Mom & Baby: 18 Months

What the heck- didn’t I just write Kevin’s 17 month update? I swear the weeks have been passing extra fast lately, and it’s starting to make me uncomfortable! I need time to slow down. This little boy is growing up right before my eyes. He’s now officially in the second half of age one… on his way to turning two. I can’t believe it!

mommyandme - Version 2


I was hoping to have Kevin’s official weight and height stats for this update, but when I came down with the terrible, horrible, never-ending stomach bug I had to reschedule his 18 month appointment. We actually won’t be going until he’s almost 19 months!


I know he has gotten taller again this month because he can now reach (and open) doors. This has made us re-evaluate and update our baby-proofing. When we baby-proofed before it was with an infant who was learning to be mobile. Now that he’s a toddler he’s into a lot more and is really good at figuring out how to outsmart us. He definitely keeps us on our toes!

photo 1-1

Caught red-handed!

Here are the monthly comparison shots: 1 month to 18 months.

               DSCN8365 DSCN8866 DSCN9329 DSCN9676

               DSCN9841 DSCN0196 DSCN0334 DSCN0636

               DSCN1015 DSCN1211 11 DSCN1676

               DSCN1890 DSCN2071 DSCN2225 DSCN2239

DSCN2266 DSCN2353

I weighed him on our scale at home and it said he was 25 pounds, which is actually a little less than he was last month. His appetite has been all over the place though, so I’m not really that surprised. He hasn’t been eating as much but has still been super active. I’m not sure if his appetite/weight loss is him starting to get picky, teething (he got two new teeth this month), or a result of when he got my stomach bug, but he just started eating a bit more lately. Hopefully it stays that way!

Undressing himself after a nap

Undressing himself after a nap in Myrtle Beach

His favorite foods are any and all fruit (banana, oranges, grapes, apples, blueberries, you name it!). Dairy continues to be his all time favorite, and he will throw a fit if you mention the words milk or cheese and don’t give him any. He didn’t like eggs last month but now he loves them again. He also really likes tortellini and quinoa. He has gotten really good at using a fork and a spoon!

Still loving the green smoothies!

Still loving the green smoothies!

Kevin is still nursing at night, but only on the right side now. At the beginning of the month I really thought we were done, because he would fight it and didn’t seem interested. But then all of a sudden things changed and he started wanting it again. It doesn’t last long and he doesn’t really fall asleep while nursing anymore. Now when he decides he’s done he will just sit up, say “night night” and “bye bye” and point to his crib. He will give me a hug and a kiss, I’ll lay him down with his “babies” and he goes right to sleep. It’s a really bittersweet feeling.


He continues to learn a ton of new words! This month he learned how to say shoes, done, no, hot, help, bite, puppy (he thinks all animals are puppies right now), nose, mmmhmm (he says this for yes), Dado (he calls his dad this sometimes) and Dexter (the name of my in-law’s dog). He still loves blowing kisses, but now he will actually say “mwah!” when he does it. It’s so cute! He also said his first 2 word phrase on the day he turned 18 months- “no mommy.” And now it’s his favorite thing to say. Ohhhh boy!

This month he learned how to sign for help. He has been super independent lately and wants to do everything himself, which has led to many bad meltdowns because he gets frustrated if he can’t figure something out. Since teaching him how to sign “help” he’s been much happier, and then he watches us do it so he can learn for himself. He still knows and uses more, all done, milk, drink, please, eat, bath, cheese, yes, and no regularly and we don’t need to prompt him anymore- he just does them on his own.

He has learned a bunch of new body parts this month. He can find his nose, mouth, ears, head, belly, belly button, hair, and his ‘private parts’ (LOL) when asked.


One of the coolest tricks he learned this month (thanks to his daddy) was how to go get him a beer from the fridge. My husband is very proud of this!

Like I said earlier, Kevin got two new teeth this month, which brings his total to 14. Both of his top canine teeth broke through his gums on the same exact day. Ouch. He took it like a champ for the most part but did have some trouble sleeping. I could tell he was in pain because he was more clingy and whiny than usual, and his whole hand was in his mouth most of the time. We gave him lots of cold teethers, numbing gel and soft food to help him. Like the last time he was teething back in December (all 4 molars within a month), it did cause him to want to bite anything and everything he could find, including us. We’ve had to take a few trips to the time-out chair because of it. We are working on it!


Even though we’ve had a couple biting incidents, I swear he is the sweetest little boy. He cares about everyone and is always trying to give hugs and kisses, especially if he sees someone upset or sad. He already loves the ladies too, ahhh!

10004050_10106087273981034_546723204_n 1604585_10106087897561374_1615508140_n

When we put lotion on him at bedtime he loves to rub it on me too. He also rubs our back and our arms when we cuddle. He’s just the sweetest and I hope that never changes!


Sleep has been okay this month. Teething and sickness have disrupted his sleep at times and caused him to wake up at night and during naps. He still takes two naps, one around 9 that lasts about an hour and one around 1 that lasts an hour and a half to two hours. We’ve tried cutting the morning nap down but he just still seems to need it at this point. We are okay with that and just keeping an eye on the signs that he may be ready to drop it.

