Baby 2.0 – 11 Weeks

(Originally written on October 27, 2014)

11 weeks! Woo hoo! Now that the word is out publicly about this baby time is passing much more quickly! I feel so much more relaxed and happy that I can embrace this pregnancy and not hide it anymore. Read on for details about week 11!


This week baby is the size of a lime and is about 1.6-2.0 inches long. He or she now has 10 little fingers and toes and is looking more like a baby. Hair follicles, fingernails and sex organs are also starting to form. I am so curious what this little baby will be! But we’re pretty set on waiting to find out at birth again- if I can somehow find the patience! Not sure how I did that last time, but the end result was so, so worth it.

IMG_1058   IMG_1057


Physically this week I’m experiencing more of the same. Bigger belly, hormonal headaches, trouble sleeping and fatigue. But honestly I’m so thankful when I look back on my first pregnancy where I was feeling sick every day, that it’s not worse! I also have some friends who are pregnant and dealing with things like hyperemesis gravidarum and are in and out of the hospital. I know I’m VERY lucky!

DSCN3730 DSCN3731

The biggest “news” this week is about my thyroid bloodwork. It came back and my levels were off as I suspected. When I am pregnant it can be tough to figure out if something is off with my thyroid or if I’m just experiencing normal pregnancy things, because many of the symptoms are the same. I just had a feeling though that the level of fatigue I was having, my digestion (or lack thereof) issues, feeling freezing cold all the time, and gaining weight more quickly this time (most likely related to my very slow digestion) was more than just regular pregnancy issues. It felt different this time. I knew I wanted my blood tested more often this pregnancy because they only did it every 3 months last time and my levels went pretty out of control in that period of time, causing a lot of stress and worry since uncontrolled thyroids can lead to a lot of issues with babies. So I asked to have it tested every 6 weeks or so and they agreed. I’m so glad I did! My level went from .9 in August right before I got pregnant to almost 3.0, which is above where my doctors want it. Thankfully, it never got as high as it did last pregnancy when it wasn’t being checked as often (it was above 6.0 that time). I’m happy we caught it and adjusted my medicine. Now I’m waiting for it to build up in my body enough to get some relief of these symptoms!


Nap time at work? 🙂


I just feel so happy, relaxed and free now that we have announced the pregnancy to everyone! It also helps that we have the doppler that my friend Laura is letting me borrow, so I can hear the heartbeat whenever I want. We don’t try every day, but a few times this past week I did. I noticed that I can only find the heartbeat first thing in the morning or if it’s been a while since I’ve eaten. I think having food in my stomach interferes with being able to access the heartbeat and hear it, and instead I hear a bunch of gurgling sounds. It gives me a lot of peace of mind every time I hear that sweet sound come through. There’s nothing like it!

DSCN3734   DSCN3735

The next thing on my mind is getting through my nuchal translucency ultrasound and bloodwork next week. I did this test with Kevin and everything was normal, but you just never know. I’ll be crossing my fingers that everything with this pregnancy stays relatively easy and uncomplicated!


We ate some great, clean meals this week! My favorite was a recipe my friend shared with me called Italian Wonderpot. It was probably the easiest dinner I ever made, and it had both of my boys saying, “Mmmm!” The key is cooking the pasta in vegetable stock, which gives it amazing flavor and helps create almost a thicker ‘sauce.’ I forgot to take a picture since I inhaled it so fast, but you can see some in the link! We are definitely adding this meal to our rotation!


I had another great week for fitness! My body feels so good running these days and I am loving it. I especially like all the slow running I’m doing lately. It’s so much easier on my body and I’m really enjoying it after pushing myself to get faster for a while after Kevin was born. I’m also still fitting in Body Pump twice a week and even seeing improvements in my upper body and legs, which is a nice balance when my midsection is continuing to grow!

  • Monday – Rest
  • Tuesday – 3 miles @ 9:35
  • Wednesday – ​4 miles @ 10:57
  • Thursday – Body Pump
  • Friday – 3 miles @ 10:03
  • Saturday – Body Pump + 3 miles @ 9:41
  • Sunday – 10 miles @ 11:24 pace
  • Run – 23 miles
  • Strength – 2x


Week 11 Summary
  • Weight gained this week: +0.6 lbs.
  • Total weight gained: +4.0 lbs.
  • Craziest dream: I dreamt I ate a huge plateful of bacon. Made me LOL since I’m a vegetarian!
  • # of times I slept in the guest room because my husband was snoring and I couldn’t sleep: 1 (pregnancy insomnia is real!)
  • # of times we heard the heartbeat this week: 3
  • # of days until my next sonogram: 7!

11 weeks last time around!​


One response to “Baby 2.0 – 11 Weeks

  1. I’m due May 5th with my 2nd child too and run a ton!!! Love your blog! Thanks for posting!!!

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