Civitans 5K

This morning I kicked off the Runner’s World Summer Run Streak by running the Civitans 5K with my boys!


This Memorial Day race takes place in downtown historic Fredericksburg and the route goes along part of the Historic Half that I ran last weekend, so I am very familiar with it. I did this race last year and had a great time, and this year it was supposed to be a competition between my husband and me, who claimed a few months ago that I couldn’t beat him in a 5K. Our friend was supposed to walk/run with Kevin in the stroller so we could race each other, but she had a death in the family yesterday and was understandably unable to come. My husband pushed the stroller instead, and obviously this meant we couldn’t compete, but I still wanted to try my best. My stomach wasn’t feeling 100% for some reason, but I decided to go out at my 5K race pace (7:05 – 7:20ish) and hang on as long as I could. It was a warm, sunny morning and I knew that the out-and-back course was slightly hilly, especially in the last half, so I wasn’t sure what would happen.

As 7:00 a.m. approached, I kissed my boys goodbye and headed toward the front of the pack. Kevin went to the back since he had the stroller. We started right on time and I focused on finding a pace that felt comfortably hard. I checked in with my body as I ran, enjoyed a few downhills and tried to send messages to my stomach to settle down.  When my watch beeped for mile 1 I was pretty surprised at how fast it was, because it didn’t really feel like I was running at that pace. I could tell I was exerting a lot more effort than I usually need to in the first mile of a 5K.

  • Mile 1 – 7:13

I realized quickly after crossing the first mile split that I wasn’t going to be able to maintain such a fast pace. The hillier portion of the course began and my body was having a hard time maintaining the pace. At this point I contemplated dropping back to run with the boys as a family since I was already started to fade at not even halfway through, but I noticed there were not too many women in front of me. I decided to keep pushing it so I could maybe place in my age group. My next mile was slower as expected, but my stomach was starting to feel better so I was hopeful I’d be able to finish strong.

  • Mile 2 – 7:37

The last mile of a 5K always feels so long to me for some reason. I was determined to drop my pace a little so I kicked it up a notch after passing the 2 mile mark. I grabbed some water at the table and got to work. I focused on a few women who were in front of me. I knew there was a hill toward the end and luckily, hills tend to be a strength of mine. I passed one girl on the hill and then focused on the next one. At this point I could see the finish line, and the clock said 22 minutes and some seconds, which was surprising to me. I hadn’t been looking at my watch much and was expecting to finish somewhere in the 23-24 minute mark.

  • Mile 3 – 7:28

As I watched the seconds tick away, I decided I wanted to finish in under 23 minutes, so I sprinted my little heart out. As much as I tried, I couldn’t catch the girl who was in front of me, but that was okay. I finished within a minute of my PR (22:07) on a tough course when I wasn’t feeling 100%. I was so happy!

  • Finish Time – 22:59 (7:24 average pace)


After catching my breath for a minute I ran back to find the boys. I thought we could all run to the finish together. I saw him running fast around the corner and I jumped in to run with them for a minute, but when Kevin caught sight of the finish line he booked it there and I couldn’t keep up 🙂 He finished in 27:41, an 8:55 pace – which is an awesome time pushing the stroller on hills!

After finishing we walked over to where the food and water was to hang out and check results, since I wasn’t sure yet if I had placed. We went inside the library where it was a little cooler and recapped the race for each other. We saw a guy come by with results and when I checked them, I saw that my husband’s name was next to MY TIME! He had given me the wrong chip by mistake! I told him he must have done that on purpose just to say that he beat me 🙂 Luckily, we got it all sorted out and our race times were switched. I found out that I was the 5th woman overall and placed 2nd in my age group. Woo hoo!

Awards were not until 8:00 a.m., so we spent some time cheering on the 10K runners who were starting to finish, chasing Kevin around, and looking for puppies.

photo DSCN2806


At 8:00 a.m. I got my reward- a gift certificate to our local running store. Kevin also got an award for his age group! Winners all around!

DSCN2807    DSCN2808


The Civitans 5K was a great race and a fun way to kick off our running streak. As for my little competition with my husband, we have already planned a rematch at our 4th of July race when we’ll be in Myrtle Beach with his parents. It is SO ON!!!



10 responses to “Civitans 5K

  1. I thought about signing up for this one but I didn’t think I’d be up for a race only a week after the half. This morning I ran three miles at a decent pace, so I definitely could have run a 5K. Still learning what my body can handle! 🙂 Congrats on placing 2nd in your age group!!

    • It’s definitely better to be safe than sorry as you are learning about your body! You’ll have to let me know what other local races are on your schedule. My summer is wide open!

      • I’ve signed up for the SPCA 5K on Sunday; I’m not sure if I’ll be able to do any races in July. Our summer schedule is crazy already! I’m also thinking of trying the Hartwood 10 miler in August.

  2. Way to go Katie! Great job 🙂

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