Runner’s World Run Streak: Week 5


Week 5 of the Runner’s World Summer Run Streak is complete! This was an awesome week because it was the official start of my summer break! Little Kevin and I have been having a ton of fun at the pool, playing outside, getting together with friends, of course running too!


Here is a recap of how my week went, followed by Kevin’s account of his week.

Katie’s Miles (6/23 – 6/29)

  • Monday: 2 miles @ 10:00. Wow. This was difficult. I waited until Kevin woke up from his afternoon nap to go out (3:30 p.m.) and it was 85 degrees. I wanted to run to a playground about a mile away, let Kev play and then run home. I forgot that it was almost all uphill on the way there! Not easy with the stroller, but at least I had a break before running back home. What a way to kick off the week!
  • Tuesday: 3 miles @ 9:34. I felt like I was running a relay this morning! Kevin got home from his run, passed me the water bottle and I ran out for mine! It was a lot cooler this morning but still pretty humid. Luckily I had a beautiful view as I ran around a lake in a nearby neighborhood. I even ran into a huge flock of geese who refused to move out of my way for a minute or so. Haha!
  • Wednesday: 4 miles @ 8:53. This run turned into an accidental progression run! It was a nice morning and I was feeling really good. As my watched beeped for each mile I noticed myself getting faster, so I pushed myself the last one to finish strong. It felt great because I haven’t done any type of speed work in a while, and I love progression runs! My splits were 9:32, 9:03, 8:47, 8:13.
  • Thursday: 3.5 miles @ ? On this day I ran with a friend who I am coaching. We planned to do only 3 miles because it was really hot, but she was having issues with her asthma and didn’t have her inhaler, so we ended up walking the second half of it to be safe. When I got back I made dinner and then my boys got home, so we headed out for a quick 2 miles together.
  • Friday: 4 miles @ 9:22. This run was a tough one mentally and physically. My body felt tired from running the night before, I kept getting cramps and of course I picked a very hilly route. It was not an enjoyable run. But I tried to remind myself that not every run can be great, and it takes the difficult ones to make us stronger. I switched into a “just do it” attitude and got it done without walking up any of the hills or cutting my planned run short. I was proud of myself for pushing through!
  • Saturday: 12 miles @ 10:02. What a great morning for running! I met two of my friends early to run at a local battlefield and park and it might be my new favorite place! It was pretty and very shaded, with a ton of other runners, walkers and bikers around. We ran 9 miles together, and then I met up with my boys because Kevin recently joined a running group, and they also run there on Saturday mornings. Their run started after I was done, so I decided to join them for 3 more. I pushed the stroller too since Kevin wanted to run 5 miles and was going faster than I could after already running 9! He went ahead and I turned around early. Such an awesome way to spend a Saturday morning 🙂
  • Sunday: 2.5 miles @ 9:11. Ran to and from the gym and took Body Pump. Felt so good to be back at pump! I really gave it my all and my legs felt like jello when I ran home!
  • Total Miles This Week: 31
  • Total Miles So Far: 141
  • Total Days Streaking: 37


Kevin’s Miles (6/23 – 6/29)

  • Monday: 1 mile @ 8:45. I continued to learn that I hate running after work. Only did 1 mile after my long run on Sunday and it was tough.
  • Tuesday: 2 miles @ 8:23. I ran in the morning, and it was cooler than usual which felt good!
  • Wednesday: 2 miles @ 8:27. Another nice morning. Definitely thinking that morning runs are the way to go in the summer.
  • Thursday: 2 miles @ 9:36. I was pleasantly surprised to be able to run with my wife after work. It was good to run as a family during the week. It took my mind off the fact that it was the evening and it was super hot.
  • Friday: 2 miles @ 7:54. Obviously I felt good this morning! Good enough to make me want to push myself and see if I could do two faster miles.
  • Saturday: 5 miles @ 8:57. I really enjoyed running with my new running group, team RWB (Red White and Blue). It was really cool to run with new people in a new place. Time passed quickly and I liked running through the battlefield. It was nice and quiet and we didn’t have to worry about traffic or anything like that.
  • Sunday: 1 mile @ 8:32. It was a good recovery mile after my long run. I wasn’t feeling very well so 1 mile was all I wanted to do.
  • Total Miles This Week: 15
  • Total Miles So Far: 67.2
  • Total Days Streaking: 36

photo 2

It’s crazy that it’s almost July! Kevin and I are getting excited for our 4th of July 5K in Myrtle Beach. This is supposed to be a rematch since we didn’t get to actually “race” each other at the Memorial Day 5K due to some last minute changes. This time we have Kevin’s mom to be with little Kev during the race and it is ON! We love to compete with each other!

Onto week 6, which is the last “official” week of the streak! Will we continue until Labor Day? Find out next week 🙂

Summer fun with my boy :)

Summer fun with my boy 🙂

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