Mom & Toddler: 2.5 years!

As of March 12th, my little baby boy was 2 1/2 years old! I haven’t updated on him since turned two, and a lot has changed since then! We are in full-blown toddler/little boy mode, and this kid is FULL of personality and energy! Here are all the details about Kevin at this super fun age.

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At his 2.5 year appointment Kevin was 39 inches tall (97th percentile) and 31 pounds (70th percentile). He’s still a tall and skinny kid! He wears size 3T pants and tops in 2T-3T depending on the brand. He is in a size 6 shoe. Such a big boy!

At his doctor appointment after a finger prick that didn't even make him flinch :)

At his doctor appointment after a finger prick that didn’t even make him flinch 🙂

Kevin’s sleep has been pretty good over the past 6 months. He goes to sleep between 7:30 and 8:00 p.m. and we get him up for daycare around 6:30 a.m., so he gets 11 hours a night on average. He also naps for about 2 hours every afternoon around 12:30 or 1:00. Since his final molars broke through, his sleep has been super consistent and pretty good- unless he’s sick or his schedule is thrown off for some reason. Then things can get ugly! This kid LOVES his routine!


The biggest change in sleep has been that we’ve transitioned him into a big boy bed to prepare for when baby #2 comes. We knew it was time when he climbed out of his crib for the first time and walked casually down the hall to us after a nap. I’m so glad we waited until he was ready, because it was a really easy switch. We started with a mattress on the floor in his nursery to keep it semi-familiar. We plan to make his ‘big boy room’ soon so that each of the boys can have their own space. He loves his new bed and is so good about staying in it. I was worried he’d be in and out of it all night long but it hasn’t been a problem at all. He is seriously growing up so fast!


So we’ve made progress on the big boy bed, but as far as potty training we’re pretty much at the same point as we were before. He is much more willing to go at daycare where other kids are going. At home we have a hard time even getting him to sit on the potty, let alone pee on it. We’re fine with that, since he’s still relatively young and we don’t want to push it – especially with all the change a new baby brings. In the meantime he still looks super cute in his cloth diapers! BumGenius Freetimes fit him best right now so that’s we stick to for the most part lately.


This little boy has become SO verbal in the last few months. He now speaks in complete sentences- usually sentences that go on and on and on! He loves to tell stories, ask questions (especially, “What’s that?”), talk about things that have happened (he has an amazing memory), and “read” books he has memorized. He amazes me!

Along with his emerging vocal personality comes a negative side, since he is in the “terrible twos” after all! We experience frequent temper tantrums, attitude, and trips to time out. However, they are balanced out by his extremely loving and caring side. He is so affectionate and has really great manners, which we are very proud of. Those things make the occasional outbursts and yelling of one his favorite phrases (“Go away!”) easier to handle 🙂


Even though he’s pretty young, he is very aware that a baby is joining our family soon. He tells me all the time how my belly is growing, and loves giving it kisses and hugs. He also talks to his brother and likes to feel him kicking. He will pretend his stuffed animals are babies and practice feeding them. I think he’s going to be a great big brother!



Food can be tricky at this age. His appetite tends to come and go, but lately he’s been eating a ton. His favorite foods are bananas, blueberries, strawberries, grapes, raisins (all fruit), pancakes, peanut butter, cheese, black beans, chickpeas, corn, avocado, pasta (especially macaroni and cheese), tortillas, green smoothies, eggs, and much more! He loves drinking out of a ‘big boy cup’ and eating what mommy and daddy are eating. At this 2 1/2 year appointment he was tested for anemia again since he doesn’t eat meat yet, and his iron came back great. Yeah!! I do think we’re going to slowly introduce some meat to him soon though, since he’s starting to show some interest in it. I have no idea how he will react to it, but I feel he’s getting old enough to make that choice for himself now.

He loves our Olaf waffle maker! Especially on snow days :)

He loves our Olaf waffle maker! Especially on snow days 🙂

Like I said earlier, one of his favorite things is books and reading. He is lucky enough to have a shelf full of books and is content looking through them independently and loves for us to read them to him. One of his favorite places to go is the library. He asks to go on a daily basis. This reading specialist loves it!



Other than books, he also loves playing with all things transportation related. Trucks, cars, trains, you name it. He also likes pointing out these things while we’re driving too, which has made car rides a little easier and more entertaining for him.


Lately he’s also been into coloring. He’s been learning about colors and shapes at daycare and he likes to show me and practice. His favorite shape to draw is a circle 🙂


One of his favorite things is helping me or his daddy in any way he can. He likes to help clean, fix things, cook, wash us in the shower, and so on. He’s always so proud of himself when he’s done and loves to tell me, “Kevin is so helpful!” One of our favorite things to do together is cook and bake. We did a lot of this on our snow days at home. He also loves to help me with laundry. He will pick out all the socks and match them up. I hate doing that job so it works out well!

