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Baby 2.0 – 11 Weeks

(Originally written on October 27, 2014)

11 weeks! Woo hoo! Now that the word is out publicly about this baby time is passing much more quickly! I feel so much more relaxed and happy that I can embrace this pregnancy and not hide it anymore. Read on for details about week 11!


This week baby is the size of a lime and is about 1.6-2.0 inches long. He or she now has 10 little fingers and toes and is looking more like a baby. Hair follicles, fingernails and sex organs are also starting to form. I am so curious what this little baby will be! But we’re pretty set on waiting to find out at birth again- if I can somehow find the patience! Not sure how I did that last time, but the end result was so, so worth it.

IMG_1058   IMG_1057


Physically this week I’m experiencing more of the same. Bigger belly, hormonal headaches, trouble sleeping and fatigue. But honestly I’m so thankful when I look back on my first pregnancy where I was feeling sick every day, that it’s not worse! I also have some friends who are pregnant and dealing with things like hyperemesis gravidarum and are in and out of the hospital. I know I’m VERY lucky!

DSCN3730 DSCN3731

The biggest “news” this week is about my thyroid bloodwork. It came back and my levels were off as I suspected. When I am pregnant it can be tough to figure out if something is off with my thyroid or if I’m just experiencing normal pregnancy things, because many of the symptoms are the same. I just had a feeling though that the level of fatigue I was having, my digestion (or lack thereof) issues, feeling freezing cold all the time, and gaining weight more quickly this time (most likely related to my very slow digestion) was more than just regular pregnancy issues. It felt different this time. I knew I wanted my blood tested more often this pregnancy because they only did it every 3 months last time and my levels went pretty out of control in that period of time, causing a lot of stress and worry since uncontrolled thyroids can lead to a lot of issues with babies. So I asked to have it tested every 6 weeks or so and they agreed. I’m so glad I did! My level went from .9 in August right before I got pregnant to almost 3.0, which is above where my doctors want it. Thankfully, it never got as high as it did last pregnancy when it wasn’t being checked as often (it was above 6.0 that time). I’m happy we caught it and adjusted my medicine. Now I’m waiting for it to build up in my body enough to get some relief of these symptoms!


Nap time at work? 🙂


I just feel so happy, relaxed and free now that we have announced the pregnancy to everyone! It also helps that we have the doppler that my friend Laura is letting me borrow, so I can hear the heartbeat whenever I want. We don’t try every day, but a few times this past week I did. I noticed that I can only find the heartbeat first thing in the morning or if it’s been a while since I’ve eaten. I think having food in my stomach interferes with being able to access the heartbeat and hear it, and instead I hear a bunch of gurgling sounds. It gives me a lot of peace of mind every time I hear that sweet sound come through. There’s nothing like it!

DSCN3734   DSCN3735

The next thing on my mind is getting through my nuchal translucency ultrasound and bloodwork next week. I did this test with Kevin and everything was normal, but you just never know. I’ll be crossing my fingers that everything with this pregnancy stays relatively easy and uncomplicated!


We ate some great, clean meals this week! My favorite was a recipe my friend shared with me called Italian Wonderpot. It was probably the easiest dinner I ever made, and it had both of my boys saying, “Mmmm!” The key is cooking the pasta in vegetable stock, which gives it amazing flavor and helps create almost a thicker ‘sauce.’ I forgot to take a picture since I inhaled it so fast, but you can see some in the link! We are definitely adding this meal to our rotation!


I had another great week for fitness! My body feels so good running these days and I am loving it. I especially like all the slow running I’m doing lately. It’s so much easier on my body and I’m really enjoying it after pushing myself to get faster for a while after Kevin was born. I’m also still fitting in Body Pump twice a week and even seeing improvements in my upper body and legs, which is a nice balance when my midsection is continuing to grow!

  • Monday – Rest
  • Tuesday – 3 miles @ 9:35
  • Wednesday – ​4 miles @ 10:57
  • Thursday – Body Pump
  • Friday – 3 miles @ 10:03
  • Saturday – Body Pump + 3 miles @ 9:41
  • Sunday – 10 miles @ 11:24 pace
  • Run – 23 miles
  • Strength – 2x


Week 11 Summary
  • Weight gained this week: +0.6 lbs.
  • Total weight gained: +4.0 lbs.
  • Craziest dream: I dreamt I ate a huge plateful of bacon. Made me LOL since I’m a vegetarian!
  • # of times I slept in the guest room because my husband was snoring and I couldn’t sleep: 1 (pregnancy insomnia is real!)
  • # of times we heard the heartbeat this week: 3
  • # of days until my next sonogram: 7!

