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Baby 2.0 – 33 Weeks

Week 33 was long and crazy busy! We had some really great times- including my 10K race and our baby sprinkle, but after a ton of work stress I’m very thankful to now officially be on spring break! Here are all the details!



This week baby is the size of a durian?! Looks as if it is some type of prickly fruit… which is exactly what it feels like is inside of me lately! This baby feels so big and his movements are so forceful. It’s hard to believe he still needs to grow for another 7 or so weeks, but I know he does. He’s about 4-5 pounds at this point and will gain about 1/2 pound per week until birth. Baby boy now keeps his eyes open when he is awake. He is coordinating his breathing with sucking and swallowing, his bones are hardening, and his brain is continuing to develop rapidly!

FullSizeRender-1  FullSizeRender


Last week I said I was feeling really good physically. That’s still true for the most part, but I’m definitely getting to the less comfortable stage of pregnancy. Aches and pains are starting emerge and remind me that I am nearing the end. When I look back at the last few weeks of pictures, I can see why I am feeling this way lately. My belly has grown quite a bit recently! I have been feeling some pain in my feet and felt like I needed more support (especially in my arches), so I bought some inserts and they have helped a ton. I know this is common during pregnancy due to extra weight combined with the relaxin hormone which is starting to relax my joints and ligaments for birth, which is putting more strain on my feet. I already have high arches so the support has really helped. I’ve also felt a little bit of pain in my leg where my varicose veins are. Cutting back on activity, wearing compression and resting has helped with that. Finally, I’m beginning to feel some sharp pains deep in my pelvis where baby’s head must be hitting some nerves. What’s interesting is that I also had this starting in week 33 last time around, according my blog post from Kevin’s pregnancy! Sigh… just that point in pregnancy I guess! But overall I truly do feel good. The moments of discomfort are pretty few and far between. I’ll take it!

DSCN4184  DSCN4183

Aside from occasional aches and pains, this week I started noticing some of my first trimester symptoms returning. Mainly fatigue, nausea and lightheadedness. I felt a little nauseous if I needed to eat or if I ate too much for my squished belly to handle. It’s definitely manageable, but it’s just interesting how it comes full circle during the 40 weeks of pregnancy!

DSCN4185  DSCN4186


This week we were all healthy (yeah!!) so that’s a big plus! Work was really busy and kept me pretty stressed, but knowing spring break was coming helped me stay focused. Once the work week was over we had a really busy weekend as well. Family came into town on Friday, my 10K race was on Saturday morning, my nephew’s 2nd birthday party was on Saturday afternoon, and my baby sprinkle was on Sunday. Whew!! Talk about a loaded weekend.


Since we were so busy we didn’t have time to do many baby-related tasks this week. Luckily, we have a wide open schedule in April so we’ll be spending our weekends getting things done and preparing. I already started a little today by planning out our weekly meal plan and making a grocery list. I am going to make double of each one and freeze the extra for when the baby comes. This will give me 4 freezer meals this week. Yeah!! I’m going to repeat this each week for a little while, then I plan to write a blog post all about the vegetarian freezer meals I make once I’m finished with the process in a few weeks.


Other than that I’m really trying to enjoy every day of my spring break with my little boy. This is the last time I’ll get to spend time off from work with him before another baby joins the family, so it’s a special week for me. We have some fun things planned but mostly I’m just looking forward to some quality time together!



My appetite was much better and less crazy this week. I guess baby’s growth spurt is over! I was able to keep my diet pretty balanced and healthy, with a few indulgences at my sprinkle and my nephew’s birthday party over the weekend, but nothing too crazy 🙂 The last few weeks is when I packed some weight on last time around, and while I know baby needs to gain some weight (obviously) I want to try not to overindulge and add too much extra. So I’ll be trying to keep my food as clean as I can for the remaining weeks to give baby the nutrients he needs to grow big and strong, but that won’t leave me feeling swollen and sluggish.


The biggest news in terms of fitness this week was my race! I already wrote a recap all about it (linked at the top of this post), but it was a great experience and I’m glad I did it. I’m also glad to be cutting back a little more now that it’s over. My body is telling me that it’s ready!


