Run Streak: Week 11


Week 11 was probably the most challenging week for me so far in this journey for many reasons. The baby got sick, I didn’t sleep well, then I traveled home to Pennsylvania. My husband wasn’t there with me during the week which meant I had to get creative with how I fit in my runs while also being with my son full-time. I was also hit with one of the worst stomach bugs on Saturday that lasted the rest of the weekend. I had decided to break my streak at that point, but somehow I pulled a mile out of me late Sunday night and didn’t! Read on for details.

photo 1

Katie’s Miles (8/4 – 8/10)

  • Monday: 3 miles @ 8:33. I know I say it every week, but I am loving my Monday morning dates with my friend Gina at the track. I didn’t sleep well the night before but I knew running with her would make me feel better, and it did! On this day we did sprints, ran the bleacher stairs, and did two Tabata rounds that included bench step-ups, mountain climbers, tricep dips and more. I ended up running a little more to make it to 3 miles for the day. Really going to miss this when I go back to school at the end of the month!
  • Tuesday: 3 miles @ 9:37. Another very sleepy day for me. Monday was super busy and long, and I couldn’t wait to get a good night’s sleep that night. Right as I was going to bed I walked by the baby’s room and smelled something horrible. I walked in and saw puke all over his crib, the wall, the carpet, the floor and him. We got him up, gave him a bath and cleaned everything up, but his room still smelled really bad so we brought him into our bed to sleep. He was fine- no fever, and lots of energy, so there wasn’t much sleeping going on for any of us. I didn’t have much energy to run this morning but I knew I would feel better if I did, because I turn into a cranky monster when I’m sleep deprived and was already being a brat to my hubby. I thought I’d do 1, maybe 2 miles, but it felt so good to blow off some steam that I kept going and did 3. I felt MUCH better afterwards and was prepared for another long day… with a nap fit in there 🙂
  • Wednesday: 4 miles @ 9:22. Summer weather is back! The cool temps and low humidity were nice while they lasted. I took the difficult uphill route on the way out and was pretty much struggling the whole time until I turned around. Once I finally did I was able to see a beautiful sunrise and enjoy the nice view going downhill. So glad I stuck it out and did the entire 4 miles I had planned. After this run we packed up and headed to Pennsylvania!
  • Thursday: 2 miles @ 9:37. This day was a crazy one! I started by running 2 miles with the stroller around a park that has a paved loop. This would have been a good idea except there was a playground there, and every time we passed it Kevin would scream, “Out! Go play! All done!” So after hearing that about 6 times I stopped at 2 miles and let him play. After our run we spent the day at Dutch Wonderland with friends- Kevin’s first amusement and water park experience! It was awesome and exhausting, but our day didn’t end there! We got home, are a quick dinner and met my two best friends for a walk around the neighborhood. Whew!! Needless to say we both slept well that night.
  • Friday: 5 miles @ 9:14. After yesterday’s craziness little Kev and I both slept in and enjoyed a lazy morning. We eventually ventured out so I could get coffee and then we went to nearby playground. When we got home I put him down for a nap and hit my dad’s treadmill. I don’t usually like treadmills but with my dad and sister both at work and my husband not with us, it was the best way for me to fit my run in today- especially because I really didn’t want to run with the stroller! It helped that I was able to watch the episode of Big Brother that I missed the night before while I ran. It was so entertaining that I didn’t even notice the miles ticking away.
  • Saturday: 3 miles @ 9:15. I was so happy on Saturday morning’s run because my hubby finally joined us in Pennsylvania! We took little Kev to his favorite tot lot playground and then took turns running around that area, because it’s hard to find stroller friendly places to run around here. I LOVE running in my hometown though. It brings back so many memories and makes me happy. Unfortunately later this day the stomach bug from hell hit, which actually caused me to make Kevin pull over while driving so I could throw up on the side of the road… that’s a first. It was all downhill from there for the rest of the day and night 😦
  • Sunday: 1 mile @ 9:55. My toughest day yet. Obviously this is not the 12 mile long run I had planned, but considering I had decided to break my running streak due to my sickness the day before I’m thankful to have gotten 1 mile in! I woke up in the morning feeling a little better but was still nauseous on and off and felt weak from not having any food in my body and being dehydrated. I spent the whole day taking it easy and relaxing by my friend’s pool, making sure to hydrate and try to eat, then we drove back to Virginia. I had pretty much decided I was not going to run but since I hadn’t thrown up at all that day and was feeling better I went out for 1 mile. Definitely the hardest mile I’ve run in a long time but I did it slow and steady and got it done. The weirdest part is I actually felt the best I did all day afterwards?! Let the streak continue!
  • Total Miles This Week: 21 (my lowest mileage in 12 weeks… must bring that up next week!)
  • Total Miles So Far: 314
  • Total Days Streaking: 79
Love running in my hometown!

Love running in my hometown!

Kevin’s Miles (8/4 – 8/10)

  • Monday: 3 miles @ ?. (Group run with no watch)
  • Tuesday: 1 mile @ 8:40.
  • Wednesday: 2 miles @ ?.
  • Thursday: 2 miles @ ?.
  • Friday: 1 mile @ ?.
  • Saturday: 2 miles @ 7:46.
  • Sunday: 1 mile @ 8:20.
  • Total Miles This Week: 12
  • Total Miles So Far: 153.3
  • Total Days Streaking: 78

Running with Team RWB!

From Kevin: I don’t have a lot of times for my runs this week because Katie had the Garmin with her in Pennsylvania. I know different 1 and 2 mile routes around my house really well by now so I just go out and run them and don’t worry about my time. I did get to run with Team RWB again on Monday evening, which is always great!

photo 3

My goal for this upcoming week is just to feel better! That won’t be too hard to do because it’s pretty much all up from here :). I have a lot of runs planned with friends, including a local 10 miler that I’m doing again this year. I’m excited for a brand new week!

photo 2

Beautiful sunrise!

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5 responses to “Run Streak: Week 11

  1. Melissa @ Freeing Imperfections

    I just found your blog from searching for pregnancy announcements. I love it! I am a runner and I recently just found out I’m pregnant. I love reading all your baby updates! Very useful 🙂

    • Oh yay!! Congrats on your pregnancy! I’m so glad you find my updates useful! Feel free to borrow my pregnancy announcement idea and thanks for reading 🙂

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