Run Streak: Week 13


Another great week. 4 runs with friends, another amazing (and spontaneous) race, and my last week of summer break. Read on for details!


Katie’s Miles (8/18 – 8/24)

  • Monday: 3.5 miles @ 8:30 pace. I wasn’t sure how my usual Monday morning track date would go since I really pushed myself in the Hartwood 10 miler the day before. I normally wouldn’t do two harder speed workouts back-to-back but it was my last “Mommy Monday” with Gina before going back to work next week and I didn’t want to miss it! I got there earlier than Gina so I started by running a little over 2 recovery miles to warm up and loosen up my legs. Once she got there we did our sprints- running fast on the straight sides of the track and walking the curves. We were so caught up in conversation that we lost count of how many we had done, so we think we ended up doing more than usual, but that’s okay! It felt great to spend time with her and sweat it out on the track. I’m really going to miss our weekly dates when school starts next week!
  • Tuesday: 4 miles @ 9:55. The best kind of running buddy is one who convinces you to spontaneously sign up for a half marathon that’s in 4 days! The funny part is I was already secretly thinking about it. My husband said when Laura (my running buddy) isn’t pregnant anymore we are going to be trouble. Our race PRs are very close, we love to push ourselves and she’s pretty much as crazy as I am. Bonus: she lives right down the street! We had a great run that went by fast with our half marathon planning. I finished the run really excited for the race!
  • Wednesday: 2 miles @ 9:43 pace. I was looking forward to running with my hubby and little Kev in the stroller but as soon as he got home from work it started pouring rain with thunder and lightning We went ahead and ate dinner, put Kevin to bed and by that point it had cleared up so my hubby went out for a quick mile. I left once he got back. It was SUPER humid and I did see one lightning strike which freaked me out, but I got my run in! I planned to take it easy the rest of the week and only run 1-2 miles a day since I decided to do the half marathon at the last minute. I really wanted to do well in it and I pushed myself in the 10 miler a few days before, so I wanted to make sure my legs are ready… well, as ready as they can be after running for almost 100 days straight!
  • Thursday: 2 miles @ 10:11. If it weren’t for my running buddy I definitely wouldn’t have gotten up this morning! After running late the night before I couldn’t fall asleep (that always happens to me!), and then right when I was about to Kevin woke up crying from a bad coughing fit. It took forever to calm him down and he ended up in our bed ninja kicking us. Eventually my husband got him back in his own crib and we were finally able to sleep around 1 a.m. Alarm went off at 5:30. Wahhh! Laura and I ran an easy and slow 2 miles since we had our half marathon in a few days. I also had a pretty nasty blister on my left foot that I needed to hurry up and heal before the race!
  • Friday: I just did one mile today before my race to keep the streak going. The good news was that my blister was feeling so much better!
  • Saturday: 13.1 miles @ 8:36. Wow! This was a great race, but a tough one for me. I finished feeling super proud. Full recap is here.
  • Sunday: 2.4 miles @ 9:26. Little Kev was up bright and early at 5:30 AM so I got my run in while everyone in my neighborhood was still sleeping. It was a ghost town out there but I liked the peace and quiet. It was a cooler morning with nice breeze, which felt great! I wore my shirt from the race yesterday and did 2.4 easy recovery miles. Had to do the extra .4 to round up to the next whole number (OCD), bringing my mileage for the week to 28.
  • Total Miles This Week: 28
  • Total Miles So Far: 369
  • Total Days Streaking: 93

photo 1-1

Kevin’s Miles (8/18 – 8/24)

  • Monday: 2 miles @ 8:23 (Team RWB group run)
  • Tuesday: 2 miles @ 8:35
  • Wednesday: 1 mile @ ? (Didn’t take the Garmin)
  • Thursday: 2 miles @ 8:00
  • Friday: 2 miles @ 8:26
  • Saturday: 3 miles @ ? (Didn’t take the Garmin)
  • Sunday: 1 mile @ 9:26
  • Total Miles This Week: 13
  • Total Miles So Far: 176.3
  • Total Days Streaking: 92
Monday's group run with Team RWB

Monday’s group run with Team RWB

From Kevin: After last week which was tough, it was time to step up my game and increase my mileage a little bit.  I did a lot of runs with the stroller and felt really good so I pushed myself at the same time. Right now I’m trying to decide if I want to keep streaking or if I want to start following a different type of training plan- or both.

Saturday's run with my boy

Saturday’s run with my boy

The end of week 13 is definitely bittersweet. It marks the end of my summer and the beginning of a new school year, since I went back to work full-time this past Monday. This means it’s going to be tougher to fit my runs in with my commute and daycare drop off/pick up but I just need to make them happen! Can’t stop streaking now!

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