When I run my right leg is still going numb and tingly a little at times, but I still haven’t made an appointment with the chiropractor. I’m hoping to do that this week while I am off from work. Wearing inserts is also helping with the foot pain I mentioned earlier. I’ve been running more frequently without my watch so that I can just get the mileage in without caring about my slowing pace, and taking more walking breaks. With all of these things popping up I am definitely starting to cut myself some slack and rest when I feel I need to, or if I just want to! This means my mileage went down slightly and I only went to one Body Pump class rather than two, but you know what? I’m 33 weeks pregnant and still doing a good job staying active so I’m okay with it 🙂

  • Monday – Rest Day
  • Tuesday – Body Pump
  • Wednesday – ​3 miles @ 10:49 pace
  • Thursday – 3 miles @ ? (untimed)
  • Friday – Rest Day
  • Saturday – 6.2 miles @ 10:30 pace (Monument Ave 10K race recap here!)
  • Sunday – 2 miles @ ? (untimed)
  • Run – 14.2 miles
  • Strength – 1x

Before a run on a beautiful 76 degree day! I sure know how to make my neighbors stare 🙂

Week 33 Summary

  • Weight gained this week: +1.0 lb. I’ve been gaining a pound a week pretty steadily lately.
  • Total weight gained: +23.0 lbs.
  • Best part of the week: hard to pick just one.. the race, our sprinkle, beginning spring break, all good things!
  • Looking forward to: having the whole week at home with my boy!
  • # of people who told me I look big: ~10
  • # of people who told me I look small: ~10 (LOL)
  • # of days until my next appointment: today!
  • # of days until my next race: 18. I’ll be doing a 5K at a local hospital 🙂

33 weeks last time around!​

Kyler’s Baby Sprinkle

Screen Shot 2015-03-29 at 9.19.48 AM

I am feeling so special and loved after Kyler’s baby sprinkle today! When my sister-in-law and one of my best friends brought up the idea of throwing us a little sprinkle I was hesitant about it. There is really not much that we need for baby #2, especially since we are having another boy. But they insisted that we needed to at least get some loved ones together to celebrate this new baby, so I agreed and I’m so glad I did! It was a wonderful day spent with people that love us and baby Kyler already. We received some necessities (diapers, breast pads, milk bags, bottles, etc.) and some fun stuff too! Here are some pictures from our little celebration today.


11096466_442408779254685_5930603981174073551_n             10408555_442408825921347_5570571273745423051_n





DSCN4239  DSCN4243




DSCN4208   DSCN4211




It was a special day for a special little boy! I can’t wait to meet this little one in about 7 more weeks!


Ukrop’s Monument Ave 10K

Screen Shot 2015-03-29 at 7.32.38 AM

Yesterday I ran my 7th race of this pregnancy, the Monument Ave 10K in Richmond, Virginia! I was excited to run this race for a few reasons. First, running in the city of Richmond is awesome. There’s a huge active community there and they put on some really fun and well done races. Second, I had heard good things about this 10K- which is very popular with over 35,000 runners! Finally, I was considering this my last “long” race of pregnancy. Running 6.2 miles at 33 weeks pregnant is not easy at this point, and I knew it would be my last race beyond a 5K for quite a while.


Richmond is only about an hour from where I live, so the logistics of this race were pretty easy. My in-laws were actually driving north from South Carolina to visit us for the weekend, so they stopped to pick up both mine and Laura’s bibs on the way. This helped a ton since traffic in this area on a Friday evening is terrible! The next morning Laura picked me up at 6:45 a.m. and we were parking close to the start by 8:00. I was shocked at how easy it was, especially considering this was a HUGE race with 35,000 participants!


We saw the elite division start on our walk over!

One of the unfortunate parts of this race was that it was FREEZING outside. Weather in Virginia in March is hit-or-miss, and race day was kind of a miss. Temps were in the 30s but felt colder due to some bad wind. Laura and I stayed in the car as long as we could, but eventually we had to make our way to the start line. Looking on the bright side, at least it wasn’t raining or snowing and the sun was out!


Since this race is so large, they have a TON of waves. Laura was in wave K and I was all the way back in TA which started 30 minutes later. She started pretty quickly after we arrived, and then I waited to use the porta-potty which passed some time. After that I tried to find a sunny spot to wait until my wave moved up and danced around in place to keep warm.

And she's off!

And she’s off!

Finally it was almost my turn to start! I was more than ready. I was shivering and my hands and feet were numb. I couldn’t wait to get going.

