Stridebox: October

Screen Shot 2014-10-12 at 9.11.18 PMIt’s finally time for another Stridebox review! In case you missed last month’s post, Stridebox is a $15 monthly subscription box for all things running related. For some reason it’s taken me a long time to get through October’s box, but I finally did and I’m ready to talk about all of the items I have received.



Skratch – Matcha Green Tea & Lemons: I hate to start this review off on a negative note, but sadly I couldn’t finish this drink 😦 Maybe another flavor would have been better? My pregnant taste buds are super sensitive right now and it just tasted off to me. I had high hopes for this because it’s an all natural sports drink that uses real fruit juice for flavor. I would love to try the raspberry or pineapple flavors someday! Retail: $1.95/packet

HoneyMaxx Sports Hydration (Orange): As I’ve said before, I am not a fan of anything orange or orange-flavored, so I passed this onto my husband. He drank this after a run one day and here’s what he had to say about it: “I was excited to try this drink because it sounded really good, but it was more bland tasting than I expected it to be. It tasted like very diluted orange water and I couldn’t taste any honey.” Retail: $22.95/10 packets ($2.30 each)

Bonk Breaker – High Protein Bar (Cookies & Cream): Now onto the positive- Oh my goodness, this was SO GOOD! I had heard of these bars but hadn’t seen them sold in any stores near me before, so I was really excited to see one in my box- especially in the flavor Cookies & Cream! This did not disappoint. It tasted delicious- not chalky at all like some protein bars- and best of all, had a ton of protein (13g) which kept me full and satisfied for hours. I was sad when this was gone! Retail: $33.00/12 bars ($2.75 each)

Barnana – Organic Coconut: For some reason I really put off trying these. I love bananas and I love coconut so I’m not sure why, and once I ate them I wished I had tried them sooner! These little bites of dehydrated banana and coconut were delicious. I had them before an early morning Body Pump class, and they gave me just the right amount of energy to get me through it. I love that they are high in potassium too. They also have chocolate and peanut butter flavors that look super yummy! Retail: $2.49/pouch

Honey Stinger Organic Energy Gel (Chocolate): Yum, yum, yum! I have been a Honey Stinger fan for a while now. I love their chews, bars and waffles because they are so easy to digest and get into my system quickly. I hadn’t tried their energy gels yet, so I was excited to get one in my box. I took one along with me on a long run and had it about halfway through. It was delicious- the chocolate flavor had a hint of honey too which I loved. I also like that it was naturally caffeinated with Green Tea Extract for a little extra boost. I will be picking up more of these! Retail: $33.36/24 servings ($1.39 each)

PROBAR – BOLT Energy Chew (Berry Blast):  I loved these little chews! They were so delicious that I made sure to stretch my pouch out as long as I could. I ate two chews before each of my short morning runs one week since I wake up hungry these days. It was all I needed to quiet my growling tummy until I could eat a real breakfast and gave me energy to run in the 5:00 AM hour. Plus, the berry flavor was really yummy. I will definitely be buying more of these. Retail: $29.88/12 pouches ($2.49 each)

BottleBand: This invention is GENIUS!!! It is a simple piece of rubber (?) that turns any bottle into a handheld for running or any activity. The website says, “The BottleBand stretches to fit any sized bottle – from a Nalgene to a 16 oz generic bottle. Its one-size-fits all construction can also be tightened by pulling the circular bands apart to fit any hand size. The BottleBand is also extremely mobile. After you’ve finished your water, you can throw your disposable bottle away, put the band on your wrist, and run unencumbered.” So simple yet so smart! I have a handheld that I love but this is awesome for the convenience factor, and for those days that I don’t feel like carrying a bottle for my entire run. Retail: $5.99 each

Screen Shot 2014-11-23 at 9.01.36 PM

Running Sticker:  Who doesn’t love a little motivational sticker? They’re a super cute addition to my planner and perfect for some extra inspiration as I plan out my workouts for the week 🙂


I received my November box a couple weeks ago and have already tried a few of the items. I am really loving getting such a variety of gear and nutrition each month. It’s been really fun so far! I’ll be back with another review soon!

Disclaimer: I am in no way affiliated with Stridebox (I wish I was! LOL). I purchased this subscription myself and all opinions are my own.


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