Fredericksburg Turkey Trot 5K

Happy Thanksgiving! I love this holiday because it is a time to reflect on what’s really important and all of the blessings in my life. On Thanksgiving and every day I am thankful for my family, my health, my job, my friends, and for this little hobby of mine that I love so much- running! We started our day by doing a local Turkey Trot 5K. This was the first time I had ever done a Thanksgiving Day race and I was so excited!


Kevin was too!

The race didn’t start until 9:00, so we were able to relax a little at home before heading out, which was so nice! We made the short drive down to Fredericksburg, found parking easily, and made our way to the high school where packet pick up (and warmth!) was. It wasn’t too terribly cold- maybe 35 degrees- but we definitely enjoyed being able to stay warm inside while we waited for the race to start.


While we were waiting two of my running buddies came in to meet us. Amanda, who rocked the Richmond Marathon a couple weekends ago, and Laura (and her husband), who is now 34 weeks pregnant! Whoa!


We decided us girls would stick together and I would push the stroller so our husbands could go ahead and try to actually race. The race was broken up in waves so they went toward the front while we had to go to the back with the other strollers. We knew that we would be keeping it nice and easy since I haven’t run with the stroller in a while (my amazing hubby always does) and Laura is doing more walk/running these days. Finally they called our wave and we were off and running! They moved this race from a commercial shopping area where it’s been for the last couple years back to the historic downtown area this year and I loved the course. We ran the first mile and a half straight through and then stopped for a walking break. Laura has some varicose veins that cause her legs to hurt when she runs sometimes and today they were flaring up pretty bad. We stuck together and enjoyed just being together and getting active on Thanksgiving- it didn’t matter to me whether we were walking or running.


One of the coolest parts of this race was the awesome energy it had surrounding it. Lots of locals came out to cheer us on, and there were a lot of people running in costume. We were right near a guy running in a snowman costume the whole time. He kept running ahead and then stopping to cheer and give high fives, and Kevin LOVED it! He thinks every snowman is Olaf (from Frozen) and got so excited every time he saw him again. It was great entertainment for a 2 year old 🙂 We started running again and eventually saw Kevin walking back to meet us after he finished. He grabbed the stroller so I could finish without it, which felt great! We also saw our other running buddy Leslie cheering right by the finish line, which was so nice. She also ran the Richmond Marathon a couple weeks ago!



Finish Time – 42:53 (13:48 average pace)

Once we were all done and had a chance to talk, Kevin told me that he ended up finishing in 23:16 (7:29 average pace)! He hasn’t been able to run a 5K that fast in over 2.5 years! I was really proud of him. After we all finished we started walking back to the car and saw this epic finish by all of these runners in costumes. SO AWESOME!


After the race we drove straight up to Pennsylvania to be with my family. Since we knew we’d be in traffic for a while and getting there in the late afternoon we opted to relax the rest of the day and order Chinese take-out for dinner. It was delicious! Tomorrow we will cook our Thanksgiving dinner 🙂


Kev loves his Yaya (my sister)!


How did you spend your Thanksgiving? What are you thankful for this year?

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