Run Streak: Final Recap!


I apologize for my silence on the blog this past week. If you couldn’t tell I am back to work, which means my blogging time is limited now. But I have big news! This past Monday Kevin and I met our goal to run at least one mile a day until Labor Day! It is crazy to think that I ran for 101 days in a row and Kevin ran for 100 days! Here is how our last week of the streak went down.


Katie’s Miles (8/25 – 9/1)

  • Monday: 3 miles @ 10:05. 3 miles before the sunrise with my running buddy! I love these running dates with her because they get me out of bed and hold me accountable. It was also a great way to begin the week, since it was my first day back to work after a wonderful summer and needed a little stress relief before it all started. It also helped that it was a BEAUTIFUL and cool morning. Bring on fall!!!
  • Tuesday: 4 miles @ 8:08. Hello speedwork, my old friend! I haven’t done much speedwork besides the short 100 meter sprints at the track I was doing over the summer with my friend. Lately I’ve been feeling the desire to do it again so I went to the gym for half-mile repeats on the treadmill. Normally I prefer to do speedwork at the track but I don’t have one nearby and now that I’m back to work I have to run before sunrise. It’s difficult for me to run fast when I can’t really see where I’m going! Anyway I warmed up for a mile, then did 4 x 800 meters (a half mile) with 400 meters of slower recovery running between. I started my first repeat at 7:13 pace and worked my way down to a 6:58 pace on my last one. Then I quickly cooled down and finished with a total of 4 miles. It felt so good to do this type of workout again! I really did miss it!
  • Wednesday: 3 miles @ 10:02. My plan was to do 3 easy miles around the neighborhood this morning, and when Laura told me she was doing the same and asked if I wanted to run together I obviously couldn’t refuse! Running in the dark is way more fun (and safe) with a buddy. It was a great run and went by super fast as usual. It even included a surprise shower from a sprinkler that we didn’t see which made me scream! Sorry neighbors!
  • Thursday: 4 miles @ 8:44 pace. This tempo run was awesome! It has been a long time since I’ve done one so I kept it easy with 1 slow warm up mile, 2 fast, and 1 slow to cool down. I was aiming for 8:00/mile or less for the fast miles, but when I went outside and was hit with 100% humidity I wasn’t sure it would happen. I told myself to stop making excuses and just do it- so I did! My two miles were 7:58 and 7:52 and it was NOT easy, but there’s nothing like the feeling after a hard speed workout! Then as if my heart rate wasn’t up high enough already, I ran into the biggest spiderweb of all time on my way back to the house, which made me scream. That’s the second day in a row that I’ve screamed while running before sunrise… My neighbors must love me!
  • Friday: 3 miles @ 10:03. Another morning run with my friend Laura! I will happily wake up early every day if it means getting to see a beautiful sunrise like I did on this morning. We just did a nice and easy 3 miler since we had planned to do a long run with our group the next day.
  • Saturday: 14 miles @ 10:30. One of the best decisions I made this summer was starting a running group with some amazing ladies. We’ve been doing long runs together on the weekends for a few months now and it’s so much fun. On this day we met at 6 a.m. (so early for a Saturday!) and ran out and back along a paved path. Two of my friends are pregnant and weren’t running as far, so they turned around at 5.5 miles to finish with 11 miles. I went ahead with two other friends and we ended up running 14. It felt awesome and went by pretty quickly, although I did start to really feel it toward the end. I am not surprised by that though, because I’m starting to get into distances I haven’t run since my marathon in March!
  • Sunday: 3 miles @ 9:29. I celebrated Day 100 by finally making it to Body Pump (that is truly a miracle!) and then going on a family run on one of our favorite local running paths. It was very hot but I always love running with my boys 🙂
  • Monday: 4 miles @ 7:58. I finished off the streak with a bang! 4 miles of speedwork at the track with my boys. My workout was a warm up, then 3 x 1200 meters (.75 mile repeats) with 400 meters slow recovery running in between. I was aiming for each repeat to be between 5:17 – 5:37 (7:05 – 7:32 pace). It was hot and very sunny but I pushed hard and my splits were 5:19, 5:18, and 5:17! I was so proud to end my running streak in a strong way.
  • Total Miles This Week: 38
  • Total Miles: 407
  • Total Days Streaking: 101


Kevin’s Miles (8/25 – 9/1)

  • Monday: 2 miles @ 8:19
  • Tuesday: 1 mile @ 6:25 (I was hungry and dinner was ready!)
  • Wednesday: 3 miles @ 8:28
  • Thursday: 1 mile @ ? (No Garmin)
  • Friday: 2 miles @ 8:55
  • Saturday: 1 mile @ ? (No Garmin)
  • Sunday: 3 miles @ 9:29 (Family run)
  • Monday: 2 miles @ ? (At the track- Katie had the Garmin)
  • Total Miles This Week: 15
  • Total Miles: 191.3
  • Total Days Streaking: 100

From Kevin: I am very happy I did the streak. I lost 20 pounds and built my running base up to where I wanted it to be. It was challenging at times when my legs felt so tired and it was hot, but I kept thinking of my motivators like Anna- who ran more in a week than I did in 100 days! It feels good to let my legs rest now!


Part of me is sad to break the streak, but I have other goals I want to accomplish now, like getting back to more consistent strength training. I also want to start doing more speedwork and tempo runs, since I kept my runs at an easy pace all summer long. Kevin and I both agreed we would do another streak someday. We obviously have to beat our record now! 🙂  It’s been an amazing journey and I’m very proud of not only myself and Kevin, but also my friend Chanda who did it with us! It really is true, every day is a good day when you run!


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