Myrtle Beach Marathon Training: Week 9

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This was a week that forced me to slow down and listen to my body. After giving my 20 miler a hard effort, my body felt very rundown almost the entire week. I didn’t have a lot of energy and I felt l like I was coming down with some sort of sickness. I decided to really listen to the message my body was sending me, take it easy, and ended up cutting my first two runs short this week. Read on for more details.

Here is how the week went.

Screen Shot 2014-02-09 at 3.08.41 PM

Monday: XT – Stretching & Stick Rolling (15:00). I was super sore and tired from my amazing 20 miler the day before, so I didn’t feel up to doing much Monday night. I just did some stretching and stick rolling while watching the Bachelor.

photo 4

Tuesday: XT – Yoga for Runners (20:00). I was still feeling pretty sore and tight so I didn’t think going to my normal Tuesday Body Pump class was a great idea. 20 milers take a lot out of me, especially since this one was my fastest ever- on hills too! Instead I did a 20 minute Yoga for Runners video on Youtube and it was AMAZING. I was so stretched and relaxed that I almost fell asleep on the mat at the end. Afterwards I was able to walk normally again too, haha. Definitely going to keep this one handy for the future!

photo 1-1

Wednesday: Key Run #1 – Speedwork. 3 miles in 26:00 (8:40 average pace). I woke up to freezing rain and ice so I decided to wait until the evening to run. Note to self: Do not eat enchiladas for dinner and then try to do speedwork afterwards. I waited two hours after eating but apparently it wasn’t enough. I had heartburn and an upset stomach during my entire run. I was supposed to do a 1 mile warm up, 5 x 1K with 400 meter recovery, 1 mile cool down. Instead I barely made it through 2 repeats before my dinner almost came back up to say hello. I felt awful, so I stopped at 3 miles. I felt sick the entire rest of the night too. Boo!

photo 1

Thursday: XT – Body Pump (1:00:00). I managed to get up for the 5 a.m. Body Pump class the day after my terrible evening long run. I still felt a little sick and weak, which had me worried that I was coming down with something and it wasn’t just my dinner that upset my stomach. It was a struggle lifting my usual weight and my body just felt off. Not good. But I did feel pretty badass wearing my new shirt that my friend got for me. It says, “Some moms lift more than just their kids.” Sorry for the mirror image, there was nobody else awake that early to take my picture!

photo 2-1

Friday: Key Run #2 – Tempo Run. 4 miles in 34:17 (8:34 average pace).  Another day of not feeling my best. I was supposed to do a tempo run with the middle 3 miles at 7:32 pace and I only did 2. I was fine with that decision, because at a week out from my marathon I knew it was important to just listen to my body and not push it too hard. I told myself that the hard work is already done, and now I just need to make sure my body is recovered enough for the race. I focused on getting lots of water in later that day and just taking it easy.

photo 2

Saturday: XT – Cleaning (2:30:00). Yes, my husband and I cleaned for 2 1/2 hours yesterday. During BOTH of Kevin’s nap times we got to work and did a lot of deep cleaning that we haven’t done in a long time. We’re talking hardcore scrubbing, every surface, on hands and knees, kind of work. I am totally counting it towards my workouts because we were both sweating by the end.

photo 3-1

Sunday: Key Run #3 – Long Run. 8 miles in 1:07:04 (8:23 average pace). My final long run before the marathon on Saturday! So glad I took it easy this past week because my legs and the rest of my body felt awesome today and like I was back to my old self. Yay! I spent the whole run visualizing having a strong race and it left me feeling super excited. I can’t wait to see what I can do!

photo 3

Week 9 Total:

  • Run: 15 miles
  • Cross-Training & Strength-Training: 1 Body Pump class, yoga for runners, cleaning, stretching, and stick rolling!

I’m feeling MUCH better now at the end of the week. I am a little bit congested but nothing too bad (seriously, can’t I just be healthy?) I cannot believe that I will be running a marathon in only 6 days! My workouts will be a little different this week. Normally I run on Wednesday, Friday and Sunday but since the race is on a Saturday I will be running on Tuesday and Thursday instead. My runs will be short and sweet. I’ll be doing 6 x 400 on Tuesday and 3 miles at marathon pace on Thursday. I won’t be going to Body Pump and will instead do yoga, walking, stretching, and things like that for my ‘cross-training.’ Like I said earlier, the hard work is done- now it’s time to prepare my body for the big day! My other goals for the upcoming week are to drink a lot of water, keep my diet clean (and dairy-free to avoid stomach issues), and get a lot of SLEEP. I’m off to a good start, I’ve gotten at least 8 hours the past 2 nights.


I won’t be doing a training update for week 10 since I’ll be doing a marathon recap instead. I will be posting my goals for the race later this week too. Ahhh! It’s almost here!

My pictures were taken with the FitSnap app- check it out!


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  1. Good luck on your race! I’ll be cheering for you!!

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