup we buy for pancakes and waffles and was delicious. Kevin said it did give him a nice boost at a time of the day when he’s usually tired and sluggish – once he was able to get over running with the taste of maple syrup in his mouth! Retail: $9.95/5 packets ($1.99 each).

Health Warrior – Chia Bar (Mango):. I was interested to try this energy bar made with chia seeds, dried fruit, cashew butter, rolled oats, almonds, and more. I have tried a few products lately that are made with chia seeds and have really enjoyed them. Chia seeds are a great source of omega-3s, fiber and protein – great for runners and especially for me as a vegetarian! I loved the small size of this bar, it was the perfect amount to eat right before early morning Body Pump. It digested super easily and kept me full until breakfast a few hours later. I would definitely purchase these on my own and would love to try some other flavors too, like apple cinnamon, chocolate peanut butter, coconut and berry! Retail: $23.50/15 bars ($1.57 each).

SOS – Hydration Drink Mix (Citrus): Kevin got to this one before I could! SOS Hydration Drink Mix comes in a little packet and is supposed to improve focus, stamina,and physical performance as well as keep you hydrated. He didn’t read the instructions that suggested drinking it before or during a run though, and instead had it after a super hot and sweaty run. He said the citrus flavor was good and it dissolved well in water, but it was a little salty tasting, I’m assuming from the electrolytes that are in it. It wasn’t his favorite drink mix he has tried. Retail: $7.99/10 packets ($0.79 each).

Honey Stinger – Energy Bar (Peanut Butter & Honey): I was super excited to see this bar in my box! I love Honey Stinger products, and actually used to eat this peanut butter and honey bar before most of my long runs a few years ago. Eventually I got sick of them (like my Clif Bar phase) and hadn’t had them since then. I read on my Stride Guide card that they recently reformulated the bar for better texture and taste, and I have to say I love them all over again! It tasted delicious and kept me full and fueled. I also like that this product (and all Honey Stinger products) are made with a good amount of real honey in addition to other natural ingredients. I think that’s what makes them so easy to digest and gentle on my sensitive stomach. Retail: $4.50/tube

Arena Sciences – Ice Cooling Towel: Okay so I haven’t actually used these yet, because it just started getting warm enough here to need them. I think they will be amazing this summer when I get back into running after having this baby! Retail: $4.99/5 towels

Stridebox – Stretch Strap: This is a cool little piece of equipment to add to my running gear stash! This strap can be used before or after a run to stretch more effectively, improve flexibility, and can lead to a better range of motion. I am guilty of not stretching enough, but having a strap like this is encouragement to do it. It came with a little card that had suggested stretches, but I wasn’t able to do them all because I am 9 months pregnant and some were just impossible! I’ll try them again after baby 🙂  Retail: $10.00.

Running Sticker. I always love this cute monthly addition to my box!


Overall I thought this was a good month for Stridebox. It had a nice variety of products and most of them were great! I received my April box a month ago but haven’t even dug into it yet! I told you I’m behind. I need to get busy! Hopefully I’ll be back soon with my next review 🙂

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Disclaimer: I am in no way affiliated with Stridebox (I wish I was! LOL). I purchased this subscription myself and all opinions are my own.


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