11 weeks last time around!​

Baby 2.0 – 10 Weeks

(Originally written on October 20, 2014)

This week was a big one for me because I’m finally in double digits! I don’t know why that feels so much farther along than the single digit weeks but it does. I got to hear baby’s heartbeat again, so I am super happy and feeling more relaxed. AND we announced our news to our workplaces and the public! Yay! Told you it was an exciting week!



This week baby is about the size of a prune, about 1.5 inches, and weighs a quarter of an ounce. It’s bones and cartilage are starting to form, as well as the livers and kidneys. The baby is even producing some waste products which are removed by the umbilical cord and disposed of through my blood. Cool!

IMG_0927     IMG_0928


Well, the belly seems to have gone down a bit this week, which I kind of expected since our trip last weekend was indulgent and I was very bloated for a few days afterwards. My weight also went down some, whew! I knew I couldn’t have actually gained two full pounds in one week!

DSCN3720   DSCN3722

My main physical symptoms this past week were more of the same- very tired, lots of headaches, very sore boobs and achy uterus. I swear every day I wake up my boobs look bigger, and Kevin has even noticed and made the same comment! I read that an extra achy uterus is normal around now, because baby is putting more pressure on my organs, veins, muscles and ligaments as everything grows and stretches.

DSCN3723  DSCN3724

I haven’t been sleeping well which I’m sure contributes to a lot of those symptoms, but this week I really made an effort to go to bed early (one night I was in bed at 8 p.m.!) and that really helped. It’s just hard to get to bed early when I still have things to get done, but I know I need to do it if I’m going to function at all the next day. There are some nights where I have a hard time falling and staying asleep even if I go to bed early, and that’s frustrating. Pregnancy insomnia has already begun I guess!


I am feeling so much calmer and at ease after a long, in-depth appointment with my midwife and hearing the baby’s heartbeat not once, but TWO times! I had an appointment this past Tuesday with a midwife who was new to the practice and I absolutely loved her. She spent a full 30 minutes with me, and when I told her I was pretty much playing the waiting game because I had seen the baby in an ultrasound a few weeks ago but wouldn’t again until November 4th, and it was too early to hear anything with a doppler- she said, well let’s try and see! And within a few seconds, we were able to hear baby’s heartbeat loud and strong at 175 beats per minute… way faster than Kev’s ever was! His was 150 max and went down from there throughout the pregnancy.

After that my friend lent me her home doppler. I tried a few times this past week to find the heartbeat myself, knowing that it wasn’t as high-tech as the one at the doctor’s office and that it was still early so I wasn’t worried. But yesterday after a lot of searching I FOUND IT! It started around 148-150 and rose up to 168 while we were listening. It was the sweetest sound 🙂 So mentally and emotionally I am feeling great this week!

Another that that made me happy this week was that we took our annual trip to our local farm/pumpkin patch. We went with our friends James and Chanda and their daughter Leighton. It was a lot of fun, and we have made great memories here over the past 3 years.



The best part was taking a picture of Kevin by the growth chart they have and seeing how much he’s grown over the years. Check it out! In the below photo he was 1 month old, 1 year old, and 2 years old 🙂


Finally, today when I hit 10 weeks we announced to our workplaces and to the people who didn’t know yet on Facebook. I was nervous to tell my new principal since I just started at this school about a month ago, but she was so amazingly excited and supportive. It was a huge weight off my shoulders! Once she knew I told some other people at work and we posted our announcement photo on Facebook. It was so fun to read everyone’s congratulations and sweet comments. We’re so lucky to have the friends and family that we do!


I made an effort to eat cleaner and healthily this week after our weekend away last week. We planned healthy dinners, I packed salads and soups for lunch, and made sure I was truly hungry before eating. Over the weekend I did end up treating myself a bit because we spontaneously went out to eat on Friday night to one of my favorite restaurants, where I got a housemade veggie burger and fries. Then we had friends over on Sunday night and ordered pizza after our trip to the pumpkin patch. Overall though, it was a much better week. My body is thanking me for that!​


After a nice cutback week I bumped it up a little bit again. I was able to run with my friend Laura twice during the week (those are my slower runs on Wednesday and Friday- she’s amazing and still running at 28 weeks pregnant!), with my boys on Saturday morning on a beautiful new running path that we loved, and with my running group on Sunday morning. It was a great week for fitness!

  • Monday – Rest
  • Tuesday – Body Pump
  • Wednesday – ​5 miles @ 10:57
  • Thursday – 4 miles @ 9:27
  • Friday – 3 miles @ 11:31
  • Saturday – Body Pump + 3 miles @ 9:35
  • Sunday – 10 miles @ 10:34
  • Run – 25 miles
  • Strength – 2x
Week 10 Summary
  • Weight gained this week: -0.6 lbs.
  • Total weight gained: +3.4 lbs.
  • Best thing I ate this week: Bread dipped in delicious oil & spices at Not Your Average Joe’s – my favorite!
  • # of likes on my announcement picture: 164! Whoa!
  • # of days until my next sonogram: 15

10 weeks last time around!​

Baby 2.0 – 9 Weeks

(Originally written on October 13, 2014)

This week passed super quickly! We took our annual fall trip to French Creek with family and friends, where I was able to disconnect and relax with people who all knew I was pregnant so I didn’t have to hide anything. It felt great! Details about week 9 below!