Baking cookies!

Baking cookies!


We do let him watch some TV now, although it’s very limited. His favorites are Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Frozen, Paw Patrol, and Elmo. He also loves a Youtube video that plays a lot of nursery rhyme songs. These things don’t hold his interest for very long though, which is fine. Now these window decals on the other hand (see photo below)… those can hold his attention forever! I always pick them up at the dollar section in Target and he loves them!


Kevin loves to be outside, which was a little tough with the cold and snowy winter we just had. He did have a ton of fun playing in the snow, especially when both mommy and daddy were off from work and home with him.

10959086_10108164614404174_7082915964435722996_n  10989206_10108164613106774_6972811947134071112_n

When it’s not freezing outside, we like to go outside to walk in the neighborhood, go for runs in the stroller, play at the playground, and look for dogs and cats. He LOVES going running with us and is constantly telling us to run faster, like we can while pushing him! Haha!


 10848064_10107807527913364_4659599396883408976_n 10690170_10107978765531804_4662318676607061550_n

Chasing his shadow :)

Chasing his shadow 🙂

He has learned so much over the last few months, it is pretty unbelievable! He can sing the ABC song, count up to 14, name all colors, name some shapes, spell his name and identify some letters in it, tell us his address, and “read” memorized books. His memory is seriously amazing. Sometimes he will talk about things that happened a long time ago and I can’t believe he remembers it!

He's also learned how to take a selfie... LOL!

He’s also learned how to take a selfie… LOL!

He still loves music. Dancing and singing are two of his favorite things.  His favorite songs are “You Are My Sunshine,” “Animals” by Maroon 5 (every time it comes on he says, “This is my song!!”, “Homegrown Honey” by Darius Rucker, “Shake it Off” by Taylor Swift, and many more. It’s hilarious to hear him sing these songs in his little voice. Aside from music, he loves water too. I’m pretty sure bath time is his favorite time of day… especially when daddy plays music while he’s in the bath. Two of his favorite things!


This little boy gave us a few scares over the past 6 months as well. We had our first trip to the emergency room when he pulled down a Christmas stocking holder and it punctured him in the head. This resulted in a lot of blood, a lot of tears (more from me than him), and a staple in the head 😦 He handled it so well though, and we were really proud of him.


Another scary night was when he became pretty violently sick from both ends, and we couldn’t get it to stop. I hate to see my little boy not feeling well, and he had never been that sick before. His sad little face killed me (and cleaning it all up did too, blech!).


We did a little bit of traveling over the last months, all to visit family in Pennsylvania, Myrtle Beach, and West Virginia, where we made some really special memories!


French Creek State Park in Pennsylvania

French Creek State Park in Pennsylvania

Myrtle Beach

Myrtle Beach

We also celebrated some holidays, including Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. It was so much fun experiencing these holidays with a toddler who understands them better now. He gets so excited and it’s really fun passing on traditions and starting new ones.


Finally, this boy has gotten seriously attached to his daddy! I think he will always be a mama’s boy at heart, but he definitely has a special bond with daddy too. It’s really fun to watch them interact, and it makes me excited to have another boy and be the only woman of the house!



Well, you all know what I’ve been up to the last 6 months thanks to my pregnancy updates! I found out I was pregnant a week before Kevin turned 2, so I’ve been keeping tabs on myself in those posts. In the past 6 months I have had extreme highs and some lows in my professional life as a teacher, and my personal life as a [pregnant] mommy, wife, and runner. Like always, going through challenging times has helped me learn more about myself and I do think I’m a lot stronger now and in a better place emotionally than I was 6 months ago when I last updated on myself.

Oh how time flies... the night we brought him home from the hospital compared to the last night I could rock him to sleep in the glider a couple months ago :(

Oh how time flies… the night we brought him home from the hospital compared to the last night I could rock him to sleep in the glider a couple months ago 😦

Physically, when I wrote Kevin’s 2 year update I said I felt better than ever thanks to getting back into strength training and my 101 day running streak. I can’t say I still feel that way since I’m 8 months pregnant, but I still feel pretty darn good (most days) and I’m so thankful for that! It will be interesting to see how I feel after delivering baby #2. I already plan to do a lot of things differently and not be so hard on myself. More on that in another blog post to come!


Mommy and daddy love you so much Kevin! We can’t wait to see what the next 6 months hold for you as you become a big brother! The fun is just beginning!


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