Revisiting 2014 Goals & Setting Goals for 2015

For the last few years I’ve been writing a post right before the new year about my goals and whether or not I accomplished them. I also set some new goals for the upcoming year. Two things I love to do: reflect and plan!


So let’s review my 2014 goals. I have to be honest, I forgot what a couple of them were until I looked up last year’s post! Oops! But I must have still had them in the back of my mind because I did a pretty good job with most of my goals 🙂

  • PR in the full and half marathon distance. Full marathon- check! Half marathon- not so much. That distance just keeps getting me and I can’t seem to break the PR I set back in 2011! I have to say though, I’m super proud of my full marathon PR of 3:56:08. It took 6 years, 9 marathons and 1 DNF marathon to get there. I feel like that was one of my biggest accomplishments this year!
  • Do more than just run! [Strength training and cross training]. Check!!! I feel like I did awesome in this arena. I’ve been taking Body Pump twice a week and have definitely felt the difference. With my 365 days of fitness challenge, I’ve had to figure out ways to be active every day which didn’t always include running. I’ve definitely rediscovered some things that I love.
  • Get my running coach certification and start using it to help people! I’m happy to say that I also accomplished this big goal of mine in 2014. I took the certification course in April and became fully certified in June. Since then I have trained a few people who were training for 15Ks, half and full marathons and have learned a lot along the way. I started mostly with people I know and my friends and it’s been awesome. I’ve helped two achieve new PRs in the half marathon, and two went onto to run full marathons. I’m excited to work on taking this business to the next level with the help of my brother-in-law who is pretty much a business expert. I lost some steam since being pregnant with pursuing it like I was but I’m making progress.
  • Spend quality time with my husband. Kevin and I did a good job with this, especially over the summer. We had a ton of fun together, went on dates, traveled, visited breweries, and really reconnected as husband and wife after playing the parent role for two years. He started working at his part-time job a couple months ago which takes him away 4 nights a week, so lately we’ve been spending a little less time together. However, we’ve been trying to make sure to maximize the time we do have. Most of the time we do things as a family rather than just husband and wife, since he’s gone most of the week, but that’s fine and it makes me happy 🙂
  • Disconnect more. Kevin would probably say I didn’t accomplish this goal, and I wouldn’t say I ‘mastered’ it by any means. I did make progress though. I made more of a conscious effort to sit down, play and engage fully with my son rather than letting technology distract me. I also loved rocking him to sleep at night or at nap time and just letting myself soak it in rather than wait for him to get sleepy enough and scroll through Facebook in the meantime. It’s a work in progress!

Now moving on to my goals for the new year!

  • Stay active through the rest of my pregnancy. I’ll be spending the first 5ish months of 2015 in the last half of my pregnancy (baby is due May 18th). It is important for my physical. mental and emotional health to stay as active as I can. I know from experience how much it helped me during my last pregnancy, with labor and delivery, and recovery afterwards. Remembering that is really all the motivation I need to make sure this goal gets accomplished. Whether I keep active by running, walking, ellipticalling (is that a word?), body pumping- it doesn’t matter. Of course my hope is to continue to be able to run until I give birth like last time, but I know that anything can happen so I need to be flexible. No matter what though, I just have to make it a priority to get my butt moving as much as I can, while still resting when I need to 🙂
  • Run for FUN! I really want 2015 to be the year of running for fun. Since I’ll be pregnant the first half of the year, then recovering, then building back up, I want to make sure I don’t put too much pressure on myself. With my last pregnancy I jumped back in pretty quickly afterwards and tried to build up my speed and distance too fast. As a result I got injured and burned out. 2015 will be my year to let my body adjust to pregnancy and then adjust back to normal afterwards. I hope to run a few fall races for fun and then start training harder in 2016, because by that point it will be ON and I’ll be wanting to chase all those PRs I set after baby #1!
  • Eat well. I haven’t been very proud of my food choices lately. I can blame it on the holidays, on trips, on family and friends wanting to eat out, etc. but really, I know better and can do better. There’s a reason I have gained more weight with this pregnancy so far than with my first. I want to make sure I’m the healthiest me possible in 2015 and I know I’m already good on the exercise front- now it’s time to clean up the nutrition part. Of course I always believe in balance and enjoying the things I love in moderation and will continue to do that, but it needs to be more 80/20 rather than 50/50 like it has been. I know it will make me feel better in the rest of my pregnancy and afterwards. Kevin agrees with this goal and is on board as well. We’ve both been feeling the same way and are ready to make changes- starting with planning a month of healthy meals in January and not eating out at all. Good for the body and the wallet!
  • Don’t be so hard on myself. This one is so important to me on many different levels. I have a tendency to be very hard on myself. I have always been that way, but it got worse when I became a mother and questioned everything I was doing. Luckily I’m getting a little better with this and allowing myself some grace. I know I am going to make mistakes and I know need to cut myself some slack every once in a while. This is true not only with motherhood but also with my work, my running and fitness, as a wife, and when it comes to making sure my house is perfect and everything is done and in it’s place. This is going to be extra important to keep in mind during the second half of the year after I have my baby and adjust to life with two kids. I am going to make sure I’m able to let certain things go, keep everything into perspective and try my best to stay positive. Whew. It’s going to be a tough goal for me, that’s for sure!

I honestly can’t believe that it’s almost 2015! It’s going to a very exciting year as we expand our family and make even more amazing memories.


What are your goals for 2015?


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