Baby 2.0 – 22 Weeks

Week 22 came and went in a flash! We had some weather-related excitement which led to a bunch of school delays and extra time at home with my boy. I had some challenges both emotionally and physically and I am definitely feeling more pregnant! Here are all the details.



This week baby is the size of a papaya, getting closer to being a foot long and anywhere from 12-20 ounces. Big boy! According to The Bump, baby is now sleeping in cycles – about 12-14 hours a day. I really don’t know how that could be true because I swear, this kid never sleeps. He is rocking and rolling in there all day (and night) long. Baby’s hearing has gotten a lot better, and he is able to hear my heartbeat, my churning stomach, and my voice. Aww 🙂 He can also sense light and if it’s too bright, may even turn away from it.

FullSizeRender-5  FullSizeRender-6


I’m still feeling tired, but now that I’m back to work I can’t really nap like I did over winter break. I did take a good nap on Saturday (using my husband as a pillow- the best!!!) but that’s about it. Sadly, the best nights of sleep I got this week were two nights when my hubby slept in another room. I have trouble getting into a deep sleep, and his snoring drives me crazy and keeps me tossing and turning all night. I hate sleeping in different rooms and don’t want to make it a habit, but those two nights of sleep were glorious!

DSCN3974  DSCN3975

I’m definitely feeling pregnant most days in terms of my growing belly. It takes more effort to get out of bed and off the couch sometimes which makes me feel really lame. I also realized that I have to start being careful how I lift my 30 pound toddler. I was trying to get him into the carseat the other day during a tantrum (more about that later), and he and I are both just getting too big to struggle against each other. I’ve also noticed myself feeling a little more uncomfortable when Kevin sits in my lap or when I rock him to sleep at night, which makes me sad. I also can barely zip my winter jacket and my belly feels itchy all the time! Yup, it’s definitely growing!

DSCN3976  DSCN3977


This week definitely tested my patience in some ways. I felt pretty emotional and found myself getting frustrated easily.We had some bad weather here in Virginia which led to a bunch of drama. On Tuesday, schools decided not to close despite horrible conditions and tons of car accidents. It was super stressful getting to school and my blood pressure was sky high. The next 3 days (Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday) we had two-hour delays. On these days I realized that delays are way more trouble than they are worth with a baby/toddler. I’d rather be closed entirely or go in on time. I spent Wednesday and Thursday morning battling with him since his routine was thrown off. It was rough. He really likes routine and is fine if we are home for the whole day, but if he settles in, has breakfast, plays for a while and then we have to head out to daycare he gets confused and really fights me. My back was killing me from trying to get him to stop throwing fits and actually leave the house. Plus my heart can’t take him saying he wants to stay with mommy all day 😦 On Friday my husband decided to take him into daycare at the normal time, despite our two-hour delay, to give me a break. It was amazing to have some time to relax, go for a run, and have coffee and breakfast in peace. I love my son to death but I needed that, especially since my husband works his second job at nights during the week so I’m alone with him then too. I was very thankful for that short amount of time to myself.


What my morning looked like.

Even though he tests me, Kevin gives me so much joy. He really makes me laugh and smile and I love him so much. He has been super attached lately like he knows big change is coming with the new baby, and I love how affectionate he is. He loves giving me hugs and kisses, sitting in my lap and reading books, telling me I’m “bootiful.” It is so sweet. Although I like having time to myself, I couldn’t escape him even if I wanted to- even his clothes follow me everywhere, like at the gym when I randomly saw his sock lying on the side. Who knows where that came from! LOL 🙂



I can’t even explain how much better I feel physically this week because of how clean we’ve eating since we decided to plan all our meals and not eat out at all during the month of January. What a huge difference from the holidays! My body is thanking me, that’s for sure. My digestion has been great, I feel less sluggish during the day and the scale barely moved this week after moving WAY too much over the holidays. I’m very happy about all of those things and am excited to keep it up 🙂


I felt pretty good this week in terms of my activity level. Due to the weather I did run on the treadmill a few times, but it actually wasn’t terrible. During a few runs I felt some achiness in my uterus and a feeling of heaviness, like I need some support. But then the next day I would be fine… strange! I also noticed that my feet started feeling a little numb toward the end of some of my runs this week- especially my long run. I don’t know if it’s my new shoes not being stretched out enough yet or a pregnancy thing, since I had issues with leg/foot numbness with my first pregnancy- although it happened a lot later on. I will definitely be keeping an eye on it over the next couple weeks.

  • Monday – 3 miles @ 10:28 pace
  • Tuesday – rest day (I needed it!)
  • Wednesday – ​4 miles @ 9:46 pace
  • Thursday – Body Pump + 1 mile @ 10:14 pace
  • Friday – 4 miles @ 10:11 pace
  • Saturday – Body Pump + 2 miles @ 10:11 pace + 3 mile walk- Trying to get my running buddy Laura’s baby out &  it worked! Her baby girl was born the next day 🙂
  • Sunday – 8 miles @ 10:14 pace
  • Run – 22 miles
  • Strength – 2x


Trying to walk Laura's baby out!

Trying to walk Laura’s baby out!

Week 22 Summary

  • Weight gained this week: +0.4 lbs
  • Total weight gained: +14.4 lbs
  • # of days until my next appointment: 1! Yay!
  • This week’s guilty pleasure: The Bachelor is back on! I am not ashamed to admit that I love it and my Monday night ritual of watching it and texting with my sister and best friend about it… minus the wine this time!
  • Looking forward to: Attending my friend’s birth! She asked me to be a part of it and I am so excited I can barely contain myself. She is due on Wednesday 🙂

22 weeks last time around!​


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