Mom & Baby: 17 Months

On February 12th our little boy turned 17 months old! I can hardly believe that I’ve been doing this mommy thing for almost a year and a half, and that my baby is now a full-blown toddler with his own preferences, dislikes, opinions and unique personality. He is SO much fun, soaking up everything like a sponge, and communicating with us more than ever. I want to freeze time because I love this age so much. Here are all the details with some pictures and videos to sum up month 17!



Kevin is such a big boy! I don’t realize it until I see him around other kids his age or who are even older than him. He is in 18 month clothes and we have actually had to get a few 24 month things because he is so tall! At his last appointment he was in the 97th percentile, and I know he’s gotten taller since then because he can now reach the microwave to his kitchen. He couldn’t do that back at Christmastime! He weighs about 26-27 pounds, and that has stayed pretty steady for a couple months now. He’s eating a ton but he is so active now that I think he burns it all off.


Here are the monthly comparison shots: 1 month to 17 months.

               DSCN8365 DSCN8866 DSCN9329 DSCN9676

               DSCN9841 DSCN0196 DSCN0334 DSCN0636

               DSCN1015 DSCN1211 11 DSCN1676

               DSCN1890 DSCN2071 DSCN2225 DSCN2239


We had a change with nursing this month – he dropped his morning feeding. He was resisting it so much so we just stopped. Very rarely he will wake up and sign for milk or pull at my shirt, but I just distract him with breakfast and he forgets about it. We’re still nursing at night and at this point he’s still very interested. It’s mainly for comfort and lasts about 20 minutes. There’s no way he is getting much at all but I still enjoy our special time together every night.


He eats 3 big meals a day, 2 snacks, and has a total of about 2 cups of whole milk with meals. This kid became a human garbage disposal this month. He is eating more than ever! His favorite foods this month are oranges, cheese, pancakes, green smoothies, avocado, any type of bread and chickpeas. Probably the weirdest food he started liking this month was raw onion. He will literally take bites out of a whole one, like it’s an apple. Such a weird baby! This month we also gave him ice cream for the first time and he absolutely LOVED it. He licked the bowl clean!


He learned some new words this month. He can now say puppy, done, uh oh, moo (when we ask him what a cow says) and mine. Everything is “mine” currently- we are working on that one 🙂 He LOVES dropping things and saying uh oh too, as you can see in the video below…

He can also say a few new names, including Poppy (his grandpa- my dad), Mamaw (his grandma- Kevin’s mom), Nanny (his babysitter), and Bobo (Coco- our neighbor and family friend). He still says mama/mommy, dada/daddy, papaw (his other grandpa), yum, tickle, bye bye, banana, night night, baby, ball, beep beep, pee pee, me, and hide. He continues to babble all day long in his ‘own’ language too. He loves talking to me in the car, and usually just repeats mommy, mommy, mommy, hi, hi, hi, hi, mommy, mommy, hi, etc. He also says hi to everyone we encounter, whether he knows them or not. In the video below I put him down for a nap and he kept saying , “Mommy, mommy, mommy, daddy, mommy mommy, daddy, mommy…” It went on for a long time until he fell asleep. This is pretty typical!

He is also communicating a lot non-verbally. He didn’t learn any new signs this month, but he knows and uses more, all done, milk, drink, please, eat, bath, cheese, yes, and no. We have been working on thank you but he still hasn’t gotten it. He loves to wave, blows kisses, tickle us and himself, give big hugs and open-mouthed kisses, high-fives and “pounds” it. He is still rear-facing in the car and one of his favorite things to do is wave to people in cars when we are at red lights. It’s hilarious to watch when they notice him waving and wave back.

Every morning he runs to the mirror, says hi to the baby and gives him a kiss :)

Every morning he runs to the mirror, says hi to the baby and gives him a kiss 🙂

He is definitely learning to follow directions better. He will clean up if we ask him to, go get his shoes, bring us his sippy cup, and things like that. He can also locate things that we ask him to. He can find the banana in his huge bin of fake food, and he can go find his ‘babies’ and his blankets. He knows where his head, nose, belly and belly button are. He loves to lift his shirt and show us his belly, and he loves finding our belly buttons too.

The face of a toddler who just let go of his balloon and watched it float away...

The face of a toddler who just let go of his balloon and watched it float away…

After a short phase of bad tantrums, hitting (us and himself) and trying to bite, he hasn’t really done any of that this month. I don’t think we have had to use the time out chair at all, and I think that is because he is learning more words and communicating better. We’ve also made sure to give him plenty of attention and keep him engaged, which has helped his behavior as well.

Building with daddy

Building with daddy

He is in LOVE with his babysitter, who he calls Nanny. He learned how to say her name so he now asks for her all the time when he’s not there. It makes me feel so good to know he loves her, and that she loves him too. She is amazing and plans themes for each week, incorporating different books, arts and crafts and sensory activities. Kevin has learned so much since starting to go with her, and he loves being with 4 other boys every day. It’s been really good for him socially and developmentally. It’s wonderful to have peace of mind when we go to work that he is well taken care of, engaged, and loved!

Stoplight sorting activity at daycare during "Things That Go" week!

Stoplight color sorting activity at daycare during “Things That Go” week!