This week baby is officially a fetus and no longer an embryo. Yay! It is about the size of a green grape or olive- almost an inch long. It’s tongue, lips, and nose are continuing to develop, and the eyes now have tiny eyelids. The baby is also starting to move his or her legs and arms. I can’t wait to eventually feel those movements again!



Well, the belly looks extra big this week but I think it’s more of a food baby than a real baby thanks to our indulgent weekend away. I ran a ton while we were gone (17 miles total for the weekend), but traditionally French Creek is always a weekend where I let myself eat what I want. Oh well, I am not worried about it.  I’ll have to see if the belly ends up going down at all as the week goes on and the bloating (?) goes away. Either way, something is definitely growing!

DSCN3708   DSCN3710

I am pretty sure I had a big growth spurt and/or hormone surge this week. I was extra tired, extra hungry, and extra achy in my lower abdomen. I also had some bad breakouts on my face. Along with those symptoms I was extra irritable, bitchy, and emotional. I lost my temper a couple of times, including toward a woman in the gym parking lot at 5 a.m. I was pulling into one of the many open spots and a lady raced around to pull through her spot and into the one I was trying to park in. After staring each other down for about 10 seconds I finally backed out and parked somewhere else. She got out of the car, smiled at me and said, “Sorry, I drove all the way around to pull through that spot.” …. really? Needless to say I was annoyed, especially with the way she was smiling smugly at me. I said, “I’m sorry, that must have been so hard for you,” and walked into the gym, not holding the door for her even though she was right behind me. Major. Bitch. I did feel guilty afterwards for about 2 seconds but then I got over it. I don’t have the energy for people like that right now!

I also lost my mind when we were at French Creek and Kevin choked on a piece of apple someone gave him. I was cooking at the stove when my friend told me something was wrong with him. I looked over and saw his face turning colors, and him trying to breathe but he couldn’t. I ran over as fast as I could and tried to think what to do. I started smacking his back and eventually it came out. Once it did I burst into tears and could not stop. I couldn’t get the image of his scared face out of my mind and I felt like a horrible mother because I didn’t know what to do- even though I have taken all the courses that are supposed to prepare you for situations like that. I locked myself in my room and cried for a while. I’m pretty sure my friends thought I was psycho, but I was just so overwhelmed with emotion, scared, and happy he was okay all at the same time. So yeah… lots of hormones happening this week.


Even though we were preparing to go out of town on Thursday night, our week wasn’t as busy as last week- thankfully! It was so nice to go away for a long weekend and be totally disconnected from the outside world (we have no cell service there). ​Aside from the random emotional outbursts I mentioned above I ended up finishing this week feeling very happy after spending some quality time with family and friends.

DSCN3711   DSCN3712

The other thing on my mind is that I’m still itching to share our news. This past week an old college friend of mine announced on Facebook that she was expecting her 4th baby, and is due the same day as me on May 18th. Kevin says he’s fine with sharing the news when I am, but part of me really wants to wait until our November 4th sonogram. My friend is letting me borrow her doppler soon, so I may be okay with sharing sooner than that if I can find the heartbeat. She said she found hers at 9.5 weeks, but I know with Kevin they had a hard time finding it even at 12 weeks because of where my placenta was positioned. We’ll see!  Either way, I’ll enjoy keeping our little secret a little bit longer 🙂


What didn’t I eat this week? I kept it pretty healthy before we went out of town but then I let it go once we were at our cabin in the woods. We did have some healthy meals- whole grain pancakes, eggs, soup, salads, sandwiches, veggies & hummus, etc. But there were some indulgences as well- chips, (too much) dairy which is leading to some uncomfortable water retention and constipation- ugh!, cookies, s’mores, fries, etc. It was all so delicious but my body (and the scale) is feeling it today. I’m looking forward to getting back our normal way of eating this week.

It’s all about balance- red lentil & kale soup, then ICE CREAM! 🙂

IMG_0342  IMG_0345


I took a bit of a step back this week to let my body rest a little after my half. I was feeling pretty tired so I know I needed a cutback week. I’m feeling a LOT better now! I actually signed up for two races, a Thanksgiving Day 5K and a local half marathon in early December. Hopefully things continue the way they are and I can run them both. I’m hoping to do a race every month of my pregnancy like last time to keep me motivated!