Almost as soon as we started I realized how tense my body was from the cold. I felt really stiff everywhere including my belly, and it was really uncomfortable. I kept wishing my body to warm up faster so I would feel better. I also felt a little thirsty since I didn’t bring a water bottle. I planned to drink at the water stations, but I was regretting it a little bit at the beginning. Thankfully the first mile passed quickly due to the amazing entertainment (bands every quarter mile!) and lots of runners to watch as I ran, since it was an out and back race.

Course Map

Course Map

  • Mile 1 – 10:13


I did start to warm up some after passing the 1 mile mark, but my body still felt very tense. I actually started wondering if I made the right choice to run this race. I kept plugging along though, drank some water which helped a lot, and tried my best to enjoy myself.

  • Mile 2 – 10:27

Finally after passing mile 2 I found my groove. My body had loosened up and my hands weren’t numb anymore. My feet still were, but it was manageable. I felt SO much better!!! There were a lot of water stops and I walked through each one, taking 1 or 2 cups of water each time. Despite my short walks I was still keeping a decent pace!

  • Mile 3 – 10:42


Right past mile 3 we turned around and started heading the opposite direction. The sun was shining bright at this point, which helped a lot with the temperature and the wind. Laura texted me around this time to tell me she was done and was coming back to get me. This made me happy since usually I am the one that does that for my friends! During this mile I started to really enjoy myself and appreciate everything about this race. The organization, the entertainment, the course- it was all great! Even though there were 35,000 runners it never felt overcrowded to me thanks to the wave starts. I was impressed.

  • Mile 4 – 10:29


As I was running there were also a ton of awesome spectators along the course cheering us on. It felt like the whole city of Richmond was there. I heard a few comments about “running for two” and “running mama” which made me smile 🙂

  • Mile 5 – 10:32

Right at mile 5 I saw Laura! I was so happy to see her. She hopped into the race and started running with me. She told me all about her race and how she came within 2-3 of her 10K PR at less than 3 months postpartum! Time flew once she was running with me, and before I knew it we were approaching the finish line.

  • Mile 6 – 10:32
  • The last .20 – 10:28
  • Finish Time – 1:05:12 (10:30 average pace)

I was so happy with my finish time. I had started with the 66:00-69:00 minute corral and figured I’d be on the higher end of that range, but I ended up being slightly below it, even with walking through each water stop! Laura and I made our way through the finisher’s area and got some food. I also had to find a bathroom so I could pee ASAP! We had warmed up quite a bit during the race but then we got cold again really quickly, so we started making our way back to our car. It was a long one mile walk. We were so happy to get inside the car and away from the wind!


Even though the race had a little bit of a rough start, I am so happy and thankful to still feel pretty good running at 33 weeks. From now on I’ll be keeping my “long” run at 5 miles max until I feel like I need to cut back to 4, and then 3, and then even shorter from there if needed. It’s hard to believe how close I am to the end of pregnancy! The next race I hope to do is a local 5K on April 18th, when I am 36 weeks 🙂

Baby 2.0 – 32 Weeks

Whoa. Week 32 feels like a big one, I don’t know why! I guess they’re all big weeks at this point! I feel like I went through a HUGE growth spurt over the last few days, and the way others have been talking about my belly makes me think I did too! Read on for all the happy, yucky, memorable, and sweet moments that happened in week 32.



This week baby is the size of a squash- about 16 inches and getting closer to the 4 pound mark. No wonder he is feeling cramped in there lately (and I’ve been feeling it too!). Most babies are in the head down position by this point and I’m pretty sure mine is too, although there’s still a little room for him to move around. Baby’s hair is beginning to get some pigment as he starts to produce melanin. I wonder if he’ll be blonde like his brother!

FullSizeRender-1  FullSizeRender


Physically I am really feeling good! I tend to forget how far along I actually am until someone comments on the size of my belly, asks when I’m due, or when I catch my reflection in the mirror! However, I have been experiencing some ‘gentle reminders’ that I am indeed 32 weeks pregnant. These mostly include sore boobs that continue to get bigger and bigger, more Braxton Hicks contractions, heartburn and difficulty finding a comfortable sitting position on the couch. All of these things are really no big deal though, I am so thankful to feel as good as I do.

