Runner’s World Run Streak: Week 3


Week 3 of the Runner’s World Summer Run Streak is in the books, and it was another good one! There were some nice ups, like the fact that I was able to run with both of my boys 3 times, which always makes me really happy. There were also some lows, like dealing with a ton of 100% humidity days which left me feeling sluggish and slow.

photo 3

Here is a recap of how my week went, followed by Kevin’s account of his week.

Katie’s Miles (6/9 – 6/15)

  • Monday: 1 mile @ 9:22Neither of us woke up this morning to run so we ran as a family while our dinner was in the oven- how’s that for multitasking? It was really hot and we were tired so we just did 1 mile- and trust me that was enough!
  • Tuesday: 3 miles @ 9:07. It was 73 degrees and 100% humidity when I ran at 5:45 am. Are you kidding me?? It felt like I was running through quicksand and I could not take a deep breath- the air was so thick!
  • Wednesday: 3 miles @ 8:30. This day was a doozy! I set my alarm to run in the morning and before it could even go off I woke up to a very loud and scary thunderstorm and pouring rain. I decided to run after work instead, but then there was another severe thunderstorm warning. The skies looked dark when I got home but I decided to chance it. I tried to run fast to outrun the storm and it worked. I also ran into Kevin who was out on his run on my way back to the house, which was fun!
  • Thursday: 2 miles @ 9:59. I cannot accurately convey how sweaty I was after another 100% humidity morning. I did 2 slow miles and even walked up a big hill at one point. My body felt really tired and heavy from the humidity and running at a harder effort less than 12 hours before. It wasn’t my best run but I got it done!
  • Friday: 4 miles @ 9:10. On this day when I saw it was 100% humidity again I expected to struggle and was only going to do 2 miles. Once I got started I actually felt fine, so I decided to go farther. At 3 miles I still felt good so I went ahead and did 4! I was so happy to finally have a decent run. Maybe I’m getting used to the heat and humidity already?
  • Saturday: 9 miles @ 8:50. That’s more like it! This run was the definition of the Brooks slogan “Run Happy.” It felt great outside, and it reminded me what it’s like to run and be able to breathe and not drown in my own sweat. I did 8 miles alone and then picked up the boys for 1 more. There were tons of other runners out too, which always makes me smile.
  • Sunday: 3 miles @ 9:01. This run took place in New Jersey! One of my best friends was getting married on the beach and we did a quick family run before the wedding day festivities begin. It was 57 degrees and windy- a little bit different than the weather we have been having in Virginia, but I loved it. 
  • Total Miles This Week: 25
  • Total Miles So Far: 80
  • Total Days Streaking: 23

photo 2

Kevin’s Miles (6/9 – 6/15)

  • Monday: 1 mile @ 9:22. I ran with Katie and Kevin during the week for a change. We got one quick mile in after work before dinner.
  • Tuesday: 1 mile @ 8:00. Katie was at her usual Tuesday class at the gym so I ran a mile with the baby after picking him up.
  • Wednesday: 3 miles @ 8:05. I ran two miles before picking up Kevin at daycare to try to beat a thunderstorm, and when I got home it still wasn’t storming yet so I went out and did 1 more with the stroller.
  • Thursday: 2 miles @ 7:26. I was just going to run 1 mile but decided to do 2 instead because I had some time to kill after work before meeting up with my brother-in-law. It was fun running back in my old stomping grounds. It brought back good memories.
  • Friday: 1 mile @ 8:30. Got a quick mile in before dinner.
  • Saturday: 2 miles @ 8:00. Katie was out doing her long run, and she let me know when she was getting close so I could come out and run her last mile with her. After a mile she stopped and started walking back with the baby in the stroller. I kept going for one more mile and it was fun to try to catch back up with her.
  • Sunday: 3 miles @ 9:01. It was a good family run before the wedding. It felt amazing because there was no humidity and it was breezy outside. It was nice being able to run with the family both days of the weekend.
  • Total Miles This Week: 13
  • Total Miles So Far: 38.2
  • Total Days Streaking: 22


I’m so proud of Kevin for his dedication to the streak. He has really worked hard to fit a run into his busy days and has lost more than 15 pounds over the last couple of months. He says he’s feeling better than ever, and I have to agree. I have also lost 5 stubborn pounds I’ve been working on since I gained them during marathon training this past winter. We’re both feeling great, especially since we’re doing it together.

photo 1

How are my other streakers doing as we begin week 4? We are officially past the halfway point now. Who else is still streaking? How do you feel?

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