  • Monday – Walk with Team RWB (25 minutes)
  • Tuesday – Body Pump
  • Wednesday – 3 miles @ 9:40 pace
  • Thursday – Body Pump
  • Friday – 4 miles @ 9:39 pace
  • Saturday – 10 miles @ 9:28 pace
  • Sunday – 3 miles @ 9:13 pace
  • Run – 20 miles
  • Strength – 2x
Week 9 Summary
  • Weight gained this week: +2.0 pounds (Blech! This is pretty terrible, but I am pretty sure it’s water/bloating/constipation because I didn’t eat enough to gain this much weight over one weekend, especially considering I also ran 17 miles over the course of the weekend too!)
  • Total weight gained: + 4.0 pounds.
  • # of bitchy/emotional meltdowns: at least 6
  • # of naps taken: 3
  • # of days until my next doctor appointment: 1!
  • # of days until my next sonogram: 22 (too long!)

9 weeks last time around!​

Baby 2.0 – 8 Weeks

(Originally written on October 6, 2014)

Whew- what a week. I definitely can say I felt pregnant this week. Certain symptoms hit me like a ton of bricks! We also had some really special moments, like our first sonogram (!!!), my 28th birthday, and my first half marathon of this pregnancy. Read on for details!


This week baby is about the size of a raspberry or jelly bean, and growing about a millimeter per day (that seems crazy!). It’s brain is developing rapidly and the neural tube has closed to form it’s spinal column by now. It’s growing it’s tiny legs and arms, and even a little nose and upper lip.



Well, the belly continues to be large and in charge and I’m already in maternity pants most of the time. My regular pants just feel too uncomfortable around the waist. At this point I’m just accepting it. I waited so long for a bump of any sort to emerge last time (it took 17 weeks to start really showing at all, and even then it wasn’t much!), so this time I’m just going to enjoy it. The hard part is embracing the bump before we share our news with too many people. We keep going back and forth with when to share, especially now that we’ve seen the baby and know everything is fine (more about that later). But part of me still wants to wait until our next ultrasound at 12 weeks just to make sure. We will figure it out and do what feels right.

DSCN3702   DSCN3703

My main physical symptoms this week are lots of headaches, occasional waves of nausea and feeling “off” (lightheaded, shaky, foggy), especially in the mornings. The fatigue I am experiencing is unreal. I spend most of the day so tired. It’s harder to get up in the morning and I find myself practially falling asleep mid-afternoon between 2-4. I have zero motivation to get things done at work and at home. I’ve been trying to go to sleep earlier which has helped in the mornings, but I still can’t break the afternoon slump. I had to eat spicy almonds and take frequent breaks to force myself to stay awake during an afternoon staff meeting last week!

Overall though when I think about this pregnancy compared to last, I really do feel a lot better this time around. I am definitely thankful for that! It has definitely been interesting to read my old pregnancy updates and see how this pregnancy is similar or different. I’m so happy I took the time to blog about it each week, and I hope I can keep it up this time too!

8 weeks: first pregnancy vs. second pregnancy

8 weeks: first pregnancy vs. second pregnancy


Even though I said I was going to slow down last week I really didn’t. We were so busy from Monday-Thursday, with meetings before work, then work itself, and then something after work every night. By the time Friday rolled around I was pretty much a zombie. Kevin and I had planned to attend our daycare’s Parents Night Out event but canceled because I just needed a night to come home and do nothing.

DSCN3704   DSCN3705

In other news, I turned 28 this week! We celebrated my birthday on Wednesday by going on to dinner with a bunch of friends and family. It was really nice and made me feel very special. I can’t believe I’m 28 now, but I’m right where I thought I would be around this age so I’m very content :).

The biggest thing that really put my mind at ease was getting our first sonogram this past Friday. It started off a little crazy and emotional but all ended okay. I had a 9:00 AM appointment, which should have been the first one of the day. I got there early and Kevin managed to even get off work to be there too. I had to pee really badly but the woman at the desk wasn’t sure if I needed to have a full bladder or not. She said we would wait for the sonographer to show up to ask. Well, the sonographer never showed up. Eventually I did go to the bathroom and they told me around 10:00 AM that there was a miscommunication with scheduling and the sonographer would only be there in the afternoon. I was very upset, because both Kevin and I had wasted what little sick leave we have and I was already anxious to see my baby and it’s heartbeat. They told me I could come back on Tuesday. After waiting 3 weeks for this appointment another 3 days felt like an eternity. We finally ended up figuring out I could come later that day at 4:30. I somehow got through the rest of my day, and Kevin was able to convince his boss to let him leave work again for the appointment. In the end it was all worth it. We saw our beautiful gummy-bear shaped baby and it’s beautiful heartbeat!


The sonographer was very nice and apologetic for the mistake that her company made in scheduling. She spent a lot of time showing us the baby (even a 3D shot!), my uterus- making sure there was only ONE baby, my ovaries (and how the egg had been released from the right side- which I had thought because I felt the ovulation pain on that side!), and she even showed us how my bladder was filling back up. It was a really special moment, and I was so happy that Kevin was able to be there. He never got to see my first ultrasound with little Kevin, so this was extra special for him to experience.