DSCN4173  DSCN4174

This baby feels so strong and big, I swear he’s going to break his own water (LOL). He’s working out so hard in there that it is making me extra hungry too! But seriously, the movements I feel are so big and forceful, I’m a little afraid to see what this little (?) one is like outside in the real world!!

DSCN4176  DSCN4177

Sleep has actually been getting better, at least for now! I somehow managed to get at least 7 hours of sleep 5 nights this week, which is HUGE for me! I don’t know how long that’s going to last but I’m going to enjoy every minute of it.


This week tested me mentally and emotionally, mostly because Kevin was sick for most of it which took a toll on all of us. He got sick overnight and threw up a couple times last Sunday, so my hubby stayed home with him the next day. When he woke up he was doing a lot better with no more vomiting or fever the entire day, so he went back to daycare on Wednesday and was fine for about 48 hours when it hit again. I was home with him that night and my hubby was at his second job, and my poor baby got SO sick from both ends simultaneously. I don’t want to go into too much detail but it was by far the grossest thing I have experienced as a parent so far. So much to clean up around the house (which had just been cleaned that day by our monthly cleaning lady, of course), all over him and his bed, ugh. It was so bad that I got sick too while cleaning it. Damn sensitive pregnancy gag reflux. I stayed home with him the next day (Thursday) and he is doing much better now. Somehow my husband and myself never got what he had, but it did go around his daycare. I’m so happy he’s back to his normal self!! It was a rough few days for both of us.


Doesn’t that sad little face just break your heart? 😦


Onto happier and less disgusting news, I had a great time this past weekend with one of my best friends in the whole world, Ashley. One of the best parts of this pregnancy has been sharing it with her, who is also having a baby boy and is due only 3 days after me. We’ve experienced a lot of amazing things together over the past 10 years but this is by far the most exciting! We got together for lunch and had to take some cute, Pinterest-inspired photos that I will treasure forever!!!

Screen Shot 2015-03-23 at 7.18.09 PM

Also this week we did some more birth prep. We spent over two hours on a FaceTime call with our former Bradley Method teacher and doula, Marisa. She recently moved across the country to Washington with her family so she won’t be able to be at this birth (which makes me so sad!!!) but she offered to do a Bradley refresher with us. I am so thankful that she did, because Kevin and I both feel so much more relaxed and at ease about our birth plans now. She talked a lot about what she saw in our first birth which helped me feel really confident and ready to do it all over again. I actually can’t wait to give birth now, call me crazy! 🙂


Like I said earlier, my appetite was out of control this week! My body spoke to me and I definitely listened. I could have fueled it with healthier options at times, but hey- it’s all about balance right? There were some tortilla chips, some ice cream, a gigantic veggie burger… but there was also green smoothies and salads and veggies, so it all works out. I am actually shocked I only gained a pound this week, but I also feel like my body’s working hard to grow this baby and my metabolism is revved up as a result, so I guess that makes sense!


I cut back this week a bit in terms of the distance of my runs and I’m glad I did. My body feels good running 2-3 miles a few times during the week, and a longer run (currently 6 miles) on the weekend. I also went for a really nice walk this week that felt great. I can see myself doing more walking in the next couple of months as my running winds down. My right leg is still going numb and tingly a little at times like in my last pregnancy, which I know is a result of baby’s position on a nerve and also blood flow in my right side. My goal for this week is to make an appointment with the chiropractor. I haven’t been in a while, but I really loved going to one starting around week 30 of my last pregnancy, and then for a pretty long time post partum. He helped me continue to be able to run at the end of my pregnancy and put my body back together afterwards.

  • Monday – 2 mile walk
  • Tuesday – Body Pump
  • Wednesday – ​3 miles @ 10:43 pace
  • Thursday – 2 miles @ 10:28 pace
  • Friday – 3 miles @ 10:35 pace
  • Saturday – Body Pump + 2 miles @ 10:29 pace
  • Sunday – 6 miles @ 10:44 pace
  • Run – 16 miles
  • Walk – 2 miles
  • Strength – 2x


Week 32 Summary

  • Weight gained this week: +1.0 lbs.
  • Total weight gained: +22.0 lbs.
  • Best part of the week: My photoshoot and time with Ashley. Seriously, such a special time and amazing memory!
  • Looking forward to: SPRING BREAK! 4 more days of work… I can do it!
  • # of days until my next race: 5! Can’t wait to do my last “long” race for a while- the Monument Avenue 10K in Richmond.
  • # of days until our baby sprinkle: 6 🙂

One of our nice evening walks!

