Baby 2.0 – 31 Weeks

Now that I am in the “30s” I am feeling more pressure to get things done! Time is going too fast and our to-do list keeps growing. Thankfully we accomplished a LOT this week! Read on for details about week 31!



This week baby is the size of a pineapple… whaaaaat!? I definitely believe it though, because that’s basically what it feels like inside of me. He is able to turn his head and is very active in there at this point. I have even noticed that he has started to get hiccups occasionally! Apparently he is about to enter a growth spurt- uh oh, I better start preparing myself for that! By now the baby has also developed all 5 of his senses, and major brain and nerve development begins now as well.

FullSizeRender-2 FullSizeRender


I definitely feel pregnant these days! First of all, I feel like my belly grew a lot this week. I have also noticed myself starting to walk a little differently. I don’t want to say I’m waddling, but there’s definitely a little ‘sway’ to my walk now :). I get out of breath more easily, especially going up stairs, and it takes me a little longer to get up from a sitting position. I’ve also started to notice some Braxton Hicks contractions happening. They aren’t painful or anything, but I can see and feel my stomach tightening occasionally. This didn’t happen until much later last time!

DSCN4083  DSCN4084

Once again a super active baby and crazy dreams kept me from sleeping well. That combined with my first full week of work in a long time because of all of our snow days left me feeling exhausted by the time the weekend finally got here! And then we had a super busy weekend, so I didn’t get much rest. Whew. No wonder I am falling asleep on the couch every night by 8 p.m.!

DSCN4088 DSCN4089

I had an appointment at the birth center at the beginning of the week which always makes me happy. We got to talk about a lot of things that I had questions about regarding our birth plan, home birth supplies, our plan for what will happen with Kevin during labor, and more. We also talked about how I’m doing physically. My belly is measuring perfectly at 31 centimeters and Kyler’s heart rate was in the 130s. I mentioned that I feel good despite not sleeping well, and I also mentioned that I sometimes feel crampy while running. She encouraged me to just listen to my body and to slow down/stop if needed- which I have been doing. The coolest part of the appointment was when she felt around my belly and showed me exactly what position Kyler is in. He is currently head down, and she felt little hands moving around by his head low in my pelvis- which makes sense because I’ve been feeling a ‘tickling’ feeling down low, and in ultrasounds his hands are always up by his face 🙂


What’s been on my mind this week is the same as last week- getting everything ready for baby. I had a mini-meltdown when I felt overwhelmed with all that we have to do not only to prepare for baby but also just around the house. There are things I really want to get done now because I know once baby arrives, it won’t happen for a LONG time. Luckily I have an amazing husband who knows how to calm me down and get me back to reality. He sat down and made a list with me, and then we prioritized everything using a scale of 1-10. Then we tackled what we needed to do together. I feel SO much better now. Some of the things we accomplished this weekend include: writing a birth plan for home and a ‘just in case’ one for the hospital, organizing all of Kevin’s clothes from newborn-2T (and kicked myself the whole time for not doing a better job with this in the first place), washed and prepped all the newborn & 0-3 stuff, more cleaning/organizing around the house, cleaning out our crazy laundry room, cleaning out/vacuuming/washing one of our cars, and more that I know I am forgetting. I also attempted to get my TDAP vaccine but when I went it was an hour and a half wait and I just couldn’t do that. I’ll try again this weekend. Along with all of this we had time for some fun stuff too. We went out to dinner with a friend, visited the library, baked some muffins, and I went to Body Pump and for a 7 mile run. Busy, busy weekend!


I love tiny baby clothes!

Aside from my meltdown I did have a good week emotionally. I have started getting really excited when I think about giving birth again. My experience giving birth to Kevin was amazing, challenging and changed my life forever. I can’t wait to do it all over again. We’re starting to prepare for another birth by rereading some books and we’ll be doing a Bradley Method refresher with our former teacher who was also our doula this weekend. Yay!!


It felt so good to get back to cooking in our house again and following our meal plan thanks to our new appliances. We had our new fridge delivered on Saturday and our kitchen is now complete! I feel really good about my food choices this week even though they included a few indulgences, like a DELICIOUS peanut butter pie and Mexican dinner out with a friend. I’ve started bumping up the salads and smoothies now that the weather is getting warmer, and it’s really make me feel great inside and out.



I will never understand how I struggle through short runs during the week and then have an amazing long run on the weekend! I spent all week feeling discouraged about how rough my runs were and how heavy and slow I felt. But then on Sunday morning I felt so good while on my 7 mile long run with two friends. I had no discomfort at all and barely felt pregnant- except when we had to stop for a potty break at mile 4. I think one of the keys to a good run for me at this point is running every other day and trying not to run on too many hills, which I have noticed are a lot harder on my body. I am so thankful for a good long run at 31 weeks pregnant, but it’s a little bittersweet too because starting next week I’m cutting down to 6 miles, and then continuing to cut down from there. I know I’ll get back there eventually, and I’m going to enjoy the ‘break’ while it lasts! Two recent developments with my running include my right leg feeling a bit numb at times (which also happened during my last pregnancy around 30 weeks), and Braxton Hicks contractions during and after a run. The Braxton Hicks are painless, but I can see my tummy tightening on and off. I’m making sure to drink a lot of water and listening to my body when it says to stop or cut back. 

  • Monday – Rest Day
  • Tuesday – 1 mile with the kids at running club
  • Wednesday – ​4 miles @ 10:29 pace
  • Thursday – Body Pump + 1.5 miles with the kids at running club
  • Friday – 2.5 miles @ 11:12 pace
  • Saturday – Body Pump 
  • Sunday – 7 miles @ 10:46 pace
  • Run – 16 miles
  • Strength – 2x


Week 31 Summary

  • Weight gained this week: +1.2 lbs.
  • Total weight gained: +21.0 lbs.
  • Most embarrassing part of the week: Cracking open what I thought were hard boiled eggs for a snack at work… they weren’t hard boiled 😦 Baby brain strikes again!
  • Looking forward to: Seeing one of my best friends this weekend who is due 3 days after me!!! I haven’t seen her in a couple months and I really want to take some fun pictures together. She is also having a boy 🙂
  • # of days until my next race: 12! I’ll be doing a 10K with some friends on March 28th.
  • # of days until our baby sprinkle: 13. It is the next day, on March 29th.

31 weeks last time around!​


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