Run Streak: Week 10


I can’t believe we have been streaking for 10 weeks! That seems like so long! This week was awesome because I got to do 4 of my runs with other people. After training solo for a year and a half, it feels so good to run socially again. I hope I can continue into the fall, I love my running buddies!!!

photo 1

Katie’s Miles (7/28 – 8/3)

  • Monday: 3 miles @ ?. I love Mondays at the track with Gina! I did a little running with the stroller, then we did sprints, bench step-ups and a little Tabata while our boys played and collected rocks. Perfect way to kick off a new week!
  • Tuesday: 4 miles @ 9:19. OMG, it felt absolutely amazing outside this morning! It was cool and breezy with low humidity- am I back in Oregon?! I was loving it! I only wish I had time to run longer, but I had to get back home so Kevin could leave for work. I am really enjoying my summer but this run made me super excited for fall running!
  • Wednesday: 5 miles @ 9:51. Long sleeves in July? Yes, it’s true! It was 50 degrees when I left my house… Soooo nice! I ran about a mile to a nearby elementary school to meet my friend Laura, we ran 3 miles together and then I ran back home. I am so happy I found a running buddy who lives so close. She is awesome and the miles fly by when we run together!
  • Thursday: 4 miles @ 8:50. Another amazing morning in Northern VA! I got to sleep a little later because Kevin was taking the baby to daycare since I had a work training later that day. I was able to enjoy my coffee and relax a little before heading out to run at 8 a.m. Since it felt so good outside I decided to do a progression run because they are my favorite type of speedwork. My splits were 9:30, 8:55, 8:45, 8:13. It felt really great to be able to have a faster leg turnover after feeling like they’ve been heavy logs all summer due to heat and humidity. I just signed up for a 10 mile race in a few weeks and it will be interesting to see how it goes, since I haven’t been doing much speedwork at at all!
  • Friday: 2 miles @ 9:17. Just an easy 2 miles this morning. It took me a really long time to fall asleep the night before, so I wanted to keep it short and sweet. Plus I knew I had my long run the next day and had already ran quite a bit (for me) so far this week. It was raining lightly outside, which felt good because it was also very humid.
  • Saturday: 10 miles @ 10:11. What a great morning! I ran 10 miles with my Chanda and a few with Laura too, who turned around before us because she had a busy day ahead. There was rain in the forecast but it held out and we both ended up feeling awesome, even despite the many hills we ran. Afterwards Chanda and I met up with our hubbies at the Team RWB group run. Team RWB (Red, White & Blue) is a running group that consists of of veterans, active duty personnel and civilians that supports and connects veterans and the community. My husband is former military and Chanda’s husband James is active duty, and they both joined the group a couple months ago. We’ve gone to a few of their group runs and really enjoy them! They just started a new weekly run near our house, so it ended up being perfect. Our hubbies ran together while we walked another mile and a half or so with the strollers. Love starting the weekend in a fun and active way!
  • Sunday: 2 miles @ 8:11. This was a speedy one! We had a lazy Sunday morning and once we finally got out to run the sky was dark and stormy looking, my Garmin was dead and my phone was at 9% battery. So Kevin, little Kev and I went to a nearby elementary school and ran 1 mile out as fast as we could (mostly uphill!) using Map My Run, then came back. Somehow my phone didn’t die on me and it didn’t rain on us either! My husband pushed the stroller and I could still barely keep up with his fast pace. Our splits were 8:41 & 7:42. He’s amazing! We even had time to let little Kev play at the playground once we were done. Nothing like some spontaneous speedwork!
  • Total Miles This Week: 30
  • Total Miles So Far: 293
  • Total Days Streaking: 72

photo 3

Kevin’s Miles (7/28 – 8/3)

  • Monday: 1 mile @ 7:11.
  • Tuesday: 2 miles @ 8:20
  • Wednesday: 2 miles @ 7:21.
  • Thursday: 2 miles @ 7:46
  • Friday: 1 mile @ 8:53
  • Saturday: 4 miles @ 10:04
  • Sunday: 2 miles @ 8:11
  • Total Miles This Week: 14
  • Total Miles So Far: 141.3
  • Total Days Streaking: 71

photo 5

From Kevin: I had a great week of running. Even though I had to do some of my runs at night, it was a nice week for weather in Northern VA. My Saturday group run with Team RWB was fun. I liked that they met in a new spot that was close to home, and I really enjoyed running with my friend James that day.

photo 4

Team RWB Group Run

Only 3 more weeks until my summer comes to a close. It’s been an amazing one, and I’ve been so busy trying to make the most of it that I have barely had time to blog, except for these weekly updates. I have 5 posts on my list to write, I just need to find the time to do it! Life is crazy but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Beautiful morning in Virginia

Beautiful morning in Virginia


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