Myrtle Beach Marathon Training: Week 5

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My training up until this week had been going really well. I was completing most of my workouts as planned and hitting my paces. This week things got a little more challenging, and it was a reminder that marathon training can’t be all good all the time. It is always a roller coaster, even though this is my 9th time training for one!

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Here is how the week went.

Monday: Rest.

Tuesday: XT – Body Pump/CXWorx (1:00:00). I tried the Body Pump/CXWorx hybrid class again on Tuesday evening, and I have to say, I just can’t get into the core workout CXWorx. I’ve done it a few times now and I always find myself not liking it. It’s not because it’s too hard anymore, my core has actually gotten stronger. It’s just something about it… I don’t know. I was wishing it was a full Body Pump class instead. But I’m still glad I stuck it out and got my workout in.

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Wednesday: Key Run #1 – Speedwork. 5 miles in 40:32. (8:06 average pace). The gym is the last place I wanted to be at 8:35 p.m., but since I hit snooze in the morning I got myself there. This day’s run was speedwork: 1 mile warm up, 1K, 2K, 1K, 1K, cool down, with 400 meter recovery between. My goal for the 1K repeats (.62 miles) was 4:14-4:29 (6:49-7:14 pace), and the 2K repeat (1.24 miles) goal was 8:30-8:55 (6:51-7:11 pace). I hit all my goal paces at 7:13, 7:08, 7:13, 7:13, and battled some serious dinner heartburn in the process. It was tough! Evening workouts are extra hard for me.

photo 3

Thursday: XT – Exercise Bike (30:00). I went to cycle class the last two Thursdays, and I was going to go this week as well. It took a while to get the baby to sleep though so I ended up missing it. As I went to the gym at 8 p.m. I thought to myself that I need to switch back to morning workouts. It’s tough to go to the gym so late, plus I miss out on having any time to relax in the evenings or to spend with my husband. I decided to keep it short and did a 30 minute program on the exercise bike. I pushed myself pretty hard with resistance to get a good workout in. I was definitely sweating a lot by the end!

photo 4

Friday: Key Run #2 – Tempo. 5 miles in 47:06 (9:25 average pace). This was the run that got me this week. I actually got up and got to the gym before work for once, and was supposed to do a 6 mile tempo run with 5 miles at MP (8:22). This should’ve been fine since I did 5 miles at an 8:00 pace recently and 14 miles at 8:41 pace last week. Nope, not on this day. My legs felt like lead and I couldn’t keep pace at all, probably because I cycled the night before (only 9 hours between workouts- not my smartest decision I guess). I was only able to do 1 mile on pace and the rest were much slower. It ended up being my slowest run in over a month. I also did 5 miles instead of 6. I definitely need to get myself back on track with my morning exercise so I don’t have to worry about not having enough time to recover between my AM and PM workouts. Lesson learned!

photo 1

Saturday: Body Pump (1:00:00). Great Saturday morning Pump class! Lots of energy and a packed room. I felt super strong and I am finally seeing some muscles in my upper body after neglecting it for over a year after baby. It’s not much but it’s progress!

photo 2-1

Sunday: Key Run #3 – Long Run. 16 miles in 2:21:32 (8:51 average pace). This long run was the other very challenging part of my week! For some reason I chose the hilliest route in Fredericksburg to run. My goal was MP +15 (8:37/mile) and I was exactly on pace until mile 12 when I started to lose steam a bit. Of course the worst hills were at the end, and I did have to take a few walking breaks but didn’t stop my watch during them. My overall pace ended up being 8:51 including the walking breaks, but I’m still really proud of that since it was such a tough route. I’m not worried that I couldn’t hit my goal pace this week, because I know I’ll be fine in Myrtle Beach where it’s flat. I know the hills will make me stronger in the end.

photo 3-1

Week 5 Total:

  • Run: 26 miles
  • Cross-Training & Strength-Training: 1 Body Pump class, 1 Body Pump/CXWorx class, 30 minutes exercise bike

Even though this wasn’t my best week, I can’t say enough about the Run Less, Run Faster training plan. Every key run seems impossible until it’s done. I keep surprising myself and I feel like I unlock more and more of my potential with each workout. One area I did do well in this week was my eating. We stuck to our meal plan and I really tried to be more aware of the food I was consuming and how it made me feel. My goal for next week is to get to bed early so I am able to get up in the morning to do my workouts, rather than hitting snooze and having to do them at night after the baby goes to sleep.

Thought for the week, which is fitting considering the week I had!

photo 1

My pictures were taken with the FitSnap app- check it out!


8 responses to “Myrtle Beach Marathon Training: Week 5

  1. From the photo it looks like you and I may have been running the same route on Sunday. Mine was eight miles, the longest I’ve run to date (pace 10:47); I’m training for the Frostbite 15K in Richmond this weekend. Lookiing forward to seeing how the marathon goes! Good luck! 🙂

  2. As a fellow vegetarian runner, I was wondering what kind of meals you’ve been eating? Have you discovered any really good recipes?

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