32 weeks last time around!​

Stafford Runway Runaway 5K (Recap by Kevin!)


This morning Kevin ran the Stafford Runway Runaway 5K. I did this race last year and loved it, but I’m doing a 10K next weekend so Kevin decided to run this year! It has been a LONG time since he ran a race and I spectated… we’re talking years! It was really fun though and I enjoyed being on the other side. Here is the recap of the race in his own words.


Coming in to this race, I wasn’t sure if I would be able to run due to a recent groin sprain that happened 2 weeks ago. I hadn’t really ran since the half marathon in Myrtle Beach, and knew it would probably be struggle with my injury and lack of running. 


Waiting for daddy to start running! 


Flyover before the race started

I looked at the running map right before the start and thought that it was a lollipop type race, but as I started running, I noticed that it was a double out and back… which sucked. It was a new route compared to the one last year due to safety regulations with the race being on a runway. I’m not sure how other people felt about it, but while I enjoyed the flat surface, I hated the fact that I had to run the same course twice to get to the 3.1 miles.  



The first place runner leading the pack 

The weather turned out to be pretty good, except for the wind on the runway. I got about 1.5 miles in before I realized I had gone out too fast (like usual), and had to slow down a little bit to catch my breath. I didn’t have a Garmin on me, so I wasn’t really aware of my time so I just went with the flow. The only good thing about out and back twice was being able to see my supporters, Katie and Kevin. It was great seeing them on the course multiple times and getting motivated to finish. 



On my final out and back, I had to start weaving in and out of walkers that were still on their first loop. Once I caught eyes with the finish, I pushed it and gave it all I had.



I finished in 25:45 (8:17 average pace). I was pretty surprised at this time due to the fact that I had not really trained and had been recently injured. Overall it was a good, local race and I’m glad I did it!


I’m so proud of my hubby! He’s such a machine. I don’t know how he manages to pull off such great times without really running consistently. He really excels at the 5K and 10K distances especially (his 5K PR is 21:28!) and it’s fun to watch him race! Thanks for writing this recap, Kevin!

Baby 2.0 – 31 Weeks

Now that I am in the “30s” I am feeling more pressure to get things done! Time is going too fast and our to-do list keeps growing. Thankfully we accomplished a LOT this week! Read on for details about week 31!



This week baby is the size of a pineapple… whaaaaat!? I definitely believe it though, because that’s basically what it feels like inside of me. He is able to turn his head and is very active in there at this point. I have even noticed that he has started to get hiccups occasionally! Apparently he is about to enter a growth spurt- uh oh, I better start preparing myself for that! By now the baby has also developed all 5 of his senses, and major brain and nerve development begins now as well.

FullSizeRender-2 FullSizeRender


I definitely feel pregnant these days! First of all, I feel like my belly grew a lot this week. I have also noticed myself starting to walk a little differently. I don’t want to say I’m waddling, but there’s definitely a little ‘sway’ to my walk now :). I get out of breath more easily, especially going up stairs, and it takes me a little longer to get up from a sitting position. I’ve also started to notice some Braxton Hicks contractions happening. They aren’t painful or anything, but I can see and feel my stomach tightening occasionally. This didn’t happen until much later last time!

DSCN4083  DSCN4084

Once again a super active baby and crazy dreams kept me from sleeping well. That combined with my first full week of work in a long time because of all of our snow days left me feeling exhausted by the time the weekend finally got here! And then we had a super busy weekend, so I didn’t get much rest. Whew. No wonder I am falling asleep on the couch every night by 8 p.m.!

