Mother Runner Running Survey

I have done a couple of these “Running Survey” type posts before and I find them really fun to read and look back on. I discovered this one from Another Mother Runner (one of my favorite sites- LOVE their podcasts too!) while browsing running blogs and decided to do it for fun. This is a good one too, because the questions really made me think!

Best run ever. I think it has to be the Air Force Marathon. It’s always going to be a special race to me because I was finally able to finish a marathon with Kevin, I pushed myself harder than ever before, and I finally made my 4 hour goal, which was something I have wanted to do since my very first marathon. I felt strong and happy, the race was extremely well organized, and it was overall a GREAT day (even though it ended in the medical tent)!


Three word that describe my running. Stronger than yesterday. I really have been thinking lately how every run, whether it’s good or bad, teaches me something new or adds to my physical or mental strength.  It’s just like the quote below says, even the not-so-good runs leave me stronger than I was before.


My go-to running outfit. Probably my Nike running shorts and any kind of lightweight tank top. I get really warm when I run so I need light clothing, and I wear shorts as long as it’s 40 degrees. I always wear my Brooks Adrenalines with Experia socks too!

photo 3a

Quirky habit while running. Hmmm. I had to think about this one. I’m so used to my ‘habits’ that I don’t really see them as quirky I guess. I think the biggest one is that I need my Burts Bees chapstick CONSTANTLY. Sometimes I don’t even reapply it on a run, but just knowing it’s there makes me feel better. If I don’t have it I will think about it the entire time, and my lips will annoy me and feel super dry. I’m addicted. I also have to transfer anything I’m holding to my other hand at each mile. So if I am carrying water or my phone, I’ll switch from left to right, then back to left, then back to right… is this normal? Also, I like to end my runs on a whole number like 4.0 or 5.0 miles. If I HAVE to I’ll try to end it on a quarter at least, at like 4.25 or 4.75. That still annoys me though.

Morning, midday, evening. I prefer running in the mornings- always have, always will. Sometimes it doesn’t always work out that I get to run in the mornings though, especially since I’m a mommy now. I’ll run in the evenings after work when I have to, but it definitely feels much harder and I have a hard time sleeping afterward if I do.


I won’t run outside when it’s… I don’t mind running in rain, snow, cold or hot temperatures, but the one thing that forces me inside is ice. I actually had to cut my long run short this weekend because of it (more about that later), but I just refuse to take a chance on ice. I also am more careful when it’s dark, because of my tendency to fall. For a while I didn’t want to run in the dark anymore, but now I just use a flashlight and make sure to run in safe areas.


Worst injury- and how I got over it. I never had a serious running injury until after the baby, then I fell a couple times and injured (and re-injured) my knee and my foot as well. I know this was because after having the baby I didn’t have as much time to exercise, and I chose to run with the time I did have. I neglected strength-training, cross-training, stretching- everything else- which led to an unbalanced body and that’s why I believe I kept getting injured and had a hard time recovering. The way I finally got over it was a lot of rest, followed by the Run Less, Run Faster program which focused on only running 3 times a week. My body has never done well with high mileage, especially after having a baby. Now that I am focusing on the quality of my miles rather than quantity, I get more out of my runs, I have time and energy left for cross-training and strength-training and I’m stronger overall. I definitely learned my lesson!

photo 4

I felt most like a badass mother runner when I… I’ve actually had a lot of moments when I felt like a badass mother runner. Here are a few that come to mind: Running 9 races over my 9 months of pregnancy, including 4 half marathons and a 5K four days before giving birth. Every time I set a new PR after having a baby, when so many people told me I wouldn’t be as fast as I was. Pushing my baby in a stroller up hills. Finishing a half marathon and immediately sitting down at the finish line to nurse my baby and relief my engorged boobs. Pushing through the OBX Marathon while thinking about how labor and delivery was so much harder than running 26.2 miles and that I can do anything I set my mind to. Sometimes it’s the little things, like simply getting up in the morning to run when I’ve been up with a baby who won’t sleep, but knowing it will make me happier and a better mommy if I get it done rather than skip it.

Before the 9-11 Memorial 5K, 4 days before Kevin was born

Before the 9-11 Memorial 5K, 4 days before Kevin was born

Next race is… the Myrtle Beach Marathon on February 15th! I can’t believe it’s only a few weeks away! I feel like I JUST ran the OBX Marathon. Am I really ready to do it all over again?

Running goal for 2014. I have already written about this, but it is to PR in the full and half marathon, continue to strength-train and cross-train to keep my body strong, and get my running coach certification. Whew, big goals!

I really liked this running survey because it asked some questions that really made me stop and think. Please feel free to answer these questions in the comments or write your own post! I’d love to read the answers.

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