Kevin is Two!

Yesterday on September 12, 2014 my baby boy turned two years old. I really don’t know how that’s possible, since it feels like I was just meeting him for the first time yesterday.

September 12th 2012, 2013 & 2014

September 12th 2012, 2013 & 2014

If you have been reading my blog for a while you may remember that little Kevin was actually born on his daddy’s birthday. Not only that, but the two of them share a birthday with my mother-in-law as well! 3 generations born on September 12th. It’s actually pretty amazing! So many reasons to celebrate!


My husband and I took the day off to spend as a family so I let the birthday boys sleep in and made them some special pancakes with the age they were each turning.


Once they woke up and had eaten, we all headed out for little Kev’s 2 year doctor’s appointment. But first, we had to do something very special! We had to turn his carseat forward facing for the first time! He was so excited and was pointing out all the cars, trucks, motorcycles, and even planes on the way to the doctor. He loved telling daddy to “go get them!” 🙂


Our doctor’s visit was relatively quick and easy. He measured in at 37 inches (97th percentile!) and 28 pounds 4 ounces (55th percentile). Tall and skinny just like most of the men on my side of the family. The doctor was very happy with his growth and development and said he’s meeting all of his milestones. We were happy to know that he didn’t need any immunizations, just a flu mist up his nose and we were good to go!

Once we were back home we quickly did some final packing and cleaning up before we left again to drive up to Pennsylvania. We were heading to my hometown for my 10 year reunion this weekend and to see family. Kevin loved his new view the entire ride and read some books he received as a birthday gift.


We stopped at the store to pick up some food and a cake for the boys birthday, since we were having a small get together at my dad’s house that night to celebrate.  Most of our family and friends from Pennsylvania can’t make it to his birthday party in Virginia next weekend, so we wanted to do a little party with them this weekend.


We had an amazing night hanging out outside in the cool weather, eating good food, laughing and catching up with each other. Eventually Kevin made it known that he was ready for cake, so we went inside to sing happy birthday (his new favorite song).


Both of my boys have a MAJOR sweet tooth, and little Kev tried to attack the cake before we even blew the candles out!


Eventually we got him his own piece and let him have at it.



After cake it was present time! Last year he wasn’t really into presents yet and didn’t get the concept. This year he was all about it! He loved taking all the paper out of the bag and throwing it until he found what was inside.


He is a lucky boy and received his own smartphone toy (perfect), two different kinds of trucks, a bunch of fall clothes (which he promptly threw on the floor along with the tissue paper), some football jerseys, and money for his savings account!


We spent some more time outside letting him play with his new toys before he started saying bye bye to everyone, letting us know he was ready for bed. It was a long day and he was tired!


With my two best friends from home. Love these ladies!

The night ended with a bonfire in my dad’s backyard. What a perfect (almost) fall evening!


I love my two birthday boys so much. It’s so special that they get to share a birthday. I am looking forward to celebrating many more together as a family!


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