DSCN4088 DSCN4089

I had an appointment at the birth center at the beginning of the week which always makes me happy. We got to talk about a lot of things that I had questions about regarding our birth plan, home birth supplies, our plan for what will happen with Kevin during labor, and more. We also talked about how I’m doing physically. My belly is measuring perfectly at 31 centimeters and Kyler’s heart rate was in the 130s. I mentioned that I feel good despite not sleeping well, and I also mentioned that I sometimes feel crampy while running. She encouraged me to just listen to my body and to slow down/stop if needed- which I have been doing. The coolest part of the appointment was when she felt around my belly and showed me exactly what position Kyler is in. He is currently head down, and she felt little hands moving around by his head low in my pelvis- which makes sense because I’ve been feeling a ‘tickling’ feeling down low, and in ultrasounds his hands are always up by his face 🙂


What’s been on my mind this week is the same as last week- getting everything ready for baby. I had a mini-meltdown when I felt overwhelmed with all that we have to do not only to prepare for baby but also just around the house. There are things I really want to get done now because I know once baby arrives, it won’t happen for a LONG time. Luckily I have an amazing husband who knows how to calm me down and get me back to reality. He sat down and made a list with me, and then we prioritized everything using a scale of 1-10. Then we tackled what we needed to do together. I feel SO much better now. Some of the things we accomplished this weekend include: writing a birth plan for home and a ‘just in case’ one for the hospital, organizing all of Kevin’s clothes from newborn-2T (and kicked myself the whole time for not doing a better job with this in the first place), washed and prepped all the newborn & 0-3 stuff, more cleaning/organizing around the house, cleaning out our crazy laundry room, cleaning out/vacuuming/washing one of our cars, and more that I know I am forgetting. I also attempted to get my TDAP vaccine but when I went it was an hour and a half wait and I just couldn’t do that. I’ll try again this weekend. Along with all of this we had time for some fun stuff too. We went out to dinner with a friend, visited the library, baked some muffins, and I went to Body Pump and for a 7 mile run. Busy, busy weekend!


I love tiny baby clothes!

Aside from my meltdown I did have a good week emotionally. I have started getting really excited when I think about giving birth again. My experience giving birth to Kevin was amazing, challenging and changed my life forever. I can’t wait to do it all over again. We’re starting to prepare for another birth by rereading some books and we’ll be doing a Bradley Method refresher with our former teacher who was also our doula this weekend. Yay!!


It felt so good to get back to cooking in our house again and following our meal plan thanks to our new appliances. We had our new fridge delivered on Saturday and our kitchen is now complete! I feel really good about my food choices this week even though they included a few indulgences, like a DELICIOUS peanut butter pie and Mexican dinner out with a friend. I’ve started bumping up the salads and smoothies now that the weather is getting warmer, and it’s really make me feel great inside and out.



I will never understand how I struggle through short runs during the week and then have an amazing long run on the weekend! I spent all week feeling discouraged about how rough my runs were and how heavy and slow I felt. But then on Sunday morning I felt so good while on my 7 mile long run with two friends. I had no discomfort at all and barely felt pregnant- except when we had to stop for a potty break at mile 4. I think one of the keys to a good run for me at this point is running every other day and trying not to run on too many hills, which I have noticed are a lot harder on my body. I am so thankful for a good long run at 31 weeks pregnant, but it’s a little bittersweet too because starting next week I’m cutting down to 6 miles, and then continuing to cut down from there. I know I’ll get back there eventually, and I’m going to enjoy the ‘break’ while it lasts! Two recent developments with my running include my right leg feeling a bit numb at times (which also happened during my last pregnancy around 30 weeks), and Braxton Hicks contractions during and after a run. The Braxton Hicks are painless, but I can see my tummy tightening on and off. I’m making sure to drink a lot of water and listening to my body when it says to stop or cut back. 

  • Monday – Rest Day
  • Tuesday – 1 mile with the kids at running club
  • Wednesday – ​4 miles @ 10:29 pace
  • Thursday – Body Pump + 1.5 miles with the kids at running club
  • Friday – 2.5 miles @ 11:12 pace
  • Saturday – Body Pump 
  • Sunday – 7 miles @ 10:46 pace
  • Run – 16 miles
  • Strength – 2x


Week 31 Summary

  • Weight gained this week: +1.2 lbs.
  • Total weight gained: +21.0 lbs.
  • Most embarrassing part of the week: Cracking open what I thought were hard boiled eggs for a snack at work… they weren’t hard boiled 😦 Baby brain strikes again!
  • Looking forward to: Seeing one of my best friends this weekend who is due 3 days after me!!! I haven’t seen her in a couple months and I really want to take some fun pictures together. She is also having a boy 🙂
  • # of days until my next race: 12! I’ll be doing a 10K with some friends on March 28th.
  • # of days until our baby sprinkle: 13. It is the next day, on March 29th.

