Mother’s Day 2014

I had such a wonderful Mother’s Day today. My husband does an awesome job of making me feel appreciated every single day, and he is always telling me that I’m a great mommy. However, it’s nice to have a special day to be pampered a little bit.

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My Mother’s Day celebration really started on Friday when I dropped Kevin off at daycare. His daycare providers had prepared a few sweet gifts along with cookies and juice for all the moms. Kevin was so proud to bring his gifts to me: a potted flower, a handmade card, and a journal to record all the funny things he says and does- perfect!

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The celebration continued on Saturday. In the morning I had an awesome long run with one of my favorite mother runner friends, and then came back home to be with my boys. Later that evening my husband went to a food and beer festival so I got to spend some quality one-on-one time with Kevin. We had fun playing outside, looking at flowers and chasing every dog he saw walk by :).

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This morning I woke up at 8:15 a.m. (!!!) to an empty bed. My husband had let me sleep in and had gotten up with the baby at 6:30, even though he had gotten home super late. They had gone out to the store to get groceries and Starbucks for me, then made me breakfast- peanut butter and banana pancakes. YUM! Kevin also gave me a bouquet of roses and a card he had drawn all over. It was so sweet.

photo photo 3

My only request for Mother’s Day was to go on a family run together. Since I have been marathon and half marathon training, we haven’t been able to do this in a long time. After some relaxing and Kevin’s first nap, we headed out around noon. It was hot and really sunny, but I was so excited to run with my boys!


We did 3 miles around our neighborhood. The same route that I used to run with my husband all the time when I was pregnant, and the same route we walked after my water broke and we were starting to get labor started. Oh, the memories :).


My husband hasn’t run very much lately, so that combined with the heat meant we took a lot of walking breaks and took it easy. We were having so much fun talking and enjoying each other’s company. The 3 miles flew by.


It was so nice to spend time with my boys and do something that I love at the same time. I’m excited to be able to do this every weekend!


After our run we had lunch and got Kevin down for another nap. When he got up we headed out for the second part of my Mother’s Day gift- shopping!!! It has been a long time since I have bought some clothes for myself (besides running clothes… haha). It was long overdue. I was able to find 4 shirts, a pair of shorts, and a dress that I love- all perfect for spring and summer.

We came home and my hubby made me dinner- I had requested my favorite Rice and Bean Salad and he’s really good at making it! It was perfect after a hot day. We got little Kev ready for bed around 7:30, and I spent some extra time rocking him to sleep. As he gave me about 20 kisses and did about 30 fake sneezes (his new thing), I kept thinking about how much he’s grown and also how I’ve grown as a mommy over the past 20 months. He has brought me so much joy and happiness and I honestly could not imagine life any other way.


As I write this I’m currently sipping on a glass of wine and getting ready to head up to bed. It was a wonderful day and I’m so thankful!

As for my own mom, I thought about her and our memories together a lot today. As I scrolled through my Facebook newsfeed full of tons of photos of people with their mothers, I did feel sad that I can’t celebrate this holiday with mine. But I appreciate her more and more every day now that I am a mom myself. I realize now just how much she loved us with her whole heart and always put us first. I feel like I can connect with her on a totally different level, and that gives me a wonderful sense of peace.


Sending love to anyone reading who can relate to this in some way. Happy Mother’s Day ❤


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