The baby was measuring perfectly and even 1 day ahead- at 7 weeks 5 days- which confirmed my due date as May 18th. Yay!

Our baby in 3D- kinda looks like a potato 🙂


Certain foods are definitely not sounding as good to me anymore. Every morning when I pack lunch it’s a struggle, because nothing seems to interest me. The morning is when I feel a little queasy too so I think that’s why. Usually by the time lunch rolls around I’m fine. I’m still eating most veggies, although carrots sound disgusting even though I usually eat them with hummus everyday. At this point last time around I wasn’t able to eat much of anything besides carbs, carbs and more carbs, so I’m happy that hasn’t hit me (yet). I also haven’t really craved meat at all this week so I think increasing my vegetarian protein intake was a good idea.


It was an amazing week for my fitness. I ran a half marathon and got a new pregnancy PR of 1:56:20! I blogged about the race this week but obviously didn’t mention the pregnancy since I haven’t announced it publicly yet. I did 4 half marathons the last time I was pregnant and I hope to do 2-3 this time around. It will be trickier since I’ll be pregnant during the winter this time so my options are limited. Either way, I want to continue staying active no matter what!

  • Monday – 2 miles @ 9:33 pace (w/ Team RWB)
  • Tuesday – Body Pump
  • Wednesday – 4 miles @ 9:45 pace
  • Thursday – 4 miles @ 9:23 pace
  • Friday – 3 miles @ 10:23 pace
  • Saturday – Body Pump
  • Sunday – WIlson Bridge Half Marathon (13.1 miles @ 8:53 pace)
  • Run – 26.1 miles
  • Strength – 2x
Week 7 Summary
  • Weight gained this week: +0.4 lbs
  • Total weight gained: +2.0 lbs.
  • Best thing I ate this week: A bagel with cream cheese and scrambled eggs on the side after my half marathon. It tasted so amazing!
  • Early gender predictions: I think it’s a girl, based on how this pregnancy is already different than my first. Kevin says he doesn’t know yet. We most likely are going to wait until baby’s born to find out again!
  • Baby names chosen: 1 boy name and 1 girl name. We’re 95% set on this decision and it actually was very easy to agree. Each one incorporates my side of the family in some way, since little Kev’s name has been passed down from his daddy’s side. I’m in love with both of the names!
  • # of days until my favorite fall tradition- FRENCH CREEK!: 3!

8 weeks last time around!​

Baby 2.0 – 7 Weeks

(Originally written on September 29, 2014)

Another week has gone by! I have to say, as slowly as time seems to pass sometimes it sure does feel like the weeks are passing pretty quickly overall! I am not complaining about that though, because it’s continuing to get more and more difficult to keep this pregnancy quiet as my belly keeps growing. You can see in the photo below just how much I’ve grown in the past few weeks!



This week baby is the size of a blueberry. BabyCenter says, “If you could see inside your womb, you’d spot eyelid folds partially covering her peepers, which already have some color, as well as the tip of her nose and tiny veins beneath parchment-thin skin. Both hemispheres of your baby’s brain are growing, and her liver is churning out red blood cells until her bone marrow forms and takes over this role. She also has an appendix and a pancreas, which will eventually produce the hormone insulin to aid in digestion. A loop in your baby’s growing intestines is bulging into her umbilical cord, which now has distinct blood vessels to carry oxygen and nutrients to and from her tiny body.” <— So cool!



This belly just keeps on growing. I can’t even believe it- this is how I looked at about 20 weeks pregnant last time! ​All of this growth has me wondering if there could be two babies in there. I know it’s common for second time moms to grow more quickly, but MAN, I feel pretty big for being only 7 weeks! Twins do run in my family on both sides too. I guess we’ll have to wait until Friday to find out! Eek!

DSCN3676  7 weeks

Aside from the belly I think I had a hormone surge this week because some of my symptoms definitely picked up. I have started feeling nauseous, shaky and lightheaded in the morning when I first wake up. I also have waves of nausea throughout the day when I have an empty stomach. My boobs and especially my nipples are super sore- it’s actually painful to wear a bra some days! I find myself getting out of breath easily when I’m running or walking up the many stairs in my new school. This happened last time too- something about increased blood volume? I’m also still having crazy dreams at night and peeing a lot, which means I’m pretty tired most days. One of the most obvious symptoms this week has been my increased sense of smell. While running with Amanda this past weekend a lost dog ran up to us, jumped on our legs and licked us like crazy everywhere. Once the owner came and got him I could NOT get the smell of dog slobber out of my nose. It took all of my strength to not puke, because the smell was all over me- especially my hands. We had to make a detour to go to Amanda’s car and get some baby wipes so I could clean myself off. I was fine after that. LOL!


