My Husband is in Runner’s World!

Just popping in quickly to share something I think is pretty awesome! A couple months back, we saw a post from Runner’s World that encouraged people to share their best “race face” on Instagram using the hashtag #RWRaceFace.


A while ago I wrote a post about bad race photos that included some hilarious ones of Kevin from the Let Freedom Run 5K on July 4, 2012. Kevin knew he had to submit one of those because they were so funny. So he did! Two months went by and we hadn’t seen the Race Face feature yet… and then one of my friends on Daily Mile sent me a message.

Screen shot 2014-01-07 at 3.01.16 PM

When I got this message I was so excited. I went to check my mail but my February issue hadn’t come yet. I was disappointed because I wanted to surprise Kevin with it, if it was really him in the magazine. I asked my Daily Mile friend to send me a picture of it instead and sure enough, there he was in all his glory, on page 12 of Runner’s World Magazine.


When Kevin and I saw it we could not stop laughing. We couldn’t believe they picked his race face for the magazine! Even though it’s just a little feature, it’s still RUNNER’S WORLD, so we were so excited! A couple of days later we received our own copy of the magazine in the mail so we were able to see it in person, which was awesome all over again. Obviously it will need to be framed :).


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