Baby 2.0 – 33 Weeks

Week 33 was long and crazy busy! We had some really great times- including my 10K race and our baby sprinkle, but after a ton of work stress I’m very thankful to now officially be on spring break! Here are all the details!



This week baby is the size of a durian?! Looks as if it is some type of prickly fruit… which is exactly what it feels like is inside of me lately! This baby feels so big and his movements are so forceful. It’s hard to believe he still needs to grow for another 7 or so weeks, but I know he does. He’s about 4-5 pounds at this point and will gain about 1/2 pound per week until birth. Baby boy now keeps his eyes open when he is awake. He is coordinating his breathing with sucking and swallowing, his bones are hardening, and his brain is continuing to develop rapidly!

FullSizeRender-1  FullSizeRender


Last week I said I was feeling really good physically. That’s still true for the most part, but I’m definitely getting to the less comfortable stage of pregnancy. Aches and pains are starting emerge and remind me that I am nearing the end. When I look back at the last few weeks of pictures, I can see why I am feeling this way lately. My belly has grown quite a bit recently! I have been feeling some pain in my feet and felt like I needed more support (especially in my arches), so I bought some inserts and they have helped a ton. I know this is common during pregnancy due to extra weight combined with the relaxin hormone which is starting to relax my joints and ligaments for birth, which is putting more strain on my feet. I already have high arches so the support has really helped. I’ve also felt a little bit of pain in my leg where my varicose veins are. Cutting back on activity, wearing compression and resting has helped with that. Finally, I’m beginning to feel some sharp pains deep in my pelvis where baby’s head must be hitting some nerves. What’s interesting is that I also had this starting in week 33 last time around, according my blog post from Kevin’s pregnancy! Sigh… just that point in pregnancy I guess! But overall I truly do feel good. The moments of discomfort are pretty few and far between. I’ll take it!

DSCN4184  DSCN4183

Aside from occasional aches and pains, this week I started noticing some of my first trimester symptoms returning. Mainly fatigue, nausea and lightheadedness. I felt a little nauseous if I needed to eat or if I ate too much for my squished belly to handle. It’s definitely manageable, but it’s just interesting how it comes full circle during the 40 weeks of pregnancy!

DSCN4185  DSCN4186


This week we were all healthy (yeah!!) so that’s a big plus! Work was really busy and kept me pretty stressed, but knowing spring break was coming helped me stay focused. Once the work week was over we had a really busy weekend as well. Family came into town on Friday, my 10K race was on Saturday morning, my nephew’s 2nd birthday party was on Saturday afternoon, and my baby sprinkle was on Sunday. Whew!! Talk about a loaded weekend.


Since we were so busy we didn’t have time to do many baby-related tasks this week. Luckily, we have a wide open schedule in April so we’ll be spending our weekends getting things done and preparing. I already started a little today by planning out our weekly meal plan and making a grocery list. I am going to make double of each one and freeze the extra for when the baby comes. This will give me 4 freezer meals this week. Yeah!! I’m going to repeat this each week for a little while, then I plan to write a blog post all about the vegetarian freezer meals I make once I’m finished with the process in a few weeks.


Other than that I’m really trying to enjoy every day of my spring break with my little boy. This is the last time I’ll get to spend time off from work with him before another baby joins the family, so it’s a special week for me. We have some fun things planned but mostly I’m just looking forward to some quality time together!



My appetite was much better and less crazy this week. I guess baby’s growth spurt is over! I was able to keep my diet pretty balanced and healthy, with a few indulgences at my sprinkle and my nephew’s birthday party over the weekend, but nothing too crazy 🙂 The last few weeks is when I packed some weight on last time around, and while I know baby needs to gain some weight (obviously) I want to try not to overindulge and add too much extra. So I’ll be trying to keep my food as clean as I can for the remaining weeks to give baby the nutrients he needs to grow big and strong, but that won’t leave me feeling swollen and sluggish.


The biggest news in terms of fitness this week was my race! I already wrote a recap all about it (linked at the top of this post), but it was a great experience and I’m glad I did it. I’m also glad to be cutting back a little more now that it’s over. My body is telling me that it’s ready!


When I run my right leg is still going numb and tingly a little at times, but I still haven’t made an appointment with the chiropractor. I’m hoping to do that this week while I am off from work. Wearing inserts is also helping with the foot pain I mentioned earlier. I’ve been running more frequently without my watch so that I can just get the mileage in without caring about my slowing pace, and taking more walking breaks. With all of these things popping up I am definitely starting to cut myself some slack and rest when I feel I need to, or if I just want to! This means my mileage went down slightly and I only went to one Body Pump class rather than two, but you know what? I’m 33 weeks pregnant and still doing a good job staying active so I’m okay with it 🙂

  • Monday – Rest Day
  • Tuesday – Body Pump
  • Wednesday – ​3 miles @ 10:49 pace
  • Thursday – 3 miles @ ? (untimed)
  • Friday – Rest Day
  • Saturday – 6.2 miles @ 10:30 pace (Monument Ave 10K race recap here!)
  • Sunday – 2 miles @ ? (untimed)
  • Run – 14.2 miles
  • Strength – 1x

Before a run on a beautiful 76 degree day! I sure know how to make my neighbors stare 🙂

Week 33 Summary

  • Weight gained this week: +1.0 lb. I’ve been gaining a pound a week pretty steadily lately.
  • Total weight gained: +23.0 lbs.
  • Best part of the week: hard to pick just one.. the race, our sprinkle, beginning spring break, all good things!
  • Looking forward to: having the whole week at home with my boy!
  • # of people who told me I look big: ~10
  • # of people who told me I look small: ~10 (LOL)
  • # of days until my next appointment: today!
  • # of days until my next race: 18. I’ll be doing a 5K at a local hospital 🙂

33 weeks last time around!​


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