He also is really attached to his daddy this month. He has wanted him to read books and cuddle before naps, and is constantly calling his name when he’s not around. I really like that he’s all about daddy now, because for so long he only wanted me 24/7. It’s so much fun to see them bonding with each other.

Wants to stretch just like daddy!

Wants to stretch just like daddy!

His favorite toys this month are his puzzles (which he has worked very hard at mastering as you can see in the video below!), cars (he loves saying “beep beep beep beep” when he plays with them), his popper, his kitchen and play food, any and all books, and his “babies” – 2 monkeys, 1 bear, and 1 caterpillar that he loves and insists on sleeping with and carrying around with him. He also loves any type of building or stacking activity.

He is very into music. He will bring us the remote and dance to tell us he wants us to put on the music channel. He dances at daycare every day and I think that’s a big reason why he is really into it now. He’s also starting to sing and hum songs, which is so, so cute. I have yet to catch it on camera but it’s usually the same couple of tunes. I’m not sure what song it is but it must be one he hears at daycare a lot! He has it memorized!

Silly boy hiding in his kitchen's oven!

Silly boy hiding in his kitchen’s oven!

Our nighttime routine is his favorite part of the day. He loves bath time with daddy, and he loves getting his lotion massage afterwards. This month he started to actually let us brush his teeth. He used to fight us horribly and scream the whole time, and all of a sudden he lets us do it for as long as we need to like it’s no big deal. This makes me very happy!

Reading books before bedtime

Spying on daddy and baby reading books before bedtime

Speaking of teeth, he still has a total of 12. He hasn’t gotten any more since all 4 molars came through in less than a month. I keep looking at his canines since I know those are next but there’s nothing there at all. I am thankful for the break in teething, that’s for sure! But I do love seeing that smile full of pearly whites!


One downer this month was that Kevin experienced his worst sickness yet. I have never seen my baby so sick and miserable. It all started with a little cough that turned into a worse cough, high fever, congestion and difficulty sleeping. He would wake himself up by coughing and then got super upset and couldn’t fall back asleep again. He coughed so hard one night that he threw up in his bed. I felt so bad for him 😦 I took him to the doctor and he ended up having an ear infection and bronchiolitis. He had to take antibiotics for his ear but since the bronchiolitis was viral, we just had to let it run it’s course. It peaked after about 4 miserable days and finally started to improve after that. Luckily we had almost a whole week of snow days, so I was able to be home with him the entire time and not worry about taking off work. It was so hard to see him so sick. I hated it!

Look at that pathetic face :(

Look at that pathetic face 😦

He loves going outside and goes a little crazy if he can’t go out at least once a day. This was a challenge with freezing cold temperature and all of our snow days, combined with him being really sick. Now that it is warming up and he is healthy, we’ve been able to go out to the playground or walk with his wagon or the stroller. He loves the fresh air!


While he was sick he would walk over to the door and look longingly at the snow. I felt so bad that I couldn’t take him out in it, so I brought the snow in to him! I let him play with it and he had so much fun. He liked transferring it into different containers and even tasted it too. I was happy I could do something that made him happy while he wasn’t feeling well.

1013453_10105876792437734_1405969634_n   1511284_10105876792727154_725595794_n

His sleep was good this month, except for when he was sick. He’s been pretty adaptable when it comes to napping and sleeping lately. He falls asleep within a few minutes and doesn’t really cry at all. When we are at my dad’s or somewhere else visiting it takes a little bit longer, but he is able to fall asleep eventually and stays asleep. We are so thankful that he’s a good sleeper!

Sleeping with one of his "babies"

Sleeping with one of his “babies”


Physically my body felt GREAT during month 17. I was in the peak of training for the Myrtle Beach Marathon, running faster than ever, strength-training and doing yoga and feeling all around amazing. I gained a couple pounds but I do think it was the result of finally putting on some muscle mass after neglecting all strength-training for over a year. We headed to Myrtle Beach right on the 12th when we began month 18 and obviously since then my body’s been through some stress, but I’ll save all of that for next month’s update.


The only negative this month was my skin. It is a mess. I’ve never had good skin, but it’s gotten worse since my cycle returned and is back on a normal schedule. I know it’s all hormonal and I can’t do much about it. It’s frustrating and annoying and painful! It worsens at various points in the month and then gets better… only to start all over again the next month. Ugh!


Month 17 was great for me emotionally. We have had so many snow days this school year and it has been so much fun getting to stay home with my boy. Work is going well and is much less stressful than last year. I really like the position I am in this year as a reading specialist for kindergarten and first grade. It is a world of difference compared to being a 5th grade classroom teacher last year. I feel like I am really making a difference and it is very rewarding. All of the snow days are a great bonus!

Kevin's first time in the snow!

Kevin’s first time in the snow!

Another highlight of this month was going home to Pennsylvania. We hadn’t been home since Thanksgiving, so I was really missing it. We just went home for a weekend but we squeezed a lot of family and friend time in, and got to see a ton of people. Kevin was still getting over his sickness a little bit so he wasn’t feeling 100%, but still soaked up all the love and attention he could get.

Snuggling at my dad's house

Snuggling at my dad’s house

I can’t believe that next month Kevin will be a year and a half old! Where is the time going? I am so in love with this sweet face!


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