We have a more relaxing week than last week, but it was still a little too much “go, go, go” for what I can handle right now. At the end of our really busy days I can tell when I overdid it because I am so exhausted and feel crampy. A good reminder to slow down a bit!

DSCN3680   DSCN3681

I’ve been VERY emotional and crying over silly things, which I think again is an effect of a hormone surge or something. For example, I’ll be at work and I’ll start thinking about how I miss little Kevin and what he’s doing at daycare, and I’ll get all teary-eyed. I’m definitely feeling extra attached to him right now, I think because my time with just him as my baby is going to come to an end next year. It definitely feels bittersweet.


Sweets cravings are gone and the savory ones that I had nonstop with my last pregnancy are back! My appetite has definitely increased. Cheese and crackers (actually cheese anything), bagel & egg sandwiches, cereal, popcorn… I want it all! I actually made Kevin stop on the way home from work to get me some microwave popcorn because it was all I could think about. I was excited to eat it as a snack after dinner and before bed, but for 3 nights in a row I ended up feeling too full and not wanting to eat it. I finally had some the other night and it was amazing! Craving satisfied.

These almonds are currently rocking my world!

These almonds are currently rocking my world!

One weird thing is that I’ve been craving meat a little bit. While we were running on Saturday I smelled someone grilled hotdogs and had a crazy urge to eat one. Then I drove past Chick-Fil-A the next day and found myself wanting a crispy chicken sandwich. WTF?? I have not had the desire to eat a bite of meat for over 4 years- in fact, the main reason I went vegetarian was because I was having intense aversions toward meat. So it’s very strange to feel like I want to eat it again. I think it’s probably just a protein issue, so I’m going to bump up my vegetarian protein intake and see if that helps at all. If not, I may be giving in!


I was actually able to run with people every time I ran this week! What a treat! On Monday Kevin and I joined Team RWB for their usual evening run, I ran with Laura Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, and my long run group met to support Amanda in her 20 miler on Saturday. On the days I didn’t run I did Body Pump. Woo hoo!

  • Monday – 3 miles @ 9:13 pace
  • Tuesday – Body Pump
  • Wednesday – 4 miles @ 10:00
  • Thursday – 3 miles @ 10:21
  • Friday – 3 miles @ 10:21
  • Saturday – 12 miles @ 11:03
  • Sunday – Body Pump
  • Run – 25 miles
  • Strength – 2x



Week 7 Summary

  • Weight gained this week: +1.8 lbs. Hello weight gain! I’ve been soooo hungry (clearly!)
  • Total weight gained: +1.6 lbs.
  • # of times I fell asleep on the couch: 4
  • # of times I wanted to get Kev from his crib because I missed him: 7 (told you I was emotional)
  • # of days until I turn 28: 2! (October 1st)
  • # of days until my first sonogram: 4 (October 3rd)! I cannot wait!

7 weeks last time around!

Baby 2.0 – 6 Weeks

(Originally written on September 22, 2014)

These weeks are passing quickly since we have been so busy! I don’t want to wish the pregnancy away at all, but part of me is thankful that the early weeks are going by fast. I am anxious to see my little peanut on an ultrasound soon and get past the first trimester where I can relax a little bit more. I’m also looking forward to being able to share my news with everyone, since I’m already having a hard time hiding it with this belly that’s appearing out of nowhere! More on that later 🙂

There's definitely something going on in there!

There’s definitely something going on in there! That belly was not there a few weeks ago!


This week baby’s facial features have started to develop, and little buds are forming where arms and legs will be. The heart is beating strong and hopefully we’ll be able to see it on an ultrasound next week!

photo 4


The most obvious change this week is the belly. It just seems to be a lot bigger than this point last time around! It’s not just bloating that gets worse as the day goes on either. It’s even there when I wake up. I was very aware of it at Kevin’s party since we were around many people who know me and what my body usually looks like, and we haven’t told some of them about it yet. We ended up telling Kevin’s best friend later that night once they were back at our house and his girlfriend said, “I thought you were just really full!” … yeah.

DSCN3664   DSCN3665

Aside from that it’s more of the same from last week. Very hungry and thirsty, tired from not sleeping well (waking up to pee, crazy dreams, etc.). Achiness and a feeling of heaviness in my uterus, especially at the end of a long day. My skin has started breaking out more and my nails are growing like crazy! No real nausea or anything yet, which I am happy about because it started this week last time around!


This week was a lot better for me mentally and emotionally but I still had some highs and lows. One of the biggest sources of anxiety this week was starting at my new school after being destaffed a couple weeks ago from the school I was at for 6 years. However, it turned out that I really didn’t have much to worry about. I really love it here and the people I am working with are wonderful, especially the other reading teacher and my principal. It feels like a breath of fresh air! I son’t think I knew how badly I needed a change until I was forced to make one!

