Myrtle Beach Mini-Vacation

On Wednesday, July 2nd we packed up and went to the beach for the holiday weekend! My in-laws live in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina and we go there a few times a year to visit them. This year our big summer vacation is to the west coast (leaving on Thursday- our first flight with Kev, ahhh!), so my husband is using up his leave for that. We knew we wanted to take a trip to the beach still, so we decided to do a mini-vacation over the 4th of July long weekend.


We left after my husband got home from work, around 6:00 p.m. It’s about a 6 1/2 hour drive from where we live, and we hoped that Kevin would sleep on the way. After fighting it for a while, he finally did and we had a pretty smooth trip without much traffic. We only had to make one stop, and we arrived around 12:30 a.m. and pretty much fell into bed.

At a rest stop on our way to the beach!

At a rest stop on our way to the beach!

The next morning Kevin of course woke up at 6 a.m. He never gets the vacation memo! We got up with him and noticed that it was looking pretty stormy outside. Hurricane Arthur was on it’s way up the coast and the weather was expected to be pretty bad, but was supposed to clear out by the next day, which was the 4th of July. While we were looking outside we noticed that our car had a flat tire, so we went outside and found a nail in it :(.


My husband and his mom made some phone calls so we could get it taken care of, and then went to drop the car off at the shop. When he got back we quickly changed into our running clothes to squeeze our run for the streak in before the storm got bad.


The rest of the day was spent hanging out inside due to the weather. We went to the grocery store, picked up the car, and went to Mellow Mushroom (our favorite!) for dinner. It’s become our little tradition the day before we have a race. Kev enjoyed some grandma time and lemons (which he loves, weird0), and I enjoyed $1 wine night :).

10502197_10106742016571634_7142547037751684391_n  10500403_10106742014875034_2684250911855388558_n

The next day was the 4th of July, and we started it off with our race. I already blogged about it, but it was basically AWESOME! The storm had passed through and it was a really nice morning, despite the humidity.


After the race we went home and got ready to go to the beach. I was so happy to be able to have a good beach day, and I was excited to see how Kevin would react to it. Last summer he LOVED the beach, but I wasn’t sure he’d still feel the same way this year.


To be expected on a holiday, the beach was totally packed, but we were loving being there in the sunshine next to the ocean. Kevin had an absolute blast and wanted to stay in the ocean all day. It was so much fun!





DSCN3172    DSCN3184



beachbaby fam

Eventually we left to go home, shower, and BBQ up some dinner. We had cheeseburgers, black bean burgers, corn, grilled veggies, tortilla chips (my fave!) and more. We also had a beer tasting with different craft beer that my husband brought with him.  It was a great way to spend the 4th of July.

Passed out from all the fun

Passed out from all the fun

The next morning, Saturday, I got up early and headed to the beach to run. I’d been dying to do a morning run on the beach and it was the perfect day for it.


After 4 1/2 blissful miles I headed to meet my friend Chanda for a bootcamp class that her niece goes to often. It was so awesome that Chanda and her family were also in Myrtle Beach, because I got to workout with her a few days in a row. Bootcamp basically killed me, especially after running beforehand!


Once I got home we packed up for the beach again. It wasn’t as nice outside as the day before, overcast and pretty windy, but we wanted to make the most of it.

photo 2-1

Once again, Kevin loved the water and couldn’t get enough. We took turns going with him in the water, then he made some friends and played with them, while we enjoyed some drinks and I read one of my favorite books.

photo 5


photo 3

photo 1    photo 2

photo 1-2    photo 2-2

We didn’t stay super long because we had to go back home to get ready for date night! Kevin and I have a tradition to go on a special date night whenever we visit Myrtle Beach. Over the years it’s changed some since we became parents, but it’s always nice to have time together as just the two of us.


We started by walking around Broadway at the Beach, which is a large touristy shopping area that we love. It was really crowded, but we scored a table at Margaritaville outside on the patio where there was no wait. We were excited because the indoor tables were an hour and a half to two hour wait! No thank you! We ate a delicious meal and drank some delicious drinks and enjoyed ourselves :).


After dinner we wanted to get away from the crowds so we headed back towards where his parents live and went to play mini-golf. We are always pretty competitive with each other (see the above 5K), and last year when we played we TIED. Kevin was determined to beat me this year, however by hole 2 I had a hole in one and by hole 5 Kevin’s ball was in the water… 🙂

10532345_10106754426731574_4191641405119481388_n 934762_10106754458318274_8687035903486923477_n

It ended up being a close competition though, and we actually tied AGAIN! What are the chances?


I was up bright and early again on Sunday morning (no sleeping in for me on vacation!) to meet Chanda for a long run. Our legs were pretty tired from bootcamp the day before, but time always flies when I run with her and we had beautiful scenery to look at too!


We were leaving that afternoon, but we took our time because we knew we’d sit in traffic. We hung out with family, took a nap, and enjoyed our last day there.



Kevin had fun playing video games with my husband’s little brother Matt and playing in a baby pool with their puppy Dexter.

photo 2-3   10488369_10106763873021134_6872115477809797481_n

photo 4-2

We had an amazing time and were definitely sad to leave. We’ve made a lot of great memories in Myrtle Beach over the years. Here is a cool picture of us from 2011 and now. Same tree, 3 years, 1 baby and a little bit of aging later… life has never been sweeter!


And a few more pictures from our mini-vacation!

photo 4-1

Rocked to sleep by Papaw

Kevin's new trick- caught the birdie!

Kevin’s new trick- caught the birdie!

Gummy worm snack

Gummy worm snack

Changed into dry clothes and warm again before we left the beach

Changed into dry clothes and warm again before we left the beach

Eating breakfast while mommy & daddy run!

Eating breakfast while mommy & daddy run!

Dead stopped traffic on the way home... at 12:30 a.m. Ready to move to Myrtle! :)

Dead stopped traffic on the way home… at 12:30 a.m. Ready to move far away from northern Virginia 🙂

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