365 Days of Fitness: October Recap


I can’t believe I am writing my October 365 Days of Fitness post! That means there’s less than 2 months left in 2014. That is crazy! This month I will admit that I did not exercise every single day. As I progress through the weeks in pregnancy, I’m finding that my body has needed a complete day of rest each week. I know I could have gone out for a walk or something simple instead, and that’s my goal for the upcoming months, but it didn’t happen in October. I took a total of 3 days off. I’m totally fine with that though, because I had some amazing fitness experiences this month. I was able to run with a ton of friends, do regular strolling running with my family, body pump twice a week, and an amazing half marathon!

Here’s the picture recap!

IMG_0116 IMG_1382 IMG_1383 IMG_1384IMG_1385IMG_1387IMG_1388IMG_1389IMG_1390IMG_1391IMG_0594IMG_1392IMG_1393IMG_1395IMG_1396IMG_1397IMG_1399IMG_1400IMG_1401IMG_1402IMG_1403IMG_1404IMG_1405IMG_1406IMG_1407IMG_1408IMG_1409IMG_1410

Only 2 more months to go until my challenge is over! The next couple months should be interesting as it gets colder, but I am going to make it work!

Previous Months

All of my pictures were taken with the FitSnap App (it’s free!). Check it out!


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