Baby 2.0 – 37 Weeks

Well, with my first pregnancy my 37 week update was the last one I wrote. My water broke at 37 weeks and 6 days, and Kevin was born 30 hours later at exactly 38 weeks. I have to say I really do think that I’ll be writing a 38 week update this time (and most likely 39 and 40 weeks as well!), but we’ll see! Here are all the details about week 37.



This week baby is the size of a winter melon. He could be anywhere from 6 to 9 pounds (whoa, that’s quite the range!) and anywhere from 18-21 inches. He is busy practicing skills like inhaling, exhaling, sucking, gripping and blinking. Even though he has developed his most important functions, he needs to spend these last few weeks getting stronger and healthier before it’s time to come out!

FullSizeRender-1  FullSizeRender


I have quite a bit to update on this week physically. I had my 36 week appointment with my midwives last Tuesday, where they did some tests (group B strep and iron levels), checked baby’s position and did an internal check for dilation and effacement while she was down there. She was able to confirm that baby was head down because she could actually feel his head through my cervix- which was 1 centimeter dilated and 60% effaced. I know that doesn’t really mean much but it’s kind of interesting, since I didn’t get checked at all like that until after my water broke and I was admitted to the hospital at 38 weeks. I don’t want to get a lot of cervical checks, but they do that to establish a baseline for once I’m in labor to see how much I’ve progressed.

DSCN4335  DSCN4340

More good news came a few days later, when I found out that my iron levels are good now after taking a supplement for almost 2 months now, and I am GBS negative! This means I don’t have to worry about any antibiotics when I go into labor or being put on a stricter timeline if my water breaks first again. It is just one less thing to worry about!

DSCN4338  DSCN4339

Aside from that I am continuing to have random pelvic pains (a.k.a. lightning crotch) as baby gets lower and lower. I also have a lot of soreness and tenderness around my belly button, which has almost fully popped out at this point. I am actually sleeping a little better for the most part, but it would be a lot better if I wasn’t congested all of a sudden! I think it’s my allergies, since this tends to happen every year around this time. It’s no fun but I know it will get better soon.


Whew- another busy week at work and at home! However, at the end of it I can say that I really do feel prepared for baby, which is good since I’m now full-term! I feel very relieved too because from now until 42 weeks, I will be able to go through the birth center with midwives as planned and not at the hospital. I didn’t really think I’d go into labor before 37 weeks or anything, but my best friend Ashley’s water randomly broke this past week and she had her baby shortly after. She was only 35 weeks 5 days! He was only 4.5 pounds but super healthy, and mom and baby are both doing well. They actually just went home from the hospital yesterday when he was 5 days old. When all of this happened it reminded me just how close we could be to meeting our baby, and that anything can happen!

We had our visit with our birth assistant to make sure we have everything we need for birth, and we have officially prepped everything for baby as well as completed random projects around the house. We have the car seat installed, bottle parts/pump parts/pacifiers sanitized, projects like staining furniture and recaulking bathroom tiles done, finally putting wires in wall from when we mounted our TV, and bought some supplies that we still needed like nursing bras and tanks, and our double BOB running stroller (!!!).

One bit of stress we had this week was getting surprising news from the pediatrician we have been seeing since shortly after Kevin was born. They informed us that they would not sign the document from our birth center agreeing to see our baby at his 2 day appointment, since he is not going to be born in a hospital facility. We were told (after a month of waiting) that only 3 out of the 8 doctors at the practice agreed to support our ‘choice’ so they could not sign the paperwork. We were extremely disappointed, but took it as a sign to switch pediatricians and find one that would be a better match for our family. We ended up finding one that we are really excited about, so I think it was all meant to be 🙂


Another week with a decreased appetite. It’s starting to show on the scale too – I didn’t gain any weight this week. My midwives told me this is normal as the stomach is so compressed in the last weeks of pregnancy. It feels like everything I eat gives me acid reflux/heartburn and also gives the baby hiccups. It is not very pleasant! In other food news, this week I officially finished the 15 freezer meals I prepared for after the baby is here, which feels SO GOOD! I wrote a post all about it a few days ago that can be found here. I know I am going to love having a months worth of food ready to go after the birth!



I had an amazing week of running except for one day- which is a win in my book at 37 weeks pregnant! I really believe there are two reasons why I had good runs this week: #1) Starting to go to the chiropractor (I went last weekend and this past weekend too), and #2) Doing 3 out of 4 runs in the morning. Coincidentally, the one run that was horrible was done after work. I think that the baby is just too low at that point – it felt like straight baby skull on my pubic bone. So painful! By far my best run was my “long” run on Saturday with our running group. I was only planning to do 4 miles but I felt so good that I added an extra mile on at the end. I didn’t feel pregnant at all. It was amazing! I know I say this every week, but I am so unbelievably thankful that my body has allowed me to continue running to this point. I feel stronger than ever!

  • Monday – rest day
  • Tuesday – 2 miles @ 11:28 pace
  • Wednesday – ​3 miles @ 10:57 pace
  • Thursday – rest day
  • Friday – 2 miles @ 11:04 pace
  • Saturday – 5 miles @ 10:39 pace
  • Sunday – Body Pump
  • Run – 12 miles
  • Strength – 1x


Week 37 Summary

  • Weight gained this week: +0.0 lbs.
  • Total weight gained: +26.0 lbs
  • Belly button status: Ouch is all I have to say 😦
  • Linea negra status: Starting to show up but only below my belly button this time!
  • Stretch mark status: Still none, but I check every day.
  • Best part of the week: Baby Henry being born and healthy as could be at 35 weeks!
  • Looking forward to: Little Kevin’s first race this weekend- a 1/4 mile kids run! He is so excited!
  • # of days until my next appointment: 1! My appointments are every Tuesday now.

37 weeks last time around!​


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