Happy Halloween!

Halloween has always been one of my favorite holidays. I love it because I feel like it really kicks off the holiday season, it takes place during the BEST season of the year (fall), I love dressing up, and I love candy! All great things! And now that we have a child, Halloween is even more fun. Yesterday we celebrated Kevin’s 3rd Halloween, and it was my favorite one yet.


Last year Kevin was only 13 months at Halloween and wasn’t really walking on his own yet. We went to a few houses around our neighborhood and he had a great time, but we kept it short and sweet. This year he was not only able to participate on his own, he was really able to enjoy it to the fullest. He helped choose his costume (and was very opinionated on what he wanted! Gone are the days of choosing for him!), wanted to hold his own candy bucket, and walked by himself up to every door. He made sure to say “Trick or Treat” and “Thank you” every time. I was so proud!!!

Screen Shot 2014-11-01 at 2.17.13 PM

Halloween 2012 & 2013!

We planned our family theme around the Batman costume he wanted to wear. His ‘costume’ was actually pajamas he got for his birthday that comes with a cape, and he LOVES it. He asks to wear it every night! It was easy to work around that theme since superheroes are big right now. I bought a Wonder Woman nightgown from Walmart and wore it with leggings. It even came with a cape! And Kevin ordered a Superman shirt online. We were a little family of superheroes 🙂


Our friends James and Chanda invited us to their house for pizza and trick or treating. Their daughter Leighton is Kevin’s age and these two are just in love with each other. It’s so sweet to watch! They looked adorable in their little costumes. Batman and Minnie Mouse- a match made in heaven!

10622703_10107495988934974_1440973824210097576_n 10522601_10107495989309224_1355565650077923452_n

After eating we headed out for trick or treating! Somehow Kevin knew exactly what to do when we got to each house. It was really cute to watch him choose which candy he wanted. Of course, he always went for the lollipops. I need to teach him to go for the chocolate! What is he thinking?

1016868_10107495990312214_3498453062902065540_n 10671306_10107495990896044_7696878873120195836_n

After walking around as a family for a little bit Kevin left to go hand out candy and scare kids with Chanda’s husband, who puts on a huge production at their house. We continued to walk around with the kids. They live on a military base, and the trick or treating was AWESOME! The houses are close together and everyone gets really into their costumes and decorations. It was so much fun!

1901256_10107495991449934_8459332171021680362_n    IMG_1161

FullSizeRender    FullSizeRender-1

Eventually the kids lost steam once it got darker and colder, but they hung in there for at least an hour of walking around! I was surprised! We headed back toward the house and hung out there for a bit. We let Kevin have a little candy and he helped hand some candy out to the trick or treaters that were still coming around.

10407482_10107495991973884_1054681392268793448_n  1609926_10107495992672484_5034112529906340730_n

It was a great night and we made a lot of special memories. It will be fun to continue these traditions we are creating in the years to come- and next year we’ll have two little trick or treaters to steal candy from! Yeah!! 🙂


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