It’s a… [Gender Reveal!]

Ever since we decided to find out the sex of this baby it’s all I can think about! We didn’t find out that Kevin was a boy until he was born, and I was honestly fine with waiting. Of course I wondered whether the baby would be a girl or a boy, but it was not at the forefront of my mind at all. That is so not the case this time! Even though I loved waiting until the birth last time, I have been so excited to have a different experience with this pregnancy. To make it even more difficult, we could have found out weeks ago after doing a blood test that tests the DNA for a variety of chromosomal issues as well as the sex of the baby. But instead, we put the results in an envelope and handed it over to our designated secret keepers who were planning our reveal.


To pass the time we’ve been talking about some of the old wives tales and doing some of the tests they say can predict the gender of your baby. Of course this is all for fun, but it’s really interesting to see what the clues are pointing to and speculate! Here are some of the predictions below.


Some others that I couldn’t fit on the chalkboard include:

  • Clear skin, dry hands, and always being cold- BOY
  • The Mayan Gender Prediction method- BOY
  • Preferring to sleep on my right side- GIRL
  • Feeling extra emotional and moody- GIRL
  • Lots of headaches- BOY
  • Extra clumsy- BOY

Hmmm… very interesting! I’ve thought from the beginning that this baby was a girl, mainly because of how different this pregnancy has been compared to my first. However, I also thought Kevin was a girl the entire time, so really what do I know? My husband thinks it’s a boy, and whenever we ask little Kev what mommy has in her tummy he says baby girl. The best part about this pregnancy is that when I visualize myself finding out if it’s a boy or if it’s a girl, I truly don’t feel an ounce of disappointment either way. I love the idea of having one of each and I love the idea of having brothers too. It’s a win-win situation for us!

Okay, now onto the good stuff. Will we be having a baby boy or a baby girl this May? We wanted to find out with both of our families and friends at Christmas, and tonight we did! Watch the video below to see what happened 🙂

Yes, it’s a BOY!!! I am so, so excited to have two little boys! Ahhh!


Kevin’s sister and my brother-in-law planned an amazing reveal party for us and were the best secret keepers. They bought the silly string and had so many special touches for the party. I will write about it more in my 20 week post on Monday when my dad is finished editing the photos!

My brother-in-law's photo booth!

My brother-in-law’s photo booth!

We honestly could not be happier, and can’t wait to meet our baby boy in May!


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