Baby 2.0 – 35 Weeks

I cannot believe I hit the 35 week mark yesterday! Well, I guess I can believe it because my body is starting to feel it and show signs of prepping for labor, but when I look back on this pregnancy I am amazed by how fast it seemed to fly by. It also makes me a little sad that it will all be over relatively soon! Pregnant emotions are the worst! Here are all the details about week 35.


Sneak peek of our maternity/family photo session over the weekend!


This week baby is the size of a coconut- approximately 5 pounds and 18 inches long! From now on, he will work on gaining weight to prepare for life on the outside and shouldn’t grow too much longer. His skin is looking less wrinkled as he puts on fat. His hearing has developed fully and he should react to noise, especially high-pitched ones. I have noticed him more around more when I’m around noise- so cool!

FullSizeRender FullSizeRender-1


I seem to be growing at a fast rate these days! The growth from week 30 until now has been pretty crazy. I’ve been carrying pretty high all along but this week my belly is noticeably lower, if you compare this week to last. You can see them side-by-side below.

DSCN4280 DSCN4289

I can definitely tell that baby is starting to drop too based on some other signs, like having to pee CONSTANTLY, a lot more random pelvic pain, and I feel like I am officially waddling when I walk. It’s weird because my belly also started dropping during week 35 in my last pregnancy. When I feel the top of my belly now it’s more squishy than hard like it was, and I don’t feel the baby’s butt/legs until right above my belly button. All this pressure on my lower belly is causing my belly button to stick out more and it’s REALLY tender and sensitive. I also think this may lead to some of my very first stretch marks at some point during my last 5ish weeks of pregnancy. I hope not, but I have a feeling they are coming!


Other symptoms this week include a ton of Braxton Hicks contractions, sore boobs, and having to start wearing panty liners due to things going on down there and increased discharge! LOL. The end of pregnancy means get ready for some TMI stuff- that’s just the way it is!

DSCN4292 DSCN4293

Unfortunately I am not sleeping well either. I am very restless and still breathing heavily according to my husband. It’s more difficult to find a comfortable position so I find myself tossing and turning most of the night. I also have had some leg cramps during the night. All typical of late pregnancy. I know all of this may sound like I am complaining, and really- these symptoms are not exactly fun- but I’m really trying to cherish the last few weeks of pregnancy because I know it will all be over soon. With this most likely being our last, I’ll never get to experience this again. I remind myself of that on the hard days. Luckily, I do feel good 80% of the time, so I’m thankful for that.


I had a much better week emotionally, thanks to getting a lot done with my hubby! We took care of a lot of mini-projects that we’ve been putting off around the house, and most importantly we were able to finish putting the nursery back to the way it was when we first brought Kevin home. The dresser is filled with teeny clothes and diapers, and we raised the crib back up. Kevin is also officially in his big boy room which is 90% complete. We just need to do a few finishing touches and then I’ll share what it looks like. Until then, here’s the nursery- complete with a homemade banner made by my friend for my sprinkle to help welcome Kyler home 🙂



We also had maternity photos done, like I mentioned at the beginning of the post. I’ve only seen a few sneak peeks so far but I LOVE them. The same woman who did these pictures will be doing our birth photography and I’m so excited. She has an awesome style with a mixture of candid and posed photos. I love this one she took of Kevin, it melts my heart. I’ll share them all once we get them back!



I was HUNGRY this week! I definitely ate what I felt like eating and didn’t feel bad about it- even though it wasn’t always the healthiest option. I was also really active so that could have played a part, along with this baby that seems to keep growing and growing. I continued with my plan of making double of our dinner each night and freezing the extra, and it’s working out great. My freezer is getting nice and stocked! I can’t wait to write a blog post all about what meals I made. By the end of it all I’ll have at least a month of meals done. Yay!


I had an awesome week in terms of fitness! I hit a milestone this week when I passed the 700 mile mark of pregnant running! I reached 762 miles when I was pregnant with my first baby, and I don’t think I’ll hit that this time- but that’s okay. I feel so thankful to still feel good and able to continue to do what I love during this special time.


I was able to do a lot of running with other people this week, which felt great. I ran with the kids at my school twice this week at running club, had a group run with friends on Saturday, and hosted a hill clinic with my local Moms Run This Town group on Sunday. I can’t believe how good I felt this week. The only real issue I had was some Braxton Hicks toward the end of some runs and afterwards. My favorite run was my “long run” of 5 miles on Saturday. The weather was beautiful and 10 of us headed out for various distances at different paces. My friend Gina stuck with me since I was only running 5 and going slower than the others. Our other two friends Cynthia and Laura also ran with us before we turned around. At the halfway point I stopped my watch for about 1-2 minutes to quickly stretch out my hip which was feeling tight, and then we headed back. I was shocked at the pace we were able to keep. I finished feeling amazing and like I could’ve kept going, although I know at this point of pregnancy that is not necessary. The route was pretty flat which definitely helped- the hills aren’t doing my body any favors these days! Flat feels good so that’s what I’m going to try to stick with.

  • Monday – 2 miles @ 10:53 pace
  • Tuesday – 1 mile @ ? (untimed at school running club)
  • Wednesday – ​3 miles @ 11:01 pace
  • Thursday – 2 miles @ ? (untimed at school running club)
  • Friday – rest day
  • Saturday – 5 miles @ 10:27 pace
  • Sunday – Body Pump + 2 miles @ 10:28 pace
  • Run – 15 miles
  • Strength – 1x


Week 35 Summary

  • Weight gained this week: +1.6 lbs.
  • Total weight gained: +25.6 lbs.
  • Belly button status: Really weird looking!
  • Linea negra status: Still not really anything! Weird because it was dark at this point last time.
  • Stretch mark status: Still none but I think they’re coming :/
  • Best part of the week: Taking photos with my family ❤
  • Looking forward to: Not having a super full schedule for the next few weekends. We’ve been so busy lately, I can’t wait!
  • # of days until my next race: 4! I’ll be running a local 5K.
  • # of days until my next appointment: 7. Then my appointments become weekly!

35 weeks last time around!​


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