31 weeks last time around!​

Stridebox: February

Screen Shot 2014-10-12 at 9.11.18 PMIt’s time for another Stridebox review! Stridebox is a $15 monthly subscription box that contains samples of all things running related- nutrition, gear, and fun extras. I have now tried everything that was in my February box (with a little help from my hubby) and I am ready to review the items I received.



Kevin and I gave this month’s box 2 thumbs up! Here’s everything I received this month and my review of it all!


Nuun Energy (Wild Berry): This wasn’t on my Stride Guide Card so I think it was an extra item, which is fine because I’m a big fan of Nuun! Last month I received the cherry limeade flavor which I liked a lot, and this month I got wild berry- which I’ve had before and also love. These little tablets contain electrolytes, B vitamins and no added sugars. They have added a little bit of caffeine too, which I definitely appreciate. I like to drink Nuun after a sweaty long run, and sometimes in the summer I drink it while running as well. Retail: $8.00/10 tabs ($0.80 each).

Picky Bar Energy Bar (Cookie Doughpness): I was so excited to see a Picky Bar in my Stridebox because I have been wanting to try one for a long time! I was also excited about the cookie dough flavor. It definitely did not disappoint. It tasted delicious and kept me full for a few hours. I really like the short ingredient list that consists of things that I can pronounce, and the fact that these bars are gluten, dairy, and soy free. I’m a big fan of elite runner Lauren Fleshman who is one of the creators of these bars AND the company is located in Bend, Oregon where some of my family lives- one of my favorite places ever! I will definitely be repurchasing these in the future, and I hope I can try more types too.  Retail: $27.50/10 pouches ($2.75 each).

Skratch Labs – Apples & Cinnamon: I wasn’t 100% sure about this powdered recovery drink mix because I received another flavor in a previous Stridebox and didn’t love it. This one was actually made to be mixed with hot water though, and I love apples & cinnamon so I was intrigued. I drank this after a longer 7 mile run when I was feeling a little chilled, and it did taste pretty good! My only complaint was that it started to separate from the water after only a few minutes. I had to keep restirring it and it was different to fully dissolve the powder. However, it was a definite improvement over the last flavor I tried (Matcha Green Tea & Lemon). Retail: $1.95/pouch.

Chike – High Protein Iced Coffee: I passed this one onto my husband because it contained dairy and he is a big iced coffee fan. Here is what he had to say about it: “This iced coffee was very flavorful and tasted like an iced latte. I couldn’t tell at all that it has protein in it, unlike some other protein drinks that taste chalky. I would definitely buy this again.”  Retail: $32.95/12 pouches ($2.75 each).

Vitalyte – Chia Surge Gel (Orange Pineapple): I wasn’t sure how I would like this gel because I’m not a big orange fan. I was hoping the pineapple would help with that, and thankfully it did! I took this gel halfway through a longer run and I liked it. I’m usually weird with certain textures, but the chia seeds didn’t bother me very much. I’m not sure it would be the first energy gel I would choose to buy on my own, but I’m glad I tried it! Retail: $7.00/4 packets ($1.75 each).

Joshua Tree – Organic Lip Balm:  Anyone that knows me knows that I don’t go anywhere without my chapstick. I’m a loyal Burts Bees user, but that doesn’t mean I won’t try others! I liked this one and I’m glad to have another chapstick to add to my emergency stash 🙂 Retail: $4.50.

Stridebox – Tech-Friendly Running Gloves: I was so happy to receive these gloves in my box! We had a really cold winter, and I’ve been loving my heavy duty warm Mizuno gloves. However, now that it’s beginning to warm up a little I needed something lighter. It was an added bonus that they are ‘tech-friendly’ which means I can wear them and still use my iPhone. Retail: $8.99.

Running Sticker. Always love this cute monthly addition to my box!


I really enjoyed my February Stridebox! Last month I complained that most of the products in my box were whey-based or had dairy in them.  Not a huge deal to most people, but as someone who is sensitive to dairy it definitely was a little bit of a downer. This month I was very happy to see that there was only one that contained dairy, so I could try everything else myself. It was a good month for me!

I just received my March box and took a video of the unboxing, like I did a couple months ago. I have already started trying what I received too! I’ll be back in a few weeks with another review 🙂

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Disclaimer: I am in no way affiliated with Stridebox (I wish I was! LOL). I purchased this subscription myself and all opinions are my own.