DSCN3666     DSCN3667

The other good news this week was that my HcG numbers were tested again and came back looking great! My levels jumped from 468 to over 2,200, which the doctor was really happy about. The next appointment I will have is for my ultrasound on October 3rd!

On another good note, we had Kevin’s 2nd birthday party over the weekend. It was a lot of work but I tried hard not to let myself stress as much as last year. I accepted help from a lot of people and just tried to enjoy the day. We had a great time.

photo 5

Along with his party came family and friends, and we decided to tell some of them that we were pregnant while they were in town. First we told Kevin’s family on Friday night. We had him wear the Big Brother shirt and saw how long it took for them to notice. Kevin’s sister noticed first, then his mom, then everyone else realized once they started screaming and crying. It was a very sweet moment.

But my favorite moment of the entire week (and this will win the prize for a while) was telling one of my best friends. I told her that I was pregnant and we hugged and got all excited… and then she told me that she was pregnant TOO!!!! Not only that, but we realized that our due dates are very close together. I’ll share more about this later since she hasn’t officially announced yet. With all of this going on, no wonder I have been an emotional mess!


​Surprisingly I’ve been still eating like normal. At this point last time around I didn’t want anything to do with veggies but I’m still able to eat salads, stir frys, veggies and hummus- all my usual foods. I’m thankful for that! But I have noticed myself wanting more sweets. I don’t know if it’s because we just had Kevin’s birthday so there were lots of delicious things available to me, but hopefully that one doesn’t last long!


I was able to get in some great runs this week and felt amazing on all of them. Fall has officially arrived and I could not be happier about that! I had a few runs with friends and an amazing 12 mile long run with one of my favorite running buddies, Amanda. We were so caught up in laughing and talking that we had no idea where we were. Thank goodness for phones with GPS! I also made it to Body Pump twice this week again. Go me!

  • Monday – 3 miles @ 9:14 pace
  • Tuesday – Body Pump
  • Wednesday – 3 miles @ 10:26 pace
  • Thursday – 4 miles @ 10:15 pace
  • Friday – 3 miles @ 10:38 pace
  • Saturday – Body Pump
  • Sunday – 12 miles @ 10:55 pace
  • Run – 25.18 miles
  • Strength – 2x
Long Run Sunday with Amanda!

Long Run Sunday with Amanda!

Week 6 Summary

  • Weight gained this week: +0.8 lbs.
  • Total weight gained: -0.2 lbs. (still under pre-pregnancy, but not for long!)
  • Best thing I ate this week: Cupcakes. Darn leftovers!!! At least they were homemade?
  • # of blood draws: 1
  • Craziest pregnancy dream: a sex dream that did not involve my husband :/ felt very guilty about that one!
  • # of days until my first sonogram: 11! (October 3rd)

6 weeks last time around!

Baby 2.0 – 5 Weeks

(Originally written on September 15th, 2014)

Wow. What an eventful week! We were super busy with doctor’s appointments, birthdays, a trip to Pennsylvania and moving me out of my old school and into my new one. Needless to say this week flew by!



This week Baby K has grown from a poppy seed to a sesame seed. BabyCenter says that baby looks like a tadpole this week and that it’s heart and circulatory system have formed. It’s heart will even start beating by the end of the week. The placenta also starts functioning this week, bringing nutrients and oxygen to the baby through its teeny tiny umbilical cord.

photo 3


This week my symptoms from last week got a little stronger and more noticeable. I am still very hungry and thirsty all the time throughout the day and at night. I wake up multiple times a night from hunger and thirst, and also to pee since I’m drinking so much. When I do sleep I am experiencing the same vivid dreams as I did last time. It’s like watching a few movies every night. Needless to say, due to these things my sleep hasn’t been very restful and I’m tired most of the day. This is probably also due to the fact that my body is working hard to grow a baby AND I’ve cut down my coffee intake to just one small cup in the morning. Big sad face! I love my coffee!

DSCN3479  5weeks

In addition to that I am feeling pretty achy in my lower abdomen/uterus. I can definitely tell something is going on down there. Lots of twinges and pulls and an overall feeling of heaviness. It’s like my uterus remembers exactly what to do and is getting a head start on it! I noticed that if I’m on my feet all day like I was this past Saturday, I feel extra achy and crampy. I’m not sure if this is round ligament pain already or what, but it’s pretty uncomfortable.

Like last week I feel like I am full of air. Lots of burping and gas on the other end as well (LOL- my husband is so lucky). I am also having a lot of reflux and heartburn which is not fun at all. I had pasta with a spicy tomato sauce the other night and tasted that for almost a full day afterwards, since my digestion has also slowed wayyyy down. This happened last time too and it is definitely not enjoyable. Luckily running gets my digestion going again pretty well :).