Napping on the way home from work after he fought it during the day

Napping on the way home from work after he fought it during the day

He loves daycare, his Nanny (what he calls his babysitter), his friends, and everything they do there. She stimulates them so much with books, music, art, and different sensory activities. He has learned so much since he started going there in early December.

Sensory play with Cool Whip at daycare!

Sensory play with Cool Whip at daycare!

When I picked him up at daycare the other day and asked him if he wanted to go home he actually told me no! I can’t be upset about that though, it’s so nice to know he’s happy during the day when I am at work.

He put on his backpack and said bye bye because he wanted to go to Nanny's on a snow day!

He put on his backpack and said bye bye because he wanted to go to Nanny’s on a snow day!

Kevin loves playing with his kitchen, blocks, shape sorter and anything that involves building, stacking, putting things inside containers and taking them out. He loves taking care of his various “babies” (stuffed animals).


He’s obsessed with cars and trucks and anything with wheels that he can play with. He also loves his T-ball set which makes his daddy- who coaches middle school baseball- very happy! Weirdly, he really likes playing with cleaning stuff. He will pretend to sweet with a broom or wipe things off with a paper towel. I guess he wants to be just like mommy 🙂

photo 4 1800433_10105994357346714_154578951_n

He actually loves trucks so much that he can hear the trash and recycle trucks coming from all the way across the neighborhood and will wait by the door until they come. Sometimes he waits there on days when there’s no trash pick-up and constantly asks for the “beep beep” (truck) which is so cute and sad at the same time. The truck drivers have gotten to know him though and will beep and wave at him when they drive by. It makes his whole day 🙂

We were blessed with more snow days this month, which is great for staying home with my boy but not really for playing outside! We did spend some time in the snow but most days it was just way too cool to be outside for any substantial amount of time.


Winter can be tough because Kevin loves the outdoors so much, and we try to take him out often. Luckily we were also blessed with some random warm days in the middle of the polar vortex craziness. I’m definitely looking forward to spring and nicer weather!

Playing outside at daycare

Playing outside at daycare

Even though he loves playing outside he doesn’t really like to get dirty yet. I caught this hilarious picture on my phone when Kevin was at the playground and fell down where the ground was sort of wet. His hands were all dirty and he just did not know what to do with himself!



WOW- my body sure has been through a lot this month. It started off by shutting down during mile 21 of the Myrtle Beach Marathon, and then figuring out what was going on afterwards and recovering took some time. I felt really beaten down for a while and it took a little bit to feel normal again. Fast forward to three weeks later, and I attempt another marathon- PRing by 4 minutes and finally finishing under 4 hours. I ran an absolutely perfect race and felt amazing the whole time. Recovery from it wasn’t difficult either, and I felt fine only a couple of days later. I don’t know how my body could do a whole 360 like that in the span of just one month, but it was a lot to deal with! I definitely gave it some well deserved R & R after all of that!

Getting the kiss I was supposed to get at the finish line

Getting the kiss I was supposed to get at the finish line

In other body news, my cycle was thrown off after my DNF in Myrtle Beach last month too. I don’t think I mentioned this because it’s pretty TMI, but my period started the night after I couldn’t finish the race. It was a week early, which was weird since I’ve been regular like clockwork for 5 months now. I’m not on birth control right now so I try to stay pretty in-tune with what is going on with my body and track it myself. That is part of the reason why I went to the doctor, to make sure everything was okay since the type of bleeding I was experiencing was very different than my normal cycle. Long story short, all was fine and I probably just threw my cycle off due to sickness and stress on the body. It came back the following month right on schedule so everything should be good!



My mental and emotional state during Kevin’s 18 month of life was a roller coaster. It started in a very negative, disappointing way when I was unable to finish the marathon I had trained so hard for. After that happened I battled with feelings of failure and my confidence for a little while, until I decided to try again and found amazing success. After finally accomplishing a goal I have worked so hard for, I realized that I am stronger than I think and I CAN do anything I want to do. I now feel at peace and have never believed in myself more on all levels- as a mother, a runner, a wife, a teacher… the whole experience has helped me realize my true potential. Sounds cheesy but it’s true!


One other thing that really helped me emotionally was having so many days to spend at home with Kevin. During this month we had 4 snow days, 2 two-hour delays and a day off for President’s Day. I truly LOVE being at home with him, and if I can’t be a stay-at-home mom, then being a teacher with holiday and summer breaks, plus unexpected snow days has to be the next best thing.

Nothing better than spending the day with this face!

Nothing better than spending the day with this face!

Even though teaching can be an insanely stressful job, those perks make it worth it. Plus, like I said last month, I really do enjoy my job for the most part this year. It seems as though I’ll be continuing in this position next year too, so I feel a lot of weight lifted and don’t worry as much about the future. Life is so good right now!

A rare snow day for all 3 of us!

A rare snow day for all 3 of us!

I love you so much sweet boy! Can’t wait to see what the next month brings!


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6 responses to “Mom & Baby: 18 Months

  1. katrina garcia

    I have a 17 month old boy and your posts have truly inspired me to try and schedule my time better. I have been wanting to start exercising more but have not been able to find or make the time. With your monthly posts it shows that I can be a wife, mother and a full time working woman. Thank you.

    • You are so welcome! I am so happy to read that! It is definitely NOT easy but by putting your health and happiness first you will be better at all of those roles! 🙂

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