I’ve also noticed that I have significant “baby brain” already. I basically feel like I’m walking around in a fog the whole day. Here are a few examples of stupid things I’ve done this week: while going to meet my running group I got on the highway going northbound instead of southbound and had to drive 4 miles before I got to an exit and could turn around, I tried for about 5 minutes to open the door to my trailer at my old school before realizing it wasn’t my trailer, and I am constantly forgetting what I’m about to do or something I wanted to say. Basically my brain has already turned to mush!

Finally, I am still VERY bloated, to the point where I am glad I’m in a new school (more about that later) and nobody really knows me yet. If I was with people who knew me well they would definitely know something is up. People at my new school probably just think I have a little gut action going on. It gets worse as the day goes on but it’s there in the morning as well, which is a change from last time. If it keeps up at this rate I’m going to have a much harder time hiding it until the second trimester than last time.

photo 4

After an evening run. Check out that bloat!


This week started off a little bit stressful and then it eased up a bit toward the end. I started off the week with getting my blood drawn to test my HcG level and progesterone. My HcG came back at 135, which is on the lower end of the 4 week range but still appropriate considering I had just passed the 4 week mark the day before. My progesterone came back really good at 29.4 (they told me they want it between 13 and 30), which I was so happy about because I had been concerned about it begin low due to some signs I had while charting my cycle. However, since my HcG was on the lower end they wanted me to come in for a second blood draw 72 hours later, which was this past Friday. At this blood draw I also had a short appointment with one of the midwives who talked to me about the general early pregnancy things. I got my results today (Monday) and my HcG level came back at 468, so it more than tripled- which is great! BUT they told me they wanted me to come back again tomorrow because they like to see it above 1,000. Talk about a roller coaster of stress and emotion. But I’m confident in my numbers and the fact that they are rising. I can feel that they are rising too, due to my symptoms, so I’m choosing not to stress and worry too much.

DSCN3482   DSCN3483

The other thing on my mind this week was everything going on with my job. After finding out I was being destaffed last Friday and not knowing where I was going to end up, I had an interview on Wednesday morning and found out I got the job. I was so happy because it was the only open reading specialist position in the entire county and I really liked the school and the principal. I spent the rest of the week finishing up my work at my old school and packing my things, and started at my new one today (Monday). So far it’s been amazing. There is a lot of work to do here but I feel very welcome!

Finally, I was really able to relax, smile and destress over this past weekend. Kevin and I decided to take off Friday to celebrate both of my boy’s birthdays. After Kevin’s 2 year doctor’s appointment and my appointment with the midwife, we headed home to Pennsylvania for the weekend. We were able to have a little birthday celebration on Friday night and shared the news of baby #2 with close family and friends. On Saturday I had my 10 year high school reunion and was able to catch up with a lot of people I haven’t seen in a long time (and pretend to be drinking which was interesting since it was a tailgate style reunion). On Sunday we had some family photos taken by my dad, which was really nice and special.




Still hungry all the time, eating frequently to avoid feeling that blood sugar crash but losing a little weight. This happened last time too. I started putting weight back on during the 6th or 7th week. I’m still able to eat everything like I used to and am going to try to keep up my daily veggie and salad intake as long as I can. Like last time I am really wanting salty foods but surprisingly I’ve also been drawn to sweets. I didn’t have much desire to eat sweets last time around so that’s new. I’ll be curious to see if my nausea and aversion to veggies picks up in the 6th week like it did last time. I know there is some sort of hormone surge around that time too which makes you feel a lot more symptoms. Fingers crossed I keep feeling relatively good!


I am still feeling my best in the morning so I’m trying to make the most of that and get up early to get my workout in. The weather was so much cooler and nice this week, which made me feel a lot stronger and better overall. I was able to run a total of 24 miles, including a 10 mile long run which felt great! I also make it to not one, but TWO 5 a.m. Body Pump classes! I was very proud of myself.

  • Monday – 3 miles @ 10:10 pace
  • Tuesday – Body Pump
  • Wednesday – 3 miles @ 10:01 pace
  • Thursday – Body Pump
  • Friday – 3 miles @ 10:33 pace
  • Saturday – 5 miles @ 9:06 pace
  • Sunday – 10 miles @ 9:24 pace
  • Run – 24 miles
  • Strength – 2x


Week 5 Summary

  • Weight gained this week: -0.8 lbs.
  • Total weight gained: -1.0 lbs.
  • Best thing I ate this week: Chickie’s & Pete’s Crab Fries after my high school reunion in Philadelphia. Basically fries with old bay and other seasoning on them. SO. GOOD.
  • # of blood draws: 2
  • # of times I woke up to pee: about 50
  • # of beers I pretended to drink: 4
  • # of days until my first sonogram: 18! (October 3rd